Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


2. No Christmas/ Liam, Welcome..

Rosie's Pov:


"Hey Bryan?"  I yelled to my brother who was downstairs watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

"Yea Rosie?" He called back. He is actually very smart for a six year old. He can do 8th grade math. We are all very impressed.

"Can you turn the t.v down just a smidge? I am trying to make a cover to post on YouTube." I yelled back down. I herd the t.v shut off, and him run up stairs. He likes to be a part of the videos ever since he started to get comments from people saying how adorable he is, and how their little sisters thinks he's cute.

"Can I be in it?" He asks jumping a little.

"If you wanna." I say. He jumps up onto my bed and sits down next to me. I reach up and grab a fake mustache from the shelf above my bed. Dont ask me why I have them, I just have a weird obsession with them, so do my friends.

"I want one!" He says, I usually let him have one, just because I think he look super funny with one on. I grab another one, and peal off the paper. I stick it on the top of his lip, and then I do the same for mine. We look at each other and laugh.

"Ok, are you ready?" I ask him, as I start up my camera on my purple HP labtop.

"Yep!" He says cheerfully.

"Ok, 3, 2, 1!" I say and hit the record button.

"Hello guys! It's me Rosie and my little bro, Bryan! Many of you reconize him probably. Any way today I will be doing a cover of Little Things, by One Direction. This was the most requested song, so here it goes.." I say, just then Bryan rips my fake mustace off, and I scream.

"Ouch Bryan that hurt!!" I say. I look at my face in the camera and start to laugh it off.

"Your gonna pay for that one little bro!" I say and rip his off.

"Ouch Rosie!" He says and then we brake out laughing even harder, because we both have red marks where the staches used to be.

"Ok! Now if Bryan is done harrasing me, I will start the song.." I say and give him a playfull glare.

"Go ahead sis!" He says and they before he is about to get off my bed to watch from the other side of the room, he gives me a hug, and says "I love you". Aww he is such a sweet kid. "I love you too buddy!"

"Ok.. 1, 2, and a 1, 2, 3"

-After the song-

"Well thank you guys so much for watching! I love you, and Bryan says goodbye too!"

I end the video, and Bryan comes up to me, "You sounded great sis!". "Thanks buddy" I say and then I hit poast, and then I close my lab top.

"Hey it's almost noon, do you wan't some lunch?" I ask him.

"Yes please!!" He says.

"Ok, what would you like?" I ask him, even though I already know.

"Mac n' Cheese please!" He says.

"Figured!" I say and then we race down stairs. He turn the t.v on while I turn the stove on. "Hey buddy wanna give Melody some food and water?" I ask him kindly. He get's up and grabs the food and a cup of water.

-Ring Ring Ring-

"Hey Bry, grab me my fone, its on the table right there." I say and he hands me my I-Phone.

-Start Call-

Me- Hello?

Mom- Hi Rose

Me- Hey mom!

Mom- Yes, Hi Rose..

Me- So what cha' need?

Mom- I'm sorry honey but your father and I..we cant make it home for Christmas.

Me- WHAT?! Mom you promised, and Bryan was expecting you home!

Mom- I'm sorry but I have to work

Me- No mom, don't even go there, we both know you could take off! Ya know what, whatever! We will have Christmas alone, like alwaise! Good bye Mom!

-End Call-

I can't believe she, she, she did it again! She bailed on us again! Shes not comming home again! Were all alone on Christmas AGAIN!!

I could feal the tears forming in my eyes. I turned the stove off, and added the cheese. Withing moments the food was done and I quickly put it in a bowl, and gave it to Bryan. He could tell something was wrong, I know it, but before he could say anything, I told him to stay here, I was gonna go check the mail.

I put my black boots on, and then I grabbed my red winter coat. I had on dark blue skinney jeans so it matched, I also had on a red and white striped shirt on, under the red coat. My soft brown hair was down, and it cascaded down my head to my sholder blades.

I walked out side, and could tell that before I wnt back inside, I would be shivering. It's a good this our mail box is at the end of our drive way. We usually don't have any mail though because the bills get sent to my parrents, and we only have a magazine or two, bacause we have subscriptions to them (but thoes should run out soon), so usually, it's nothing, but flyers.

I looked across the street to see a moving van, our new neighbors are here! Yay! But I don't wanna say hi to them without Bryan here too. I just looked at the mailbox, and pretended not to see the van. I opened the box. Nothin. Wait it's Sunday. No mail. Woops, well if the new neighbors saw that, they probably already thing I'm stupid, great! *Note the Sarcasim*

I walk back up to the house, but am stoped by someone yelling something. I can't make out what it is, but I turn around, to see if they were talking to me. He was looking straight at me. He was kinda cute. Well I thing, I was like 15-20 feet away, so it was hard to tell, but still, he looked kinda cute. He motioned for me to come back down the drive way. I walked down.

"Ello!" He says. Now that I am closer to him, I relize he is cute.

"Hi!" I say cheerfully.

"You know there is no mail on Sundays right?" He asks me. Crap he did see. Great! *Note the Sarcasim*

"Yes, I'm aware, but I forgot to check it yesterday, and so I needed to see if there was anything in there. But it looks like Bryan must have got it, while I wasn't paying attention." I explain. Half of that is a lie though, I did check it yesterday, but I don't wanna seam like a blond in front of this hot guy!

"Oh ok. Any way, I'm Liam, your new neighbor.." He says and sticks his hand out to shake. I take it,and shake it, without loosing his eye contact.

"Well Liam, I'm Rose, but you can call me Rosie." I say. He smiles

"So Liam, would you like to come inside? You can meet Bryan and Melody." I ask him.

"Yea sure, the moving van is done now any way." He says and smiles at me.


"Hey Bryan?" I call from the hallway.

"Yes Rosie?" He answere back.

"Come meet our new neighbor!" I say with a smile on my face. I see Bryan and Melody run into the hallway, and Bryan's usuall smile doubles, when he see's Liam. He looks at me and then at Liam. Oh I know what he's playing at. He is too smart.

"No!" I say giving him a sisterly glare.

"It will happen though" He says.

"No, it wont" I say.

"What are you guys talking about?" Liam asks us.

"Oh, he was just saying how much he wants to show you his batman lego set." I say to Liam while giving Bryan another deathly sisterly glare.

"Oh yea, I was." Bryan says and then grabs Liams hand and leads him upstairs to his room.

I follow them up the stairs, and stop at my room to put my guitar back in my walking closet. I have my key board in there as well. The keybord it is a good one though, not a junk one, I have to stick with this since we dont have enough room to put a real big piano in our house.

I stum a few strings, then put it back down on the special guitar stand. I walk out of the closet and, then out of my room, while shutting the door.

Now it's time to go see how Bryan and Liam are doing.

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