Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


22. Phone Calls

Liam's Pov:

I have to call the guys! They all have to have someone with them. Espically Harry, he has been kind of depressed latley, and he need some one there with him, to make sure he dosent do anything stupid.

-Start Call-

Harry- Hello.

Liam- Hey, I have to stay here for a while, because there is A LOT of snow.

Harry- What are you- HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!

Liam- Is someone there with you?

Harry- Can I go play in the snow.

Liam- What, no! Harry is there any one there with you?

Harry- But Liam, I want to play in the snow!

Liam- HARRY! NO! If you go outside you wont be able to get back in! Now, is there anyone there with you?!

Harry- Louis is here!

Louis- Liam!

Liam- Louis!

Harry- Harry!

Liam- God Harry, ok so Louis, I need you to stay in the house, we are supposed to get 10 feet of snow, and once you go out there is a chance you wont get back in, ok, so keep Harry- Did that door just open?!

Louis- Yes, Harry went to play in the snow.


Louis- Fine! There is no need to shout!

Liam- Louis I'm serious stay in the house.

Louis- Well if you want me to stay inside then I cant go get Harry.

Liam- Louis! Listen to me closly, ok.

Louis- Ok.

Liam- Good, now go get Harry, THEN once you are BOTH back inside the house, keep Harry and yourself from going outside ok.

Louis- Ok Bye Liam!

-End Call-

Oh, god. I knew they went the smartest, but that was just ridiclous! Great, now I have to deal with Niall, god this should be intresting.

-Start Call-

Niall- Hello?

Liam- Hey Niall, where are you.

Niall- At Kristin's house, why?

Liam- Ok, well there is a-

Niall- Snow storm, yea, so.

Liam- Ok, well just stay inside, because once you get out, there is a chance you wont be able to get back into the house ok, so it looks like you will be staying at Kristin's for a bit.

Niall- Ok.

Liam- Wow that was easy.. Ok put Kristin on the phone.

Kristin- Hey Liam!

Liam- Hey Kristin, look Niall is going to have to stay there for a while, due to the snow story, is that ok.

Kristin- Uh, yea sure.

Liam- Ok, thank you!

Kristin- Yep.

Liam- Make sure he dosent go out there ok.

Kristin- Will do, Bye Liam!

-End Call-

Well that went way better then expected, thank god he is safe. Now for the finall call, Zayn.

-Start Call-

Zayn- Hello.

Liam- Hey mate, where are you?

Zayn- At Perrie's Why?

Liam- Because there is a huge storm, and you have to stay inside at her house for a while ok?

Zayn- Ok, bye Liam.

-End Call-

I figured I would have no trouble with Zayn. I have a funny fealing I will have to call and check up on Harry, and Louis though..

Maby I can see the through the window! I run over to the down stairs window, and look. The snow has slowed down a bit, just enough for me to be able to see through it though.

I look out, and what do I see? Harry running around the yard! Whit his shirt off! Man, is he retarted?!!! I look over to the door fram , and see Louis yelling at Harry to come back inside. Harry looks down and walkes to the door. Thank god! Maby they will be ok after all, but just incase, I am going to wath the house for a little bit.

I turn around to go back, figuring they wont come back out. But just as I turn around the door flings open, and Harry comes out wearing a big orange jacket, with hat and gloves on.

-Start Call-

Louis- He-

Liam- LOUIS! Get Harry back inside now!! He is worse then a six year old! Rosie's Brother dosent beg us to go out side! We told  him no, ONCE! But you two better get your buts back inside right now!!

Louis- Ugg, fine Liam, stupid partyy pooper!!

-End Call-

Dear Lord have mercy on thoes two.



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