They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


28. Chapter 28

Eleanor's Pov-

At last I heard some sniffling and whimpering. There was a puddle of blood on the floor. At that point I knew it wasn't Harry. I walked in Harry and Perrie were in there. Why?
"Perrie? Harry?" I asked.
They both looked up, Perrie had a sad look on her face. The blood was around HER! The puddle of blood was leaking from the room into the hall. She had it coming somewhere down in her woman parts... But why? I know she doesn't have her period yet. She got it the last time I saw her which was two weeks ago.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Her water broke and she was pushing but it wasn't time. No one knew she was pregnant. Not even her." Harry replied.
"Perrie. We need to get you help. I'll get Zayn in here. Be back so-" I said before Perrie cut me off.
"No. Zayn must not know. Please. Just get me new clothes and a wheelchair and I'm out." She said while Harry lifted her head onto his lap.
"Okay. I'm going to get you new clothes and a wheelchair.." I said. But lied.
I ran back to Louis' room. Everyone was gathered around Lou's bed.
"Perrie.. Bleeding.. Lost baby.. Didn't know she was pregnant.. Help.. Needs new clothes" I said huffing from all the running. I need to get into shape..
"What? Perrie was pregnant and didn't tell me? She lost the baby and didn't tell me?" Zayn yelled.
"Settle down. She's bleeding really badly right now. She could faint any time soon." I said pushing Zayn back.
"Take me to her. NOW!" Zayn raised his voice.
I led him to the place Perrie was at. How the hell she got there without a nurse or doctor coming, I don't know!
"Perrie. Babe." Zayn yelled as we entered.
"Dammit.." I heard Perrie mumble.
Zayn kissed Perrie right on the mouth. Perrie didn't hold back. She kissed back. But why. She didn't even want him knowing about this.
Harry and I left. We gave them privacy we went to Louis' room. I was talking to Harry on the way there.
'You know the kiss meant nothing.' I said
'I don't know that though. What if it meant the world to him?' Harry said and frowned.
'Just don't separate again..' I said but kinda begged
'I don't know.' He replied as he turned the door knob.
The whole room was decorated in a Christmas theme. A Christmas tree by Lou's bed, lights wrapped around the hospital bed, presents..

Harry's Pov-

I can't do this anymore! I just want to throw the car keys at Louis' face and leave. I dug into my pocket to grab them. I pulled it out.
'I got you something for your birthday..' I said and moved closer.
'Why? I never done anything good to you. I ruined your life!' He replied and turned.
'Because... Can you excuse us?' I said and turned to the doctor and nurses.
'Because..?' Louis said kinda harshly.
'Because I love you.' I replied.
'And I feel the same way. It's just that I've hurt you so many times.' He said and frowned
'So. If love is meant to be it'll find it's way Louis!' I shouted.
'So this love isn't meant to be. Only one person feels the right way. I feel so horrible about treating you like this!' Louis yelled. The vein in his neck was popping out from yelling.
I stormed out, again. I went to Louis' house packed my belongings and left out the door. This time no revenge. Nothing I can do, nothing I want to do, or I will ever do...

OMG guys I'm SO sorry! I've been traveling. And if I wasn't traveling I was in trouble or spending time with family I never get to see. Y'all are lucky I even got this chapter done. I thought that I'd get a lot of writing, reading, and stuff done since I was in the car for six hours. But guess not :/ Well I hope you enjoyed this. Harry loves Lou, Lou loves Harry but keeps hurting him. Are they done for good or are they just taking another break? What will happen?
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