Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


35. Truth or Dare/Bathing Melody

Kristin’s Pov:

“Niall hurry up! We have been driving for a half an hour, already, and her house was only 2 miles away!” I complain.

“Kristin shut up and turn the radio on or something!” He tells me for about the 100th time.

“FINE!! It’s on! Are you happy now?!” I shout.

“Do you love One Direction? Are excited about their 2013 tour? Do you want tickets? We here at 98.5 KRZ are giving you two free tickets and backstage passes! This includes front row tickets, 7 hour limo service, and meeting the boys after the concert! You even get to ride on the tour bus! Do you want these tickets? Call 98.5 KRZ at 2 pm, and you could win those tickets!” The radio blares through the car.

“Woah woah woah?! Were doing what now??” Niall shouts. “You didn’t know about this?” I ask him. “NO!” He shouts. “Well, you do now!” I say. “I don’t want to be- Heyyy I have a brilliant idea!” He says to me. “Oh lord please help us.” I say joking while looking up. “Ha ha ha very funny.” He says. “Yea yea yea, so what’s your amazing plan?” I ask him. “You should come on tour with us!” He says with a huge smile. “School…” I say. “It will be over by the time the tour starts!” He says with a huge smile on his face. “College?” I say. “You’re going to go to college?” He asks me. “Well, if you and I ever break up, I have to follow up on something!” I tell him. “But we aren’t going to break up.” He says with the most serious face, I have ever seen him pull. “That’s what you said last time, now do I need to retell that story again?” I ask him while glaring at him. “No.” He says, and he turns the radio up. Nice conversation…

Rosie’s Pov:

“GUYS!” I shout, across the yard. I see everyone come towards me. Liam from the left, Harry from the right, Lou who’s in front of me. Bryan is on my back, so he is already here.

“What Rosie, we were busy, planning our war plans!” Louis wines.

“Lou, shut your face hole.” I say. “I got a text from Kristin and she said that their driving over here!” I shout excitedly. “Niall and Kristin?” Liam asks. “Yea.. Niall and Kristin.” I say. “YAY!!” I herd all the boys shout. “What are you- wait you miss Niall don’t you?” I ask. “Yea!” They all shout. “Hey, wait have any of you herd from Zayn?” Liam asks. We all shake our heads no. “Me neither, and I’m starting to get worried..” Liam says. “Call him.” Harry tells Liam. “Ok hold on.” He says, and gets his phone out.

-Start Call- (Z- Zayn L- Liam P-Perrie)

Z- Hello?

L- Dude what happened to you?

Z- Nothing why?

L- We haven’t herd from you in a while.

Z- Well sorry, Perrie and I have been busy.

L- Zayn’s getting it on!

Z- Shut up, and yea.

L- Haha, well if you two want to take a break, you guys can come back to the house.





-End Call-

*4 Hours Later*

The gangs all here! Me, Liam, Bryan, Louis, El, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Kristin, and Harry. We ended up convincing El, Perrie, and Zayn to drive over here, so here was all are. All ten of us.

“Do you guys want to play truth or dare?” Lou asks us. We all agree, and sit down. It took 15 minutes to explain the game and rules to Bryan. He finally got it, and we sat down in the living room and formed a huge circle.

“I want to go first!” Bryan yells over Lou, who was yelling to go first. I look at Louis with pleading eyes. He nods, and everyone gasps. He shrugs. “Go ahead little man!” Liam says. Bryan nods and says “Liam, truth or dare?” Liam looks at me then to him. “Dare!” He says confidently. Kristin and I snicker, we know Bryans personality he will pick something, uh well different…

“I dare you to give Melody a bath.” He says. Liam looks at me, and I look at Kristin, who looks at Bryan. Bryan, Kristin, and I burst out into laughter! The last person who gave Melody a bath, well they had gotten scratched, and their clothes were halfway off their body’s, and basically it’s not fun. “That’s it!” Liam says. I look over to Kristin who is telling Niall, about the dare. His face goes from a laugh to a smirk. He nods, and tells Harry, and so on and so forth. “Yep that’s it!” I say. “It won’t be…that…hard.” I say while leading him upstairs. Melody’s in my arms. I hop onto the counter and soon all the others have gathered on the counter beside me, or are blocking the doorway. I grab my phone out, and hit the record button.

I give Liam the puppy, and he sets her in the tub. She hops out and sits on the ground. He sets her back in, and she hops out. “What the…” Liam says under his breath. He turns the water on, and then turns around to find Melody on the other side of the bathroom. He walks over and grabs her. He sets her in the tub with water. She sits down, then he grabs the soap, and she starts running around in the tub. The soap spills everywhere in the tub, and soon there are bubbles everywhere! Liam falls in the tub and when he comes out he his shirt is torn and he is breathing heavily. He glares at me, and I give him a huge smile. He attempts to grab the dog, but she hops out and runs to the corner of the bathroom. He picks her up and puts her in the tub, and she yelps fibrously and he jumped back. He goes back up to the edge of the tub, and she jumps out from the remaining bubbles and onto Liam’s face. He screams and she jumps off and onto my lap, while trying to burry’s herself into me. I just laugh, and hand my phone to Kristin. “Film this.” I say to her, and she turns the camera from a drenched and scratched Liam to me. “Aww, did Liam hurt my baby?” I ask her, and she growls. I look at the camera and make my eyes go wide, and then we all start to laugh. Kristin hands me the camera and I set Melody down on the counter. I walk to Liam. “This is what happens when Liam Payne gives your dog a bath. Oh, Liam, she hates you by the way.” I say while facing the camera towards Liam. I laugh while he just looks himself up and down in the miorr. He glares at me, then at Melody. “Stupid dog.” He says, and we all burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard, I was in tears. I know he is going to get me back for this, because he knows I will kill him if he does anything to Bryan.

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