They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


17. Chapter 17

Harry's pov-

I left to go get Louis' present. It was hard to pick since he's so picky! I went to departments of clothes.


Departments of shoes.


   I had no clue what to get him. It's like when we started going out I forgot everything about Lou!

"What would you buy your boyfriend for his 21st birthday?" I asked Amy.

"Uhh I would get him something he's been talking about forever.." She replied.

"A car?" I ask.

"Depends. Do you want to buy it?" She asked.

"If it makes him happy I'll do it." I replied.

We went to the car dealership, we looked around. Trying to find a specific kind of car. I didn't know the name but I knew what it looked like. We went to multiple places. Still didn't find it.

So I went home and asked Louis what was his all time favorite car. "A Bugatti Veyron, why?" He said

"Because I couldn't think of it and I wanted to know what it was and looked like. I think you'll love your present I got you at the mall today!" I replied.

"Okay.." He replied awkwardly.

I rushed to my room and searched it. '1.4 million dollars for it??! The fuck?' I yelled.

Oh well... I put my credit card information in to buy it but Louis came in.

"Harry the interview is in half an hour get ready!" He said opening the door.

"Okay thanks, love!" I yelled to him as he shut the door. I got ready and went back to my computer. I finished purchasing it and went on twitter.

'Shopping is easy, buying it is hard. Be thankful Louis! It was easy to find but hard to spend that much money!' I tweeted. Not even a minute later people started to tweet back.

'You actually finally make sense. Love you. Follow me?'

'I get ya!' 'Aw two love birds! How's Amy?'

'Aww. Larry! It needs to die!'

'Piece of shit, stupid Larry!'

'Hows Amy, Harry?'

So I tweeted back to those who asked about Amy.

'She's really great. In fact we're really strong in this relationship. Thank you guys for asking! Xx :) I tweet to Amy. '@Amy_Pena hey honey boo! Wanna go get a drink somewhere?'

She responded instantly

'@Harry_Styles Course I do! But we were just together less than 20 minutes ago! Well be there soon, love ya ;)' I went into the living room.

'Shit I have an interview!' I thought.

I sat next to Louis and looked at him.

"Are you wearing those clothes to the interview?" He asked me.

"Yeah, why?"

"You don't match, have you looked in the mirror?"

"No, I was busy. I threw on whatever I saw first."

"Go change. Or no kisses for a week." I sighed and went to change. I texted Amy


I have an interview. You can come watch then go get drinks later?

Amy bear-

Uh sure. See ya soon.



I tweeted letting the fans know I'll be doing an interview. I was ready to go as soon as Amy got here.

"Ready?" Louis asked.

"Yes..." I replied. We got into the car and went to the interview. It was a live interview, I thought it would be a radio interview! We got on stage. We waited to go live. I was looking around the audience... A poster caught my eye.

'I support gays! Love you Lou and Hazza!' Is what I read. I didn't get angry.

Only cause I am gay. But I don't want the fans knowing that's why I'm here!

"And good afternoon!" The interviewer said.

"So I've heard things about a picture of you two kissing! Is it true?" The other asked.

"Erm.. Well basically, no it's not! It is a fake. I'm sorry to disappoint!" I said and laughed.

"No disappointment here." Louis said pretty seriously.

"Louis, don't bring your sass on stage. Very rude!" One of the interviewers said.

'Oh no! She's gonna get bitch slapped' I thought.

But instead Louis laughed.

"So lets take a look at the picture..." They said. We nodded.

"So that's not you?" They asked us.

"Nope, clearly not!" Louis said and smiled.

"Well the thing that gets me is that guy who looks to be Harry; has three nipples right there. So I was thinking it was real..." They told me. Well us.

"No! I have four, and you'd be able to see all four if it was me." I replied simply.

"Well we have that cleared up! Now time for the question I think all fans are asking you guys..." One of them said.

"What is that?" Louis asked.

"Well why have you all been so serious lately? What happened to the 5 crazy, funny, goofy boys?" They ask.

"Well you see we thought that it would be bett-" I was cut off by a gun shot. 

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