England's Surprise

Megan, Kelly, Faythe and Jay were normal teenagers visiting England for the Summer. Parting, beaches and fun were all they planned to do. But will those plans be interupted when five guys come into their lives?


2. The Past Is The Past

Liam's POV
Dani and i just broke up and so did El and Louis. Its been about a week but it still hurts. I keep finding myself thinking about her and i can tell Louis is doing the same. Poor lad El didn't even tell him why, at least Dani gave me a reason. The boys want to go to this dumb beach party, but im not sure if its a good idea. They want to go meet new girls. But it seems to soon to move on..

Harry's POV
"Niall, do you think its right to make them go?"
"Nando's! There better be a Nando's at the party!" Niall screamed and dived onto the couch. I chuckled a bit but i still wanted my answer from him.
"So are we going to make them go? I mean do you think its too soon?"
"Hazza, they need to go, i mean its been a week! Its time to move on."
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