Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


5. Paranormal Activity/ Truth

Rosie's Pov:

He asked me to be his girlfriend. I of corse had to say yes! Ok, well I wanted to, like badly! I had been waiting for like, well a coupe of days. Point is, I said yes, and we kissed. Yep,I deffinetly like this guy!!

Liam and I sat on the couch watching movies for a while. We decided to watch Paranormal Activity. I wanted to refuse, but I was trying to be brave. Liam could see right through it though. "It's ok I'm here to protect you." He says and kisses my cheek.

Lets just say, its the first movie (1/4), and he told me this one isn't scary at all. I had agreed to watch it. I grabbed a pillow, and Liam, and curled up into a ball. (By a ball, I mean sitting up with my legs up to my chest, and the pillow on the outer part of my legs, with my hands wrapped around it. Then I was sitting with my body pressed up against Liam's.)

Basically we got not even halfway through the movie, when the door moved, and I had tears streaming down my face, and Liam was sitting there holding me, while laughing a little bit. He kept telling me that nothing was going to happen, but when I looked up, well he was right, nothing happened.

Then about 3/4 of the movie, they layed down baby powder. Then something walked through it. That something only had 3 toes, and by this time I was crying even harder telling Liam to turn it off. He laughed and held on to me realy tightly. Then at the end of the movie, the girl throws the body of her boyfriend, that she brutaly murdered, at the camera, and I screamed bloody murder. I even made Liam scream, he jumped up off the couch as I was crying and yelling at him to turn it off. When he did I was is a ball, litterly my knees pulled up to my face, and my back hunched, and I looked like an armadillo! I had also shoved myself as far into the leather couch as I could go to. "Babe, babe, its just me." Liam said as he picked me up and hugged me as tight as he could. "Wow, I just thought you were being over dramatic when you grabbed me and the pillow! But, um wow.." He says laughing a little. "Yea, Im not good with scary movies." I say. Now that I think about it how has Bryan not woken up yet? I screamed very loud! He alwaise has been a VERY heavy sleeper.. "I can see that! Hey wanns watch the other 3 of them?" He asks me. "What the- NO LIAM ARE YOU CRAZY?!!" I say practically yelling the last part. "Relax I was only kidding!" He says and hugs me even tighter.

"Good! So what do you want to do now? I am supprisingly not that tired." I say to him while walking into the kitchen. 

"Well one, you'r only wide awake now because you just got done screaming you head off, and crying your eyes off from that movie! And two, me neither, we could play truth." He says to me.

I laught a little and walk back over to the couch with a bottle of water, one for me and one for him. "Ok lets play." I say sitting on the couch patting a space next to me. He walks over and sits, we both turn and face each other.

"Ok you go first." I say.

"Ok. Do you like sea food?" He asks me. Random..

"Um, sorta, I like crab, and fish sticks. Thats it.." I tell him.

"Oh wow." He says and I laugh at his reaction.

"Yea, yea, yea, I'm weird..ok have do you like mayo?" I ask him.

"Gross no!" He says and I laugh.

"Same here! Ok you ask me now.." I say.

"Have you ever kissed a guy, befor me? If so how many, and what are their names and adresses so I can go beat them up." He says. I laugh because he is pounding on his one fist onto his hand, and making a realy weird face, that I can't even describe.

"Yes, and eight.. Austin, Hunter, James, Randy, Logan, Michel, Dean, and Shawn, oh and I have no clue where they live..honest." I say. His face goes from a smile, to a frown, then to confusion, then to anger, then to a concerned look on his face. "What happened?" He asks me. "They all used me for my body, or to make their ex's jelous. I actually never had a boyfriend. The kisses, well they either kissed me, or well no thats it, they kissed me, then left." I say with a frown on my face. Think of it just makes me sad. "Well, ok then, lets move on shall we?" I say trying to avoide what ever discussion that could potentiall end up in a heart break, or a just more tears. "If you ev-" He starts. "Liam, please, lets move on." I say. He nodds. 

"Ok have you ever slept with some one?" I ask him. This should be an easy 'no' question, or rather so I thought. I see guilt spread across his face. "Yes. But it was a huge mistake, I don't even like her anymore." He says. "Oh." Is all I can say. He is only 18, and yet, he has slept with someone. I am 17 and I havent even had a boyfriend, let alone have sex! I decide to ignore it though. If he says he dosent like her, whoever she is, anymore, then I believe him. Thats the right thing to do right?

"Liam, it's ok, I believe you don't like her anymore, I can see it in your eyes." I tell him, and he lifts his head up. "You mean it?" He asks. "Liam, I wouldnt say it if it wasnt true." I say.

He smiles and looks into my eyes. It's almost like he is serching, serching for something that, can not be said through words, but only through my eyes, and into my soul. He blinked and I blinked, then he smiled, and leaned in and kissed me, with a lot of passion. It was one of the best kisse's I have ever experenced. It shot tingles through my body, and a shiver down my spine... We pulled away "Wow" We both said at the same time.

We decided to stop playing truth, and just sit, in each others arms. I like this. This is what I want in a relationship, one where we can talk, hug, kiss, and cuddle, and it dosnt move to fast. I like it.

We ended up falling asleep at 3AM. I was so tired, and so was Liam. We went to sleep with is arms around me, while we had our feet proped up on the foot rest. I had my head on his sholder, and he had his head on top of my head.

I awoke to Bryan sleeping on top curled up next to me. When did he get there? I asked myself. Then I looked to see Liam sleeping on the other side of me. Aww, my two buddies!! I looked at the clock, and saw it was only 8:40AM. I only got about 5 and a half hours of sleep. I groned a little. Then I rembered that his friends (bandmates) are comming tonight! They were comming at like 6PM.

I got up carefully. I moved Bryan, by picking him up, then I layed him back down next to Liam. I grabbed a blanket, and covered them. I grabed my I-Phone out of my pocket and took a picture of them. Aww, so cute. I didn't post it anywhere, though, only because I knew Liam would want  privacy, and I didn't want to get mobbed at school on Monday.

I walked over to the window, and saw snow on the ground. I smiled a little, it was so preaty out here in England when it snowed. Everything was coated in a white layer of happyness, it brings back memories, of when my parrents wernt work-a-holics and they were at home, we used to play in the snow, and bake cookies, and everything, but ever since they became work freaks, I never see them.

I sigh a little, and walk up to my room to grab clothes. I grab apair of black skiny jeans, and then grab my black boots that have a bow on the side of them, then finally I grab my white sweater, that my aunt from America got me. She said it was from some place named Hollister. She sends me a lot of their clothes, a lot of the times they are really cute too! I grab my undergarments, and then walk over to the bathroom. I turn on the shower, and then got out of yesterdays clothes, (that I had accidently slept in), I then stepped into the shower, only to  feal pure relief as the hot water poured over me. Then without stoping myself I started to sing 'Dark Side' by: Kelly Clarkson.

Liam's Pov:

I felt something next to me move, then move back to where it was. Oh yea it was Rosie. I smiled a little, then drifted back to sleep.

I woke up about 10 minutes later to a beautiful singing. I couldnt tell if I was dreaming or if this was real. I decided to close my eyes, that were already fealing heavy again. Before I could stop myself I drifted back to sleep. My only regret was that I couldnt figure out if that was a dream or not, and if it wasn't who was that?

I herd someone walk down the stairs, and then I proceeded to be kissed, on the lips. This caught my attention, and my eyes sprang open to see Rosie, standing there with a smirk on her face, and her hair wrapped up in a towel. I just grinned widley, at her, and watched her walk away, into the laundry room.


Hey guys! Just to put it out there, the Paranormal Activity thing, happend to me! You can ask @AlexaYoung06. She was there. Every thing (minus Liam) was all true. So I hope you enjoyed that little seen that Rosie caused. ;)

Anyway..Like fav and coment! <3 <3 <3


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