My Aunt's Job

Abby Taylor's parents died in a recent accident. She was devastated and the only family member who was willing to accept and take care of her is her Aunt. What happens when her Aunt's job is in the music industry and she falls in love with a special someone?


6. Breaking Tables

Abby's POV
We arrived from the party and we're pooped out. I skip into the boy's flat, singing Hammer time. "Can't touch this na na na na na na na na" I sing. "How the hell are you still hyper after all the things we did today?" Louis asks frustrated. I give a toothy grin and shrug. I skip into the kitchen and dig through the fridge until I find a Monster. "There you are." I breathe, grabbing the can and popping it open. I walk to the living room where the boys we're. "So what's up?" I say as all the boys turn to me and gasps. "Abby..put that down." Liam says carefully, standing up. I look up like I am thinking and then say "Nah." And bolt up the stairs, the boys hot on my heels. I run into a random bedroom and close the door, locking it. I slowly turn around and see Harry..naked. "AHH MY INNOCENT EYES!" I scream, covering my eyes and flailing around. Well that explains his absence of him down stairs. The door busts open and I hear Louis say, "Harry put some clothes on." I run into someones chest and they wrap their arms around me. "Its on babe, you can look now." Zayn says when I look up at him. I turn around and see Harry in sweatpants. "Sorry." He mutters. I smile and give him a quick hug. I yawn and stretch. "You tired?" Niall asks in his funny accent. I nod and he picks me up and carries me to a bed. I feel something sink on the other side of the bed. I shiver since it was cold considering we we're in London. I wait till the person's breathing is even and I scoot over and lay my head on their chest. "You know you could've asked if you wanted to cuddle" He says in a Irish accent, must mean it's Niall. I scream fly to the other end of the bed. Niall cracks up laughing and I smack his arm. "That was not funny!" I whisper yell, trying to suppress a smile. He opens his arms and I snuggle up to him. My eyes slowly start to close as they get heavy and I fall into a deep sleep.
- Next morning-
"Aww look how cute." Louis coos and I hear a click. I soon feel something moving in the middle of the bed. I groan and punch the air, or at least I think I did. "SWEET BABY JESUS!" A high pitched voice yelled. I look over the edge of the bed and see Harry on the floor holding his crotch. "Woops." I giggle. He moans and rolls onto his side. "I got Mc Donalds.." Liam says awkwardly. "YES!" I sit up and run downstairs. I play I'm Sexy And I Know It and get on the wooden coffee table and start dancing. The boys laugh and pull out there phones, probably recording me. I hear a creak and then I collapse to the floor. The boys laugh so hard that tears stream down there cheeks. "You broke the table hahaha!" Zayn laughs. I stand up and groan, smacking his arm. "You stupid pedo bear."
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