Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


48. Zayn's Revenge Plan

A/N: Hey guys! I am litterly loving all the comments! They are SOOO sweet!! Thanks! <3

Any way! This is a chapter, but I am going to back track a wee bit, you will see what I mean. I just wanted to let you know! <3


Liam’s Pov:

“Bryan you are going to have so much fun!” I tell him, while walking down their driveway. “Is it going to hurt?” He asks me. “Well, sort of, it depends where you get hit.” I tell him honestly. “This is going to be fun!” He said. I was a little shocked by his answer. Usually when you tell a kid that he is going to get hurt, they back out, but hey why not give it a try!


“Here put this on!” I tell him. He nods, and puts the last of the gear on. I lead him over to the mirror, he looks at himself. “COOL!” He yells. I laugh, and grab the spare paint ball gun. “Here you go. Now it has a bit of a kick when you shoot it.” I tell him. He grabs it, and pulls the trigger at the mirror. The mirror shatters, and the pieces are a bright blue color. “Woopsie.” He says while handing the gun carefully back to me. “It’s ok, I’m sure Zayn won’t mind we shattered his mirror.” I tell him. He nods. Thank god we both have our gear on; or that could have turned out bad.

“Guys are you ready?” I yell from the front door. They all run over to the door. “Ready!” Louis yells shouting in my ear. “OK! THANK YOU I’M DEAF IN MY RIGHT EAR NOW!” I yell back at him. He grins, and opens the door. We all run into the car. Louis is driving, while Zayn sits in the passenger’s seat. Niall, Harry and I sit in the back. I have to put Bryan on my lap due to the lack of seats. Plus he technically needs a car seat, which we forgot all about.

Louis backs up, and slows down at Rosie’s house. He honks seven times. We all laugh, as we see Rosie go over to the window and give us a funny look. Lou hits the pedal, and we speed down the quiet street.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” I ask Bryan. He nods. “Have you ever shot a gun before?” Harry asks him. He nods. We all give him a funny look, even Louis who has stopped the car at a red light. “When did you do that?” I ask him. “This year! Rosie took me outside, and showed me how to shoot a gun, for emergences only! I asked her to short something, and she nodded. I ran up and got all of my Mc. Donald’s toys. We set up a wooden block, and Rosie shot their heads off!” He says. All the guys give me a look. “I didn’t know Rosie could shoot a gun.” I tell him, but it comes out more like a question. “Yea, she said daddy taught her when she was little, and she figured it was time to show me! She says she can shoot a bow and arrow too!” He states. “Well, I will have to ask her to show me sometime.” I say. He nods, and smiles at me. All the boys look curious; they should be too! When I asked her if she had any hobbies or if she could do something special she said no. Maby she didn’t think that shooting guns and arrows isn’t special…


“WERE HERE!!!” Louis yells while pulling into the field that Harry found when he was on a walk a few days ago.

We all hop out of the car, and grab the guns from the back trunk. I hand Bryan his, and tell him; “This time wait till I tell you to shoot.” He laughs and nods. I walk him over, to the other guys. “Ok, you can go anywhere in this area. Whoever has the least amount of paint on them in the end wins. When you hear a blow horn, come back here.” I say. They all nod. “Ok, are we doing partners?” Niall asks. “I am going to stay with Bryan, but if you guys want to you can pair up.” I tell them. “Na, let’s do single.” Harry says. The rest of the guys agree, and we split up.


“Bryan follow me!” I whisper to him. He nods, and follows me. We hid behind a weird shaped tree. “Ok, when you see the guys, you shoot at them! Then you run before you can get shot back by them.” I tell him. “Move!!” He says. I duck, and he fires the gun. I turn around to see Harry. He is looking down at his jacket, Bryan shot him right in the heart, or rather where his heart would be underneath the jacket. “Nice shot!” I say, and he smiles. We run away; leaving a confused Harry in his tracks. We run across the field, and I get shot three times, while Bryan runs ahead. He is fast for a six year old caring all that stuff.

I walked over and ducked behind the rock. He laughed at me. “Oh you wanna go there Bryan, how about you go on your own, and we all have a real completion.” I ask him. He nods. “Ok, you asked for it!” I said. He got his gun up, and shot me in the stomach. Not once, but 6 times. “Well then!” I say while raising my gun. He runs away before I have time to shoot. Man that kid is fast!!

I get out from the rock, and see him talking to Louis. Louis smiles at me, and Bryan runs away, while hiding behind a rock. Louis turns to face him, but he gets shot with blue paint balls. Bryan runs and I shoot in his direction. I missed and I fired at least 7 times!!

He whispers something to Harry, and he nods, while they both look and point at me. Bryan runs off again, and then shoots Harry again. Bryan laughs loudly, and then runs off again.

*BAM!* I just got shot by Louis. He smiles and hides behind a rock. I shoot Harry, then hid behind a rock. Harry glares at Louis and I. We laugh, and continue to shoot each other.

Niall’s Pov:

“Oi Bryan where is Liam?” I ask the little six year old that is running over to me. “ I shot Liam, Harry, Louis!” He says excitedly. “Good job!” I tell him. “And I shot Niall.” He says. “No you-*BAM*- Ohhh…” I say. He shot me. He is a smart kid I have to admit it.

He runs off, before I have time to get my gun up to shoot him. Darn, he got away.

Zayn’s Pov:

I was sitting up in a tree, waiting for one of the guys to come along. I hear rustling, and I get my gun ready. It stops, and I look around. *BAM!!!!!!* I was shot in the back 6 times! How the and who the did that?! I turn around to see a proud Bryan. I got my gun up to shoot him.

*HOOONNNKKKK* Damn times up!

We all gather back where we were the first time. I walk Bryan back, and he smiles mischievously the whole time. ‘Weird’ I thought to myself.

I look at all the boys, they were all full of blue paint, including myself. “Wow..” I say. They all nod, and look at a perfectly clean Bryan. “You’re a good shot.” Harry says. “Since I won, can we get ice cream??” He asks us. We all laugh and nod. “Yes!” He says. We all laugh again and make our way back to the car.

“How about after the ice cream, we come back and have a second round!” Louis says. We all nod.

We hop into the car (same seating arrangements as last time).

--At The Ice Cream Place--

“I want a chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles!” Bryan shouts. “Sure thing!” Liam says. We all order and sit down.


From Maise ;) :

Hey babe; wanna come to the mall and hang?! ;)


To Masie ;) :

Sure babe ;) Be there in 5.


“Hey guys, I have to go, I’ll see you at home!” I tell them. “Bye.” They all say, Bryan and Louis shouting the most.

I put my gear in the car. I check my hair; great as always. I close the car door, and start to walk down the block.

--At The Mall--

“Hey babe!” My girlfriend; Masie says to me. “Hey!” I say and kiss her. We walk around the mall, and then we end up sitting outside Rue 21. As we sat there I could have sworn I heard someone say my name, and scream. Must be my imagination.

We left, and went to the food court. I found a table, and Masie got us two sodas. She came back in no time. We talked and talked. I don’t even like Maise that much, she is just hot, and so I use her for a few quickies. Perrie just doesn’t *satisfy* me enough (if you know what I mean.)

Maise was in the middle of telling me something that I could care less about. All of a sudden I felt something being poured on top of me. I get up “WHAT THE HELL WAS THA- Kristin?” I was yelling at her, until I realized who it was. I said her name almost inaudible. She told me off, and then I say Perrie run off.

--In the Car; 5 Minutes Before Present Time--

--Start Call--

Niall- Oi, Zayn where have you been??

Zayn- Not important! I want to tell you and Liam something!

Niall- Ok hold on, he is finishing getting cleaned up.

Zayn- Tell him to hurry up!

Niall- So this is important…

Zayn- Very.

Liam and Niall- What’s up Zayn?!

Zayn- Niall your fucking girlfriend drenched me in chocolate!

Niall- WHAT?!

Zayn- You heard me! Stupid little bitch! It was for no reason at all! You should dump her! And Liam your stupid girlfriend told me off for nothing in front of the whole entire mall.

Liam- She wouldn’t do something like that!

Zayn- Who are you going to believe?! Me or a girl you met 2 weeks ago?!

Niall- I know Kristin, we have had history…she would NEVER do something like that!

Zayn- Again same to you Niall! Do you believe me or someone who made you cry for years.

Liam and Niall- Well I guess-

Zayn- exactly you believe me now go yell at them!

--End Call--

This is perfect!

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