They're gay.

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his band mate Harry Styles. Their bromance was named 'Larry Stylinson'. What happens when Louis tells Harry he likes him more than a friend?!


15. Chapter 15

Niall's Pov-

I left my phone at Starbucks. How on the flying fuck do I do that?! I just KNOW it's going to fall in the wrong hands. I always have bad luck even though I'm Irish. I'm supposed to have 'The Luck Of The Irish!' I would've fell out of my seat if it wasn't for my seat belt! Louis did a sharp U-turn and everyone went flying. 

"How could this happen?" Harry kept repeating.

"It's going to be fine!" I said even though I know it's not.

"Okay.." He replied as we parked the car and rushed into Starbucks..

"Is there a lost phone here? I left mine!" I said.

"Oh yeah. But someone else claimed it. I'm sorry!" The guy said behind the counter. He smiled and we headed out. I looked at his name tag before we left. His name's Preston.

Preston's Pov-

Paparazzi came in with the four of five guys from One Direction. They didn't know it though. One of them left their phone and I knew they'd come back for it so... I kept it. But snooped around on it. I pressed the on button... LOUIS AND HARRY KISSING?!?! WHAT?

"Uh yeah. Can I have that phone I'll give it to them, I'm close with them." A guy said.

"Uh sure..." I said. My eyes bulged. I couldn't believe they are gay! The guy took the phone and smiled. 

It got me worried a bit. 'What's he really doing?' I questioned myself. I didn't care cause I didn't like them. I only knew who they were and their names cause of my girlfriend.

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