Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


36. Truth or Dare/I Do Love You

Liam’s Pov:

My clothes are ripped up, I have scratches all over me, yet my feelings for Rosie, and Bryan still burn with love and passion.

“Let’s continue the game, shall we?” I shout over everyone’s laughter.

“Dude, go get cleaned up first.” Harry says.

“Well, I am already clean…Thank you Melody, and I have clothes here, so all of you go downstairs while I get dressed.” I tell them all. They all shuffle out of the bathroom, and I run over to Rosie’s room, to get some clothes, I had brought over a while ago. I return back to the bathroom, and see Rosie sitting on the counter, looking as innocent as can be. I give her a ‘what are you up to’ look, and she just smirks at me. “I’m here to help you get cleaned up.” She hops off the counter, and walks towards me; slowly, she gives me a dirty, yet playful look as she grabs the collar on my shirt.

Kristin’s Pov:

We all walk back down stairs. I look back at Rosie, who is sitting at the top of the stairs. I walk back up to her, and sit down beside her.

“What are you doing?” I say once I reach her. “Oh, I’m just going to help Liam get cleaned up.” She replies, while winking at me. “Don’t do anything you’re not ready for Rosie.” I say to her. “Relax, I’m not going ALL the way, I am just going to clean up his cuts, and help him get dressed and undressed.” She says. “Again make sure you don’t do anything stupid.” I say with a wink, and then I walk back down the steps, and sit in the circle. “Where’s Rosie?” Bryan asks me. Oh crap, what do I say, what do I say? “Uh, she-“ I start but Niall saves me. “She went to help Liam.” Niall says for me. “What do you mean?” Bryan asks. “He needs to clean up the little bit of blood on his face, and Rosie wanted to help, she it doesn’t hurt.” Niall says. Bryan nods, and goes over to Harry. “Thank you.” I whisper to Niall. He pulls me onto his lap, “You can thank me later.” He whispers in my ear. I playfully slap his arm. He winks while flashing me a playful smile.

Harry’s Pov:

Rosie’s not down here, that cheeky, dirty girl.

Bryan comes over to me, and sits on my lap. He has taken a liking to me, and I to him. He and I, even though he is six, talk all the time. The others talk to their girlfriends, and I talk to Bryan. He knows how to keep a conversation going. Yes, he is six, I don’t know how he keeps me intrigued either, but he does. He isn’t like a normal annoying, winey six years old; he had the mental age of 13 or 14. He is kind of cute to, no not in a creepy way, but in a little kid way.

“Harry, what’s Rosie really doing?” He asks me.

“Um, what did they tell you?” I ask him, I have to carefully play this out, so I won’t get slapped in the end.

“That she was cleaning his cuts up.” He says. “And why don’t you believe that?” I ask him.

“Because Kristin looked at Niall nervously when he said it.” He says. “So?” I ask him. “So that means they are hiding something.” He says. “Ok, first thing, do you watch a lot of cop shows or something or are you just remarkable smart for your age, and two she is upstairs with Liam, helping him clean up.” I say. “Yes, Rosie and I used to watch cop shows all the time together till Liam showed up, and I am smart, and are you sure?” He tells me. “I am positive, and are you… wait here come over here.” I say while leading him over into the kitchen, where nobody lingered. “Bud, are you unhappy that Rosie has a boyfriend?” I ask him, while setting him down on the counter so we are eye level.

“Maby.” He says. I hadn’t thought about it until now. Maby that’s the reason why he hangs around with me so much is because Rosie doesn’t pay all that much attention to him as before. I feel bad for the kids though, after Liam came into the picture things haven’t been the same, not only for him, but for us to.

Liam and I barley talk because he is with Rosie, and when Liam isn’t at our house the house is either out of control or its too boring. We should figure out a compromise, one that allows him to see us, but allows him to see Rosie, AND allows Bryan to feel ‘in’ rather then out

Rosie’s Pov: *10 Minutes Later*

Before you ask, no I didn’t do IT with Liam, we just had a little fun if you know what I mean. We calm sown, and all eyes were on us. Liam and I just contined to walk down the stair hand in hand. I took my spot next to Kristin, and Liam on the other side. Bryan came and sat down on my lap. I smiled and wraped my arms around him. I felt my phone buzz, so I puled it out of my back pocket.

From Butttaaa Ballll <3: (That is my nick name for Kristin)

What did you two do up there? Bryan was asking questions, and I can tell he was suspicious…

To Butttaaa Ballll <3:

We didn’t go ALL the way if that’s what your emplying… and what do you mean..?

From Butttaaa Ballll <3:

Nice… ;) and well, he was asking what you were doing…

To Butttaaa Ballll <3:

OMG! You didn’t tell him did you?

From Butttaaa Ballll <3:

No! Chillax! Niall helped me out and said you were only cleaning out his cuts.

To Butttaaa Ballll <3:

Thank god…

I slip my phone back in my pocket and give her a ‘thank you for saving my ass’ look, and she smiles nad nods back to me.

“Hello…Rosie!” Harry yells out.

“Huh, what??” I say while turning myself towards Harry.

“Truth or Dare?” He asks me for what I imagine is the fifth time. “Oh, uh truth.” I say. “Is it true, that you love Bryan more than Liam?” He then nods towards Bryan who looks almost to tears. I realized he asked me that question to reassure Bryan, because everyone else already knows that answer. Liam gives me a reassuring smile and I turn Bryan around so he is facing me. “Buddy, I love you more than anything and anyone. Liam is just my boyfriend, you are my family! Liam, means a lot to me, but you are my world, and I don’t think I could live without you! No need to be sad.” I say while giving him a big hug. “I love you Rosie.” “I love you to Bug.” I say, and I pull away from the hug, and sit him back on my lap.

“Let’s continue the game shall we?” I ask. Everyone nods. “Ok um, El truth or dare.” I ask. “Dare!” She says bravely. “Ok, I dare you to post a random number out of the phone book on twitter, and say it is yours.” I say. She smirks at me, and then she grabs her phone and I get the big book. She flips open to a random page, and puts her finger on a random number. “Sorry Mrs. Lingaheart… you are going to be receiving a lot of calls.” She says while getting onto her Twitter. Hum, Lingaheart that sounds familiar…eh, oh well I’m drawling a blank. “Done!” She says, and she shows me her phone. “Nice! Oh wow! It already has 5,000 re-tweets, and 23,000 favorites, and 1.5 million comments! Geez El! You are popular!” I say with a laugh at the end. “Yea, but its fun!” She says and puts her phone away.

We continue our game for about another hour or so, and then Bryan yawns. Wow it is already 9! How did the time get away from us that fast?!

I set him on the counter and we both brush our teeth, and get in our pajamas and then I put him in his bed. I give him a hug and kiss goodnight, before turning out his light.

“Ok, well you guys can stay here or go home up to you.” I tell the others. “Oh! How about us girls have a girls night here! And you boys can go over to your place across the street.” El says. “I like that idea, how about you Kriss, Perrie?” I ask them. They smile and nod. “Well we will leave you guys to it then.” Liam says. All of the guys kiss their girls, including me with a kiss from Liam. Harry stood their aquwardly, and they we finish our goodbyes. I feel bad; maybe I should find him a girl friend or something…

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