England's Surprise

Megan, Kelly, Faythe and Jay were normal teenagers visiting England for the Summer. Parting, beaches and fun were all they planned to do. But will those plans be interupted when five guys come into their lives?


6. Authors Note

Hey guys but I think I am going to stop this story. I began writing this fan fic thinking it was going to be different, but i realised that it was just anouther summer romance out therer. I am going to write more stories when i get some origional ideas. Although if one of you guys are in love with this story or just doesnt want it to end, you guys can kik me with some information so i can pick a co-author. Here is the information i will be looking for:

1) Name

2)things about you

3) have you ever writin a movellas

4) if so how many favorites/likes did it get

5) what was it about

6)how dedicated to the story you would be and

7) future ideas for the book.

thanks guys my kik is EgoBandit. thanks again <3

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