Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


65. Miracle or Fate?

Rosie’s Pov:

That was our final goodbye. It was the last one I would have, for a while at least.

We walked down the stairs, and my impatient mother stood tapping her foot on the hard wood floor; my father glancing at his watch. Our mother picked Bryan up and he wrapped his little arms around her neck. He look’s happy. I wish I were that happy.

My mother walked out of the house without saying a word to me. No, she glared at me. That’s all I get for raising THEIR son, my bother!

“Don’t let her hurt him.” I say grabbing my father’s wrist as he walks out the door. He looks at me with longing eyes. “I’m so sorry for the pain Rosie.” He says. He pulls me into a huge hug and I was taken back. I hug him back and smile genially. I haven’t hugged my parents in…well it has been around six years now.

“STEVEN!” My mother yells from the car window. Her voice sounds hoarse; like usual, but she also sound shocked. Apparently my dad made a mistake hugging me. She was glaring a hole the size of the sun into me and him. I give her a smile back, which makes her glare harder at me.

The smile dad had on his face has faded and he has a look of misery spread across his tired face. He sighs and starts off towards the car. “Goodbye dad.” I say, loud enough where mum can’t hear it, but I know he could. “Goodbye Rosie, I love you.” He says. He gets into the car, and they speed off down the road. I look at the car, I see Bryan in the back with a smile on his face. My dad drives with a frown, but my mother has a bigger smile then I thought she; a bitter old hag, could posses.


I walk up and sit on the chair on the porch. I sit there and stare at the road, in hopes the car would turn around and Bryan would be returned. The small car rounds the left corner and that was the last I saw of them.

I sat on the porch for 4 hours. I sat there looking down at the end of the road. I’m not crying, I’m not smiling. I have no emotions showing on my face.

My eyes glance at the large pine tree that separates our house and the next door neighbors. I lose it. I bawl. That tree and that tree line. It posses so many memories.


“Rosie throw me the ball!” Bryan shouts standing by a large tree. I nod, “Are you ready?!” I shout while holding the football in my hands. He nods his head so fast, I’m afraid it would fall off. “OK!” I shout back at him. I throw the football and he jumps to catch it. He catches it, but in the process he lands in the pine tree from the force of the ball. I laugh and sprint over to him. “Are you ok?!”  I ask him still laughing a little. “Yes!” He says while brushing the pine off of himself. “Rosie now I’m all sticky.” He complains to me while patting his sticky clothes for affect. “Let’s get you in the tub then.” I say to him.


He was only five when he did that. I still have the picture of him with some of the pine in his hair and on his clothes. I took it before he got into the tub. He gave the camera a creepy smile as he held the ball above his head.


I glance at the small hill by the tree. I laugh with tears still coming from my eyes.


“Rosie watch this! I learned how to tumble in school!” Bryan shouts at me. I laugh “Ok show me what you’ve got!” I say. “Before you-“ I start but it was too late, he tumbles (summer salts) all the way down the hill.  “Bryan!” I shout running down the small hill. He sat there. After a moment of silence he looks up at me while frowning his eyebrows. “I almost had it, can I retry that?!” He asks me. I just laugh and help him up.

He had grass stains all over him. A few scratches here and there, but other than that nothing bad happened to him.



Those were memories, that I was happy to remember, and then there were the not so good ones.


“Rosie, just let me try it!” Bryan shouts while taking the stick out of my hands. “No Bryan, I don’t want you to get hurt!” I shout back, while ripping the sharp stick out of his hands. “LET ME HAVE IT!” He shouts. “NO!” I shout back at him.

He pries the stick out of my hands, but when he does he gets a splinter. “OUCH!” He says while crying. “Let me see it.” I say breathing out. “See I told you that something bad would happen, but you didn’t listen to me!” I shout at him, while examining him. He just grumbles and I grab a pair of tweezers from inside the house. I rip the splinter out of his small hand and he yelps with pain.


He didn’t talk to me for a day and a half. It killed me. When he did speak to me, it was yelling, but soon enough we hugged it out, and we were fine. Back to normal.


You may be thinking, ‘how are those sad and happy?’.

Well these memories made me remember all the fun times and all the sad times we had together. The key word there is TOGETHER. Now that he is gone, we won’t be together, and I will have nobody to share this with. Nobody will be able to be there and hug me when I cry. Nobody will be there to tell me they love me.

I have Liam, and Kristin and the rest of the lads, but it’s not the same…to me.

Bryan was my little emotion creating, mastermind. Now that he is gone it’s like a huge chunk of my heart was ripped out, and trust me I don’t need any more of that. My parents already did that.

Now I’m alone. I litterly have no family left with me. They were all driven away. Maby it’s just my fault. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

I have Liam, Kristin, and the lads left..unless they leave me to. I wouldn’t blame them. I would have left me by now too.

No One’s Pov:

Rosie’s heart was breaking even more. It was depressing. Rosie, the usually happy, fun, energetic girl who loved people was now a limp lifeless monster.

Her hair was dull, and her eyes loss their color.

It was only a few hours after Bryan had left, and she sat in the dark, waiting for the car; that would never come back, to turn around.

The clock soon struck 10 pm. Rosie still remained on the porch. She hadn’t bothered to move, or do anything. She sat in the law chair and stared down upon the dark road.

Her heart told her they would return, they could be a family again, but her head said they were long gone.

She trusted her heart. She sat in the dark, still continuing to sob silently while glaring upon the road; in envy.

She saw the door from the lad’s house open and close. A flash of light, then back to darkness.

Footsteps headed her way, and he just sat there still sobbing, while looking upon the road. She didn’t bother to look up. She sat there.

“Rosie?” The person questioned.

She looked up from the cruel road, the tears stinging her lifeless eyes. Liam stood there with flowers, and he immediately ran to hug her. After a few moments she hugged him back, taking in his sent, and his warmth. “What happened?” He asked after ten long minutes of silence. “The-they” Rosie began, but Liam told her to wait, and he pulled her up; into the quiet house. She sat on the couch as Liam made tea for the two. Rosie grabbed a blanket and curled into it. She fell over with the right side of her body lying on the couch; curled up into a ball. Rosie had a longing in her eyes. When Liam came in, he almost dropped the black tea cups. He had never seen anyone like this. Not even after they had lost X-factor.

He set the cups down, and some of the tea splashed out. Rosie looked at the cup with a distant look in her dull eyes. Liam ran over to her and shook her a few times. She lost the weird look in her eyes, and looked at Liam.

He could see a little bit of life returning to her eyes. She sat up, and he handed her a cup. “Now, tell me what happened. Starting from when you left.” Liam said to her. She looked at him, not knowing how to start. She didn’t want to cry anymore. She feared he would make fun of her, call her weak. Either way, even if she had wanted to cry, she couldn’t there weren’t any more tears left in her body that she could shed.

As Rosie started the long story, Liam listened intently. He nodded, and hugged her at the correct times, and she was grateful.

Liam was a great listener, boyfriend, and friend to Rosie. She often thought and debated if it was a miracle that she met Liam, or if it was just fate that had brought the two together.


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