Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


42. Paintball/Shopping (Intro)

Rosie’s Pov: *After Breakfast*

I can’t believe I lit the eggs on fire, again. How has Bryan survived, I can’t cook toast or eggs, or basically everything that doesn’t have to deal with noodles!

“So… do you see why I don’t like you to cook?” Liam asks me. I nod, and laugh a little. “What’s burning?” Perrie asks coming into the kitchen. “Rosie lit eggs on fire…” Liam tells her. She looks at me and claps slowly. “Ha..ha.. very funny!” I say sarcastically. “Hey what’s burning?” El says coming into the room while crinkling her nose. “Rosie lit the eggs on fire.” Liam says for about the 4th time. She claps slowly. “God, what is it with you people and slow clapping?!” I ask them. “It makes everything funnier!” Kristin yells while coming into the room. “KRISTIN! How do you have a boyfriend?!” I yell back at her. She just laughs, and shrugs her shoulders.  “Any way I was-“ I start but Kristin cuts me off. “Do you have any grapes?” “No Kristin anyway I was say-“ “Rosie! I want some grapes!”She wines. “Go buy some!” I tell her. “Where?” She asks. “What do you mean ‘where’? Go to the farmers market on 7th.” I tell her. She nods and grabs her keys, then was out the door.

“Ok, like I was saying, what are all of you doing today?” I ask them. “Nothing.” Perrie replies. “I have a photo shoot at noon.” El says. “Liam?” “The guys and I are going to play paint ball.” He tells me. “What’s paint ball?” Bryan asks coming into the room. “It’s where you get a gun, and shoot balls of paint at each other.” Liam tells him. “Can I come?” Bryan begs. Liam looks at me with a smile. “Sure but be careful.” I tell him. “You too.” I whisper in Liam’s ear. He gives me a weird look, but I smile back widely. “Well then, come along Bryan, we have to get you geared up before we go! Let’s go back to my place, and we can get you ready.” Liam says. Bryan nods, and runs upstairs to get his coat, and socks. “Bye love.” Liam says giving me a hug and kiss. “Bye.” I say as Bryan comes down. “Ready?” I ask. He nods, and I give him a hug. “Be careful, I’ll see you later!” I tell him. “Bye Rosie!” He yells walking out the door.

“Oh crap! I have to go! Thanks for having me Rosie, we will have to do this again some time!” El says, while giving me a hug. “Ok, bye El!” I shout as she runs out the door, and into her car.

“So, Perrie do you want to do something today? We can go to the mall or something.” I ask her. “Oh! I love shopping!! Let’s do it!” She shouts. “Ok! Let me text Kristin and tell her, and then we can stop at your place for some clothes, and then we are off!” I tell her. She nods, and claps her hands excitedly. I hope this goes well!


A/N-->Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that this is a filter and the next chapter will hopefully be longer. I will try to update tonight, but if I cant, I'm not sure when the next time it will be!

Also, I wanted to tell you, that I got a solo in the musical! Can you believe a girl who hadnt even adutuion stole the part I wanted!! Grr that made me mad, but hey what can you do?!!

Thanks you for reading!! <3

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