England's Surprise

Megan, Kelly, Faythe and Jay were normal teenagers visiting England for the Summer. Parting, beaches and fun were all they planned to do. But will those plans be interupted when five guys come into their lives?


1. Prolouge

Megan's P.O.V.

    "The flight!" Faythe screamed running down the stairs with four bags in her hands. Oh, that girl! She sure did pack a lot of make up.

    "Faythe, why so much stuff? I said we were going shopping once we got to England." Kelly said while brushing her beautiful curly brown hair to the side.

    "Cause I want these cloths!" Faythe whined. Geez, that girl was such a diva. Her jet black hair in braids laid perfectly on her shoulders. Dang, she looked so good wearing white, it went well with her dark black skin. Jay was behind me waiting for the girls to finish. The girls were so lucky! Kelly had curly hair and she was soo tall! Faythe was the perfect hight and she always looked so good. And Jay had a childish, innocent look to her. I was just normal, with stupid glasses.

    "Come on girls, were going to be late, the plane awaits." Jay said before walking out the door. I had a feeling that this would be an amazing summer. Four teenage girls left alone in England!

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