Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


19. Late

Kristin's Pov:

I cant believe it, I thought I had loved him so much! I thought I needed him! I could have sorn I was in love with him Untill we kissed. I dont know if it is because I still dont fully trust him, after he had been dating some chick behind my back, or weather or not I saw them kiss, and now I feal nothing, or hell even if it was because I hadn't tried hard enough. But I guess he can't force the spark. It would be, kinda hard and misserable if I had to try with all my might to do that.

Maby, if we go out on a date. Maby if I clear thoes old memories out of my mind, maby just maby I will feal something again! But I have to rember one thing, I cant force the spark. If it happens, amazing! But if not, well I tried.

"Hey Rosie can we talk in my room?" Liam asks while standing up.

Rosie and I had just come out of the kitchen, and sat down. Liam is staring at her, and she is staring back, its like their talking through each others eyes.

"Yes." She says and stands up. She and Liam walk up the stairs, and I hear a door open and close.

I decide to go sit next to Niall, who was looking at me.

"Hey babe." He says as I sit down. He wraps his arms around me. I am on the short side, I'm 5'3, so it works.

"Hey Niall." I say and look up and smile. (A/N: Hehe that rymed! Back to the story!)

"So I was thinking, maby we should go on a date, to catch up, and talk and hang out, just the two of us yea know.." He says, looking at me.

"Yes! That sounds great!" I say. Which honestly, it does! Maby this is what I need to reconnect with Niall!

"Cool! Do you wanna do it tonight?" He asks me. I pull out my fone out of my butt pocket. I look at the time, 5:32.

"Yea sure." I say putting my fone back in my pocket. "Where do you wanna go?" I ask him.

"Hum, wanna do something fancy?" He asks me. Honestly I dont, but I get the impression he want to.

"If you want to we can." I tell him, with a smile.

"Yea! Sounds fun! Ok, you go get ready, and I'll go get ready! I'll pick you up at 7:30." He says.

"Ok sounds good, hey, tell Rosie, I am leaving and I'll talk to her later." I tell him.

"Yea sure, no problem." He says. He wraps me up in a hug, and kisses me on the lips. Nothing. He pulls away smiling, and I smile, a fake smile, I have gotten that fake smile down fast.

"Bye" I say and walk out the door.

God I wish I could love him.

Niall's Pov:

Date Night!! Yes! I have alwaise wanted to take her somewhere fancy! Now I can!

I went to look for Louis, he knows what to do, outfit wise. And I'll have Zayn do my hair. Man, I sound like a chick. Oh well, I can so work it!

I went to the game room. There was Harry, and Bryan. "Hey, Hazz, where are Louis, and Zayn, I need their help. I ask him. "Out with their girlfriends." Harry grumbled. "Harry's sad, he dosent have a girlfriend, who loves him." Bryan states, while pausing his game that he was playing. "Ah, well, do you guys want to help me then?" I ask them. "Yea!!" Bryan shouts getting up. "What ever." Harry says getting up from the beanbag chair.

"Ok, So I'm taking Kristin on a date, and I need an outfit,and my hair done." I tell them.

"Uh! Even YOU have a girlfriend?!" Harry shouts, and walks away.

"Man what got up his as- bum." I quickly correct myself, because there is a six year old here.

"Who knows.." He says.

Kristin's Pov:

I have to find the outfit! The perfect out fit! This has to be perfect! I need to get that spark back!

I run into my house and run up the stairs. I run into my bedroom, thats on the third floor.

Lets see, I have about 7 dresses. I'm not much of a dress gal, I like my skiney jeans, or yoga pants. Call it what you want, its my style. Anyway, this dress has to be cute, fancy, and casual at the same time!

There is only one dress that I know of that can make it work, and I can look hot in. I pull it out of my closet. Oh yea, this well do just fine.

Niall's Pov:

"Bryan, help me find something to wear." I tell him, as I serch through my messy closet.

"I'm only good with hair!" He complains.

"Fine!" I say. If only Lou were here, he would know what to do. I can call him though!

-Start Call-

Louis- *panthing* Hello?

Niall- Louis I need your help!

Louis- Niall I'm sorta in the middle of something here.

Niall- Please! I really need to know what to wear for my date tonight!

Louis- Niall! I am litterly in the middle of something give me..10 minutes!

Niall- Fine finnish up on Ell, then come over!

Louis- Fine Niall..

-End Call-

"God Lou.." I mutter under my breath.

"Niall, what were he and Ell, doing?" He asks me.

"Uh, playing mini golf." I say.

"I WANNA GO MINI GOLFING!!" Bryan yells.

"Later ok." I say. He groans, "Fine!".

Kristin's Pov:

I put on the dress. It is perfect.

The dress is red, it goes well with my long golden curly hair. The dress, is tight at the top, and as it goes down it gets bigger (poofier). The bottom has a little bit of darker red sequence, and it has a black bow, right above my hips. It seprates where it is tighter, and more poofy. This dress goes well with basically everything! Its absolutly perfect!

I decide to go put some make up on now. I grab the blush, mascara, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. I put the black mascara on my eyelsahes, just the tops, I never do the bottoms, because there too hard to get the make up off them, whitout stabbing myself in the eye. Next I put a small ammount of light pink blush. My skin is tan(ish) so, I have usually only put a tiny bit, or none at all on. Next I put on the eye shadow. I get the light red out of the bag, and put a thin line just above my evelashes. I never put a lont on, my eyes are usually open, so I just put a thin line on. Lastly I top it off with lip gloss. It is a light pink, that makes my lips shiny, and soft! And vwalla I'm done! I never put any foundation on, because I never get zits, my skin is alwaise clean and clear.

I walk over to my long miorr. Perfect! I just need to paint my nails, and get the shoes, and I'll be all good!

I grab my red flats, they go perfectly with the dress I'm wearing! Next is nail time! I get the red out of the closet, and start to do the first coat. When that was done and dried I did the second coat. Finnaly I put some clear coat on. This makes the nails look shiny, and amazayn!

Thats it, the perfect outfit for tonight is done!! I grab my black clutch wallet, and sit on the couch, with the telli on. Its only 7pm now, Niall will be here in a hlaf an hour. I cant wait!

Niall's Pov:

"Thank god your here!" I yell as Lou, walkes into my room.

'Yea yea yea, you own me, I had to stop early." He says. I just role my eyes. Lou walkes over to my closet, and grabs two things out of it. He throws them on the bed, and looks at me, waiting for me to go change. I walk over to the bathroom, and change. When I walk out I see Lou nodd in approval, and then he motions for me to sit. I do, and he takes a comb through my hair. He puts a tiny bit of gell in it, and rubs it though my hair. After about 3 minutes total of working on my hair, the says "Done." and walks out of the room. "Thanks!" I shout after him.

I look in the miorr. I do look good! I am wearing a red Polo shirt, with black dress pants on. I nodd in approval, I would rather be wearing my tan pants, but Lou says, they arnt 'dressy' enough for tonight.

But I have to say, I like this look, I look good, hopefully Kristin will like it, after all her opinion is the only one I actually care about.

I look at the clock, it's 7:45. NO! I am 15 minutes late. I grab my cell, keys and wallet, and run out the door. I hope she isnt mad, I really hope shes not mad. DEAR LORD LET HER STILL LOVE ME!

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