Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


15. Letters to Kristin

Rosie's Pov:

I sat there listening to the story, while she was in a flash back mode. I love Kristin I cant believe anyone would do that to her!! I'll tell you one thing thoug, as she cried into my shoulder, I was planing my revenege against Niall.

 I am going to go over there, and yell his ears off! Yes, awesome revenge, I know..

I hate Niall! Man, from the little conversation that I have had with him, he HAD seamed like a nice guy, untill I found out what he did!

A little part of me wants to hear what he has to say about all of this, but another part of me wants to kill him for hurting my bestfriend!!

"Hey wouldn't mind if I go kill him..would you?" I ask Kristin. She had finnaly stopped crying, but she didnt look too hot after she stoped. She has a pale face, and red puffy eyes/cheeks. I fealt bad for the girl! She's too nice to have this happen to her! We have been best friends since second grade, I cant believe she didnt tell me! But I would hate to have to retell that story, so I can see why.

"Go right ahead, he's not my problem anymore." She says, while trying to wipe the mascara she had going down her face, off.

"Cool!" I say and get up.

"Wait your going now?!" She asks me.

"Yes, and I'm sorry but your comming with me, and we are going to kill him, and hear his side of the story." I tell her while pulling her up.

"Fine, but it's not my fault if I start to bawl during it." She says.

"Its ok, we will all be there for you!" I reassure her.

-At Liam's House-

"Liam where is Niall?!!" I shout at Liam.

"Are you going to kill him?!" He asks me.

"Depends!" I say.

"On what?!" He asks back.

"If he looks like he is TRULY sorry for what he did!!" I yell at Liam.

"Fine *Sigh* he is up in his room, crying. HE wont let any of us in, and were his best mates, good luck." He says and points to which room is his.

"Thanks!" I say, then I walk upstairs, while Kristin is right behind me. I look back at her, and see her legs shaking and she looks like she could break at any moment. I feal bad!

"Look, I know you want to hear the story, but maby its best if I talk to him ok." I tell Kristin. She nodds and walks back down the stairs. I felt bad, but I know she wouldnt be able to last the whole story, without putting her input on something.

"Niall open up, we are going to settle this right now!" I say. I hear him shuffle to the door, and unlock it, then go back to his bed. I walk in to see tissues all over the floor, and I look at Niall.

Niall, wow. I have never seen soeone this upset before, not even Kristin when she told me her side of the story! The normaly fixed (brushed) blond hair, was sticking up in all directions. His eyes we red and his face was pale. His nose was runnimg, so much he couldnt even look up, with out having a tissue by his face. I felt bad, I think, now keep in mind I havent herd his story, but I think he looks sorry, but looks and feals are two TOTALY different things.

"Start from the begining." I say.

"Ok" he says while sighing.

"I love Kristin, I still do, I alwaise have, and I will! So, I was dating Amy, who I had loved from 6-11th grade! She broke my heart, and then I found Kristin! She was amazing! She still is! Anyway, Amy wanted me back, while I was with Kristin, and a part of me still loved her A LOT, but another part of me didnt. I had said yes, because I didnt want to break her heart like she broke mine! So, I was dating two people that I loved. I couldnt tell who I loved more, when we kissed fireworks went off, but when I kissed Kristin, fireworks went off as well! I couldnt tell, I was IN love with both girls. Amy had called one day, and said she wanted to go to the movies, I had said ok, and we wnt to the 7pm permier of 'Love Actually'. Kristin had asked me to go after Amy did, and I said I had to hep my mum with something. So when we got to the movies, we walked  in as it was dimming. I had recieved a phone call from Kristin, I went to take it, outside. She dumped me, and said turn around. She slapped me, and cried 'why I loved you' while she ran away down the hall, and out of the theater. I had chased after her, but she wasnt there. I went back in, and broke it off with Amy. I relized who I loved more, but it took her running away for me to figure it out. To this day, I had been looking for her, but she had changed her e-mail, and cell phone numbers, she did everything she could to get away from me. I was so upset. I went to her house, but her dad told me to stay away or else. I love her Rosie I still do! Will you please help me get the love of my life back?! Please!!!" Niall told me his story. By the end, he was sobbing even harder then he was when I had came in. I felt bad, and I know he truly ment it when he said he loved her. Now its time, to get them back together.

"Fine Ill help you, but I sware to god if you hurt her aga-" I started to warn him, but he cut me off.

"I wont! I love her to death!! I havent dated ANY ONE since her and trust me I had gotten pleanty enough offers!!" He yelled at me.

I got up to go get Kristin, and talk to her, but Niall grabbed me arm. "Give her this." He said handing em a whole bunch of papers.

"What are these?" I ask him.

"These are letters, I had wrote to her. I even wrote her a song. If she dosent believe me after this, I dont know how to get her to believe me." He said. I cant believe him. He has to really love her! There are like 300 letters in my hand! Plus that! Wow.

"I beleve you Niall, I really do." I say and walk out the room with the hundreds of letters in my hand.


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