Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


43. Shopping and Cheating (Part One)

Rosie’s Pov:


To Kristin :) :

Hey girl, Perrie and I are going to the mall, want to come?



From Kristin :) :

Totally, I just got my grapes, and so I’ll be at your house in 2.


“Hey Perrie?” I shout from the kitchen. “Yes?” She shouts back. “Is it alright if Kristin comes shopping with us?” I ask her. “Totally! The more the merrier!” She says, coming into the kitchen. I smile, and hear a honk from outside, ok more like seven. I look out the window, and see the boys speeding down the street. “I swear if they hurt Bryan, I will kill them!” I tell Perrie. She laughs, and playfully rolls her eyes.

Kristin walks in with her bag of grapes, already shoving some in her mouth. “EW, you’re supposed to wash them first you know…” I tell her. She just shrugs and continues to eat them. I reach my hand out, and she steps back. “My grapes!!” She shouts. “Well then!” I yell back. “Yep, I can see why she is dating Niall.” Perrie adds. Kristin throws a grape at her, and Perrie catches it in her mouth. “One, you give her a grape and not me RUDE! Two, Perrie that was so cool!! Three, are you guys ready to go? Four, I’ll drive!” I tell them all, while gradually getting louder and louder. “My grapes!” Kristin yells, and runs out the door. “What is-“ Perrie starts but I cut her off by saying “I- We don’t know…” Then I shake my head and shrug my shoulders. She laughs, and we walk out the door, and towards the car. Kristin is in the back, so Perrie takes the front passenger seat, and I take the driver’s seat. I don’t know why, but I love to drive. Every time there is a chance to drive, I take it in a heartbeat. I know I am weird…

-At the Mall-

“Where to first?” Perrie asks. Kristin and I share a glance, and nod. “Rue 21!” We shout loudly at the same time, which earns us a few glances from other patrons who are in the mall. We all laugh, and walk to the store.

“Girl this dress would look fabLOUIS on you!” Perrie shouts at Kristin. They have their little mini conversation at the other side of the store, while I look at cute shirts along the wall, by the doors. I look up, and out the doors, and see two people. One who I don’t recognize, and another, who look too familiar. I do a double take, and see them getting up. I duck behind the nearest clothes rack, where a teenage girl named Sydney is putting clothes on the rack. She glances at me. “Hey, by any chance does that guy over there, look like, I don’t know Zayn Malik?” I ask her. She looks at me, and then at the guy. Her face drops. “OH MY GOD IT-“ She starts to yell, but I cover her mouth. “Ok, look. Perrie is over there, and Zayn is over there with a brunette. Now we can’t let her see them she will be devastated! So, don’t say anything. Ok, and if you don’t, I’ll get you a picture with all their autographs on it ok?” She nods her head, “Wait how do you know them??” She whisper yells. “I am Liam Payne’s girlfriend.” I tell her. Her face drops. “Yep, it’s the one and only me.” I say laughing. “Oh my god! Yes I won’t say anything!! Here is my house number, my cell number, my pager, my work phone, and my house address!!” She says while writing a bunch of information down on a piece of paper. I nod and thank her. She returns back to her work. I peek over the rack and see Zayn is gone, and Perrie hadn’t seemed to notice, thank god. First I have to make sure this is right, that it is him.


To Liam <3:



From Liam <3:

We took a break and he left and said he would have to cut this game short.


To Liam <3:



I knew it, that lying, cheating, little fool!! I get up, and see Sydney is hiding behind one rack, obviously staring at Perrie. I laugh a little.

Back to reality… Do I tell Perrie about Zayn, or keep her in suspense?

“Hey Kristin, um can you come help me um, fix this shirt.” I ask her. She nods, and tells Perrie something making them both laugh. “I saw Zayn with another girl!” I tell her once she comes over. “WHAT?!” She shouts causing every eye in the store to look up at us. “You heard me! What do we do?!” I ask her. She looks around, biting her nails. Then I see her stop, and smirk. I can practically see the light bulb go on. “I know…” She says, while dragging me over to Perrie. “Hey Perrie, we thought it would be fun to disguise our self’s! We will buy some stuff, from this store, and change and stuff.” Kristin says. I smirk, knowing what she is up to. “Oh! That sounds like fun!!” Perrie shouts. We all grab random things off the shelves. I get the makeup and jewelries, and let Kristin; the fashion expert; pick out my outfit.

I grab a heart necklace, which has black studs on it, and hangs down to your belly button. Then I get some glitter eye shadow, which has the colors; pink, red, blue, light blue, silver, white, gold, and green. After that I grab a hand full of nail polishes that are in the discount bin. Next I head for the bracelets. I get a bracelet that says ‘I LOVE LIAM’ on it. Then I get one that says ‘I LOVE NIALL’ on it. Lastly earrings. I get three pairs of those. I grab a pair that has bright red hoops that are small enough to fit a finger through. Then a pair of bright blue studs, and lastly green spiky balls, that have small splashes of pink in them.

Kristin comes over to me, with a pair of ripped red skinny jeans, then a tee shirt that is white, with a British flag in the middle. It says ‘LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS’ below the flag. Then there is a varsity jacket over it. Cute!

Kristin has a red; poufy skirt that has many layers on it. Then she picked out ripped black leggings to go along with it. Her shirt was a red one, that had Elmo on it, and it had him holding a heart with the British flag in it. She also had knee high converse on with it.

Perrie came over, and was holding green sunglasses with the lines going through them, then she had a black; silky, flowy, tang top that had a chaetae in the middle. She had a pair of green black skinny jeans to go along with it. She also picked out a black headband that had a small black bow to put in her hair.

Honestly, I would wear these outfits any day they are so cute!!

We walked up to the cashier, who happened to be Sydney. “Hey Rosie!” She said, and the other girls gave me a strange look. “Long story.” I said. They nodded.

“Your total will be $289. But I put my employ discount on, and it comes to $250!” She said. I smile, and we all split the pay. I pay $83 dollars, and so do the rest of the girls. “Hey Sydney, do you have somewhere we can change?” I ask her. She nods and leads us behind the counter, and into another door. “Right through that door, and if anyone asks, say Sydney sent you back there.” She says. “Will do!” I say, and give her a hug. She looks flabbergasted and we all laugh at her reaction. She turns pink, and walks off.

-After Changing-

“Ok, so let’s just go walk around the mall for a little while…” I say nonchalantly. They nod, and we walk around, until we hit the food court. We nod at each other, and Perrie and Kristin go to order us a pizza, while I find a table. I run towards the only open one and sit down. I look over to my left; a wall. To my right; Zayn and a brunette.

This should be interesting…

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