They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


29. Chapter 29

Louis Pov-

I don't know about my feelings for Harry. I don't know if I love him or if I just want to be good friends. Everyone left the hospital except Zayn and Perrie. Who knows where they went though. I closed my eyes for one split second BUT someone barged into my room. I fluttered my eyes open. I blinked a few times before I could realize who it was.
'Zayn?' I asked
'I need to tell but ask you something.' He said and kinda smiled.
'K.. Go on?' I said a bit confused.
'I really like you.' Zayn admitted.
'Yeah Zayn I know you're like my best friend!' I smiled.
'No more than friends. I think I'm gay...'
'Zayn. No.'
'I don't know Lou. Ever since I kissed Hazza it's just I wanted more..'
'God do NOT mention his name in this room please.'
'What! Why?'
'We had a fight.'
'Well will you be mine now?'
'Zayn I-I can't.'
'Please Lou please. I just want to know if I really am homosexual that's all..'
'Yessss. When can you get out of the hospital?'
Zayn nodded and climbed in the bed with me. I turned to face him. We leaned in and I closed my eyes and began moving my lips once Zayn's lips and my lips met. He deepened the kiss. He messed with my hair a bit, I lifted his shirt and felt his warm abs. He was on fire he was so hot. And the room wasn't even warm it was cold..
Well I guess this answers my question.. Me and Harry can just be good friends

Harry's Pov-

Me and Louis can never be just good friends.
I have to do something. It needs to change we can't ever 'just be friends' that never works with exes! You always want more or either want nothing to do with them. No one is ever 'just friends' after a relationship. And in this situation I want more from Louis. I have to win him back!!

Heh guys I haven't been on in awhile. Did anyone miss me ? I've had writers block so this chapter isn't so good. I've tried having a schedule for writing but that did NOT work. I was traveling and then school got tougher on me so... Well happy belated New Years! Glad Haylors over ? I ship bullshit more than Haylor so.. I'm glad !!
:) xx
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