They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


27. Chapter 27

Louis' Pov-

"I'm sorry. It's just I didn-" I said before I blacked out.

Eleanor's Pov-

"Help. I need help!" I yelled. A couple nurses ran over to Louis and put him on a hospital bed.

I walked as far as I could until the doctor told me to wait out here. Y'know being told to wait in a waiting room while your really anxious about your fake boyfriend isn't all that fun.

No, he isn't my REAL boyfriend but it feels like he is. I actually feel love with him. I don't know why though. I know he never even puts passion into our kisses out in public, but he puts enough passion into it to make me fall in love with a gay guy.

I waited in the waiting room for three hours. Finally a doctor came out. But it wasn't for Louis it was for some Julia chick..

"Eleanor Calber?" They said aloud.

"Calder. Eleanor Calder." I corrected them.

"Oh sorry, well you're here for Louis Tomlinson?" He asked.

"Yes. Is he okay?" I asked.

"Yes, he just passed out from shock. We don't know know why he has chest pain yet." He stated.

"Is that possible?"

"Yes, when your body has too much pain and you go into shock you can pass out. He's lucky he's not dead." He said and walked away. 


"Uh, what's going to happen now?" I asked before he completely walked away.

"Oh, uh, don't know. We are probably gonna do surgery." He said and walked in a patients room.

I quickly went over to get my Gucci purse and grab my phone. I called Danielle cause I know she always has her phone on her. It rang a few times then finally she picked up.

"Dani. Louis' fine he passed out a few hours ago and now he's in a room. But I don't know where.." I said into the phone.

"Oh. My. I'm coming now! And don't try to stop me." Danielle said and hung up.

I waited for her to arrive. Once she walked in I went to the elevators. Wait. She brought EVERYONE!

"Dani, now Louis' gonna be pissed." I told her once everyone got in the elevator.

"Don't tell me that. Tell them. Once they saw me grab my purse that followed." She said and looked at Liam.

"Sorry." He said and smiled.

"Whatever. We need to find out what room number." I said as the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor.

I walked up to the desk on this floor and asked to see Louis Tomlinson. But she had told me that he was in surgery at the moment. But she did say what room. We headed over to his room and waited. The doctor brought Louis into the room about two a half hours later. He was on a bed.

"Is there anyone who you want me to call?" The doctor asked Louis and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"M-my girlfriend Eleanor. She needs to know." Louis said. He had no idea that we were in there. He was on some drugs. 

"Well. Why don't you turn over?" The doctor stated. 

I was on the of Louis that the doctor told him to turn to. I couldn't wait to see his reaction to this.

"Eleanor!" Louis screamed and held his arms out. I hugged him and he kissed me right in front of everyone.

I heard the door open and slam shut. I looked up and it was Harry who had left. I looked at Louis. He had hurt in his eyes. He didn't know everyone else was there I guess. I went to go find Harry. I couldn't find him anywhere.

At last I heard from sniffling and whimpering. There was a puddle of blood on the floor. At that point I knew it wasn't Harry.

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