England's Surprise

Megan, Kelly, Faythe and Jay were normal teenagers visiting England for the Summer. Parting, beaches and fun were all they planned to do. But will those plans be interupted when five guys come into their lives?


5. The Beach part1

Harry's POV:
We arrived at the party. There was a dance floor and DJ area set up, and it had lights everywhere. There was also a Nando's buffet set up, I bet thats where Niall will be. I looked back at the lads. "Lets Dance!" Louis screamed before running onto the dance floor. I looked at Liam and Zayn, and followed them onto the dance floor. I saw Niall walk towards the buffet. I decided it was time to let lose and just dance.

Kelly's POV:
After the long cab ride we finally got to the party. It was amazing. There was a dancer floor and a HUGE buffet! I looked to Megan to see what she was going to do, and noticed she was drooling over this cute blonde at the buffet. "Megan! Go and talk to him! Geez. Wait before you go, i thought i would tell you that you are drooling." I laughed. She turned red chuckled and walk towards the buffet. I would follow but i saw this really hot guy with a polo on. He saw me and winked. I blushed and started to walk over to him but someone grabbed my arm. "Wha-" "its just me." Faythe said, "come one Kelly Jay wants to dance!" She pulled me to the opposite side of the dance floor than the cute guy was. I tried to look for him but I got lost in the crowd. "Where's Megan?" Jay shouted over the now loud music. "Shes over there!" I pointed to the buffet. Where i saw Megan talking to the blonde boy. I smiled and stared to dance.

Sorry I havent updated in like forever! Ive just been really busy. Hope you understand. I will defiantly update mire often. Promise.
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