Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


25. Roof Jumpers

Louis' Pov:

"Harry! Put your shirt back on! NOW!!" I yelled at the curly haired freek, who was runfvvvvvvvvvvvning around in the snow. "NEVER!!" He yells back. "Fine, I'll just call Liam, and tell him, what you did to his toothbrush.." I warn him. "You'r bluffing." Just then my phone rang. "Oh look, its Liam now." I say and answer the phone. "He told you to put your shirt on and get back in the house!" I yell to Harry. He does as I command, FINALLY!

We walk back inside. "Harry go warm up-" "I wanna play in the snow!" Harry wines. "NO!" I yell at him. "FINE! Party pooper!!" He yells and runs upstairs. "Harry get yo ass back down here!" I yell at him, he just slams his door shut. "Well.." I say.

The rest of the night is quiet. Thank god.


"Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, Lou, Lou, Lou, Lou, Louuuiiisss, Louuuiiisss, Louuuiiisss, Louuuiiisss, Loui, Loui, Louis, Lou-"


"I ate your last carrot!" He yells then runs away. "OH HELL NO!!" I yell as I chase him down the hall. He run into the bathroom, and I pound on the door, for him to let me in. I eventually give up, and walk over to teh fridge, for some food. 

I looked in the bottom door, and what do I see a whole bag of carrots staring at me. I love them, carrots are my passion and I ain't arfaid to show it show it show it.

(A/N: Sorry I had to put that song in there.. If you dont kow it, its I'm Sexy and I Know It)

"Harry you little liar!!"I yell at him, while stuffing a carrot in my mouth. I was on my 5th carrot when I herd yelling from outside. I run over to the window, and see Rosie and Brysn sleeding down their driveway. "HARRY WANNA GO OUTSIDE?!" I yell loudly to him. "YES!!" He yells back, while running upstairs to get dressed. I ran into my room, to get the approite clothes on as well. 

When I cam down the stairs, Harry was already there with tea. "Come on!" He whined, as I made my way down the cold stairs. "I'm comming, I'm comming!" I tell him.

We run ouside, and he immadiatly falls, due to is semi-slippery conditions. I laugh, and then end up falling two. I look across the street, and see that they are at the top of their driveway again. "Come on Harry!" I yell at him. He follows me to the edge of there driveway. We watch as they come down, with big smiles on their faces. "Hey guys!" I say, as they get off their slead. "Hey!" Rosie, and Bryan say together. "Can we join you guys?" I ask them. "Yes!!" Bryan screams, then starts walk/ running up the hill. "Yes." Rosie says laughing a little.We all walk up the hill and when we get to the top, we look over at her doors. They are covered with snow, how did they get out?

"Hey Rosie, how did you guys get out of your house?" I ask her, while Harry drinks his tea. "We jumped off the roof." Rosie says nonchalontly, and it makes Harry choke on his tea. "WHAT?!" I yell. "What?" She says. "You and Bryan jumped off of that roof?! THat has to be 15 feet!" He yells. "Ya, and there was snow to catch us." She says. "God, Rosie, not even I'm that crazy!" I tell her. "Yea, but it was fun.." She says. "Ok then, I'll take your word for it.. So where is Liam at?" I ask her. "Inside, reading." She says while sitting on the sled. "Party pooper." I mumble under my breath. "Do you mind if I tell him to come out?" I ask her. "Not at all." She says smiling. I walk over to the livingroom window, and see him reading. I knock on the window, and he looks up, then back down at his book, then he does a double take, and runs over to the window. "What are you doing?!!!" He yells at me. "Were sleeding with Rosie, and Bryan and Harry." I tell him. "Now come out and have some fun!" I tell him. "BTW, Your girfried has some real guts, not even I would do that." I tell him, and walk away.

"What are you talking about?" He yells back. "Go get dressed, and come outside, and I'll show you!" I yell back at him, while still walking away.

Liam's Pov:

Louis came knocking at the window. I was busy reading some weird book, I found on the book shelf downstairs. 

I thought I had imagined it, so I looked back down at my book, then I did a double take relizing it was real. I run over and open the window. I am yelling at him, for not being inside, but he tells me everyone is outside. He tels me to go get dressed, and I run upstairs. I have noclothes to wear! I sli on hte clothes from yesterday, and when I came downstairs, Lou was waiting at the window, with my jacket, boots, hat, and gloves. "Thanks Lou." I tell him, while putting on the warm clothes.

I have to get out throught the window. Thats probably what Rosie did, but with another window. I plop down, onto the snow, and Lou and I walk over to them. "Hey babae." I say and hug her. "Hey!" she says happily. "How did you get out of the house?" I ask her. "I jumped off the roof." She says. "WHAT?!" I yell. I cant believe what I'm hearing!!"Yea, I jumped off the roof, is it that hard to believe?" She asks me. "Well, that was a stupid move, you could have just gotten out through a downstairs window.." I tell her. "Oh, yea..." She says having a face palm moment. "Yea.." I say, with a laugh. "We didnt have to jump off the roof?!" Bryan yells. "Nope, sissy, had a blond moment." I tell him, with a laugh. He just looks at Rosie with a mad experssion. I have to say, when he is mad, he is still cute!!

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