England's Surprise

Megan, Kelly, Faythe and Jay were normal teenagers visiting England for the Summer. Parting, beaches and fun were all they planned to do. But will those plans be interupted when five guys come into their lives?


4. Sundresses And Polos

     Zayn's POV

Harry, Niall and I agreed that we were going to the party and Louis and Liam wwere going to like it.

"Hey Harry?" I heard him enter into my room from the hall.

"What Zayn? I need to get ready." Harry said.

"That's just it. How do you dress for a beach party?"

          "I dont know. Wear shorts and a polo maybe." Harry said as he walked out the door. I sighed, I guess that was okay to wear.

"Hey Haz! Are you going to wear swiming trunks?" I shouted down the hall.

          "Probably!" He shouted back. Hmm trunks? Yeah, that would work. I put on my trunks and polo and went into the restroom to do my hair.

"Zayn! The lads are all ready! Hurry up!" Liam said from down stairs. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I dont want to brag but i look sexy!

    Kelly's POV

 The girls and I decided to wera a sundresse with a bikini under it. Jay was wearing a yellow polka dot bikini with a baby pink sundress, Faythe and Megan both had a solid blue bikini, Megan had a gray dress and Fathe had a purple dress on. I had a mint green striped bikini on with a black dress over it. Jay and Faythe put on sandals, while Megan and I put on toms. We looked in the mirror and we all liked how we looked so we decided to go.

"There better be some cute guys there." Faythe said.

          "It wouldn't be a beach party without sexy guys!" I responded, everyone laughed and Jay called a cab. We told the driver the address of the beach house and he started driving.

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