They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


20. Chapter 20

Zayn's Pov-

"Niall can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Sure." He replied. I took him into a room.

"Look, in the car something happened between me and Harry," I began "first we were fighting then we were calmly talking, and then it went to sweet talk. And a kiss was behind that..."

"WHAT HARRY KIS-" Niall screamed before I put my hand over his mouth.

"Shh." I said and looked around to see if he was coming.

"How'd you feel about it?" "I-I don't know. I haven't thought about that."

"Well.. Did you feel nothing, sparks, an explosion?"

"I don't know."

"What about Perrie?"

"She's fake. We are fake going out, it's for publicity for her band. She's using me."

"Why?! Why didn't you tell us then?" "Because I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, not even my mum." "Damn."

"Well since I'm confessing now I have another confession! I kinda liked the kiss."

"Oh..." And that was it he left the room. I went to where Harry was. He looked at me then quickly looked away.

"I enjoyed it." I whispered.

"You did?" Harry's eyes bulged. I nodded.

I turned the tv on and went to watch a on demand movie. 'Step up revolution' is what I picked. We started to watch the movie them my phone rang.

"I'm gonna go take this." I said and sighed.

"What do you want?" I said into the phone.

"I want to really go out with you. I'm done with the whole publicity thing. I'm tired of fake laughs, hugs, and kisses. I truly want to be yours!" Perrie said in one breath.

"I haven't gained all your trust back. So no." I replied.

"Please za-" Perrie began but I hung up. I walked back into the living room and sat down and watched the movie. I enjoyed it, even if I can't dance.

"Who was it?" Liam asked.

"Who was what?" I asked. I knew who he was talking about.

"You know on the phone."

"Oh. Yeah. That was Perrie. No one special."

"What that's you're girlfriend!" "No. She's a fake. Let Niall explain to you later."

"Okay." We went back to watching the movie. The house grew silent once again. The movie ended a little bit later. We just sat there watching 'Adventure Time'. Of course Niall was the only one laughing. None of us were in the mood to laugh, especially Harry.

"I'm gonna get some food. Who wants anything?" Niall asked.

"I wanna go to the hospital." Harry said. With a blank look.

"Okay let's go. Niall you can go to the cafeteria there." Liam said grabbing his car keys. We got into Liam's car. Me and Niall sat in the back and Liam and Harry sat up front. The whole way there everyone but Liam was silent. Liam was singing. He first sang summer love.

"Liam can you please shut up!" Harry yelled.

"Sorry. Sorry." Liam said and fell silent.

We got to the hospital and paparazzi was surrounding the car. Harry pushed his way through them and went into the hospital. He ran to Louis' room. We followed. Except we didn't run. When we caught up to him he was already at the door. On his knees? I looked in the room. Louis was kissing Amy? I deviously smiled.

I grabbed Harry and pulled him in the room. Closed the door and began kissing him. We made some sound so Lou would know we were in there.

"What the hell Harry?" Louis screamed and tears running down his face.

"You were kissing Amy so I kissed Zayn. That's right the lovely guy..." ("That's right Kevin. Zayn's a lovely guy..") Harry responded.

"Are we over?" Louis asked with hurt in his eyes.

"Yes." Harry responded simply.

"WHAT?" I yelled.

"He cheated on me with my 'girlfriend' " Harry said and opened the door and walked out.

"Whoa whoa whoa. You can't be over." Amy yelled.

"Yes we can." Harry said.

"What about the car?" She asked.

"I can still give it to him or I can keep It myself." He said and walked over to Liam.

"Where's Niall?" I asked.

"Cafeteria." He said pointing to the cafeteria. I walked in and grabbed Niall's collar on his shirt. I pulled him out and went to the car.

On the car ride home Harry was silent. Not like before when he was silent cause he was upset, this time it was cause he had nothing to say.


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