They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


25. Chapter 25

Harry's Pov-

I'm back with Louis. I'm SO happy about it. I don't know how much longer I could have gone without killing myself!

"So what's happening with you and Lou?" Zayn asked.

"Why?" I asked looking at the tellie.

"Just asking, god." He relied.

"Well in that case. We're back together." I replied.

"Oh okay, that's good." Zayn said and shoved more M&M's in his mouth.

I turned the tellie onto Adventure Time. Louis was in the kitchen still. Probably cleaning, as usual.

"Harry come here please." Louis called out.

"Sure." I replied.

"You guys gonna get funky in there?" Zayn said and winked.

"Shut it." I said and pushed on his shoulder lightly.

"What should we do today? I DON'T want to be stuck inside. Let's go out instead of being on titter all day. We can do the follow spree later." Louis said as I walked in.

"Alright. Let's go to the zoo. I'll text Liam.." I said and smiled.

"Alright." Louis said and kissed me.

I went to text Liam.

<Me: We're going to the zoo. Wanna come?

<Liam: Sure. I'll meet you at yours and Lou's in 10.

<Me: Alright!

I went upstairs and got ready. I took a quick shower. Yes I said quick. Then got dressed. Black jeans, white t-shirt, and my Jack Wills sweatshirt. I got my black converse's on and headed downstairs. Liam was already there. Zayn had left. 

"You ready?" I asked. Standing next to Lou.

"Yeah." Liam said and smiled.

~At the zoo~

"Ohhh look. Lions." Louis said and laughed.

"Elephants.." Liam shouted.

"No cats?" I questioned.

"Lions are cats. In some sorta way." Liam said and smiled.

"I know." I replied.

"Let's go to the gift shop. I'm tired." Louis complained.

"Okay." I mumbled. Actually I was quite bored there. We didn't do much.

We walked in the shop and tons of stuffed animals that were over 3 feet tall were all around.

"I'm getting an elephant." Liam said picking up the plush elephant.

"I'm getting a lion" Louis said and smiled.

"I'll get Niall this giraffe!" I said picking up a large giraffe.

"Aw Hazza is being nice!" Liam said patting my back.

"That hurt!" I replied sarcastically.

"Yup." Louis said.

"Let's pay for this stuff." I said trying to leave.

"It's on me!" Liam said.

"Ah thanks mate." I said putting my wallet back into my pocket.

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