Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


38. The Girls (Part One)

Rosie’s Pov:

The guys finally left and that gave me, Kristin, El, and Perrie time to ‘bond’. I am excited though they seem like really nice people! I think Kristin likes them to! This is awesome we will become like best friends!

I had to end up getting everything for everyone. By that I mean, 4 blankets, 4 pillows, and we made hot chocolate too. We all sat on the couch which is shaped like a big ‘U’ and we all faced each other while wrapped in the blankets and sipping hot chocolate.

“So Kristin, and Rosie, tell us about your selves!” El says excitedly. I look at Kristin, and we both say “Well…” at the same time and then we all laugh. “You go first Kriss.” I tell her. She nods and starts to talk. I end up zoning out after the first few words. “Well, I am Kristin…” Then I zoned out after about 5 minutes it was my turn. “Well, I am Rosie, and I have a brother, and a boyfriend, and I play guitar, piano, I sing, and I can’t dance to save my life! Oh, and I have been in all the honors classes since 8th grade” I tell them. The nod along to everything I said, it was kind of odd actually…

“You sing?” Perrie asks me. “Yep! I post videos online every week! Liam asked me to come and open for them but I said no because if I’m good enough, vocally, great things will come to me!” I tell her. “Well can we hear you?” El asks. “Yea, but I don’t want to wake Bryan up, so you will have to suffer with a video on YouTube.” I tell them. They smile and nod. I run upstairs and quietly grab my laptop. I run back down stairs and boot it up.

“Name a song.” I tell them, when I finally get on YouTube. “A-Team” El and Perrie say in unison. I nod, and smile. It’s one of my favorite songs. I click on the video, then full screen, and I move out of the way so they can see.

-Several Minutes Later-

“Well, you should have taken Liam up on his offer.” Perrie says. “Really?” I ask her. “Well, personally I know it is hard to find an agent and a lot of people don’t get discovered through YouTube, I would say, ask Liam, and see if you can still go and open for them, that is an amazing offer, and you would get to be with him on tour everyday!” She says.

“Wow, I mean, I would love to take him up on his offer, but what about Bryan I can’t just take him out of school and live on the road.” I tell her. Kristin and El are talking and laughing, where as Perrie and I are having a serious conversation. “He can come on the road and we could get him a private tutor ya know.” Perrie says. “Yea, true. I wonder if it is too late to accept.” I say, while looking down at my thumbs. “Oh hell no!” She says while laughing, “Let’s call him shall we?” She says. “Wait! I am nervous, what if, well yea see when he asked me, I flipped out on him, and we had a huge fight over it.” I tell her, god I hate that memory so much! “Well, I can talk to him if you want me to, and you can listen in.” She says. “Really? Yes! Thank you!” I say and we both get up, and excuse ourselves. We walk into the kitchen, and close the doors.

“Ok, just pretend like I’m not here.” I tell her, and she nods.

-Start Call-

Liam- Hellooo!

Harry- Hiiii

Liam- Harry shut up!! Hiiii Perrie

Zayn- HEY BABE!!  

Liam- Shut up so she can talk!!

Perrie- Heyyy guys!!

Liam- Hey!

Perrie- Ok, so wait Liam do you have me on speaker?

Liam- Yes.

Perrie- Ok, take me off speaker, and go into another room, please!

Liam- Ok, it’s all good, now what’s up…

Perrie- Ok, so I was talking to Rosie, and it came up that she can sing, and then the whole thing about how you offered the whole tour thing, and she said no then you go in a fight, well me and her were talking and I talked her into the idea, and if your still up for asking Paul and Simon, well I think that would be awesome!

Liam- Really?! That’s awesome!! I would love to! I am pretty sure we don’t have an opening act so far, so I think that that would be awesome!!

Perrie- Yes! But we would have to remember that Bryan needs a tutor, he would have to drop out of school, to go on the road.

Liam- Yes, yes of course!

Perrie- It’s all set then!

Liam- I will ask Paul and Simon first thing tomorrow!

Perrie- Perfect! Hey I have to go tell Zayn I said I love him! Bye!

Liam- Tell Rosie I said I love her!!

Rosie- Bye Liam

Liam- You were there?!

Rosie- Uh pshhhh no!!

Liam- But wa-

-End Call-

“Haha! I couldn’t help myself!” I said while we were both laughing. “It’s ok! Oh my god! If they say yes, then you can go on tour with them!!” Perrie shouts, and we both squeal. “Wait! What about my mum.” I say, while all the excitement drains out of me.

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