Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


56. Kissing and Confusion

Rosie’s Pov:

Liam wrote me a song, Bryan beat up an 18 year old, and everyone is back together! It has been a good day so far and it is only 5pm!

I pull away from Liam who was kissing me. “I’m thirsty!” I wine. “Let’s go get something to drink then!” He says. I nod and get off his lap but he pulls me back down. “What are you doing?” I ask him trying to get up. “I am doing this!” He says while throwing me over his shoulder. “Liam put me down!!” I shout. “Nope!” He says walking out of his bedroom. “Please!!” I wine. “Nope!” He says again. I groan and let my body hang free and limp. He starts walking down the steps and my hand accidently brushes against his bum. “Rosie!” He says. “Hehe sorry!” I say. “It’s not light you haven’t touched my bum before Liam!” I say. He chuckles and we reach the bottom of the stairs.

“I’ll go get the water.” I say. “No, I’ll come with you!” He says. “Ok fine but you have to give me a piggy back ride.” I tell him. He smirks and nods. “You sick pervert.” I tell him hoping on my back. “Well I’m not always the nice one in the band.” He whispers into my ear. “Wow..” I say laughing; he laughs and we head off to the kitchen.

Niall’s Pov:

“Why did you ink my face?” I ask my girlfriend who is sitting on my bad smirking happily. “I did no such thing!” She says. “You told me stupid.” I say. “Oh yea..” She says. “Well it’s my turn!” I say grabbing the marker from the dresser. “Hahahaha, no.” She says. “Yes.” I say moving closer.

-1 Minute Later-

“Come on!” I say. So, here’s the problem… somehow she managed to get the marker from me, and she is straddling me while trying to color on my face.

I wrap my arms around her waist and she tries to get closer to me. “Let go!” She wines. “No!” I say. She caps the marker and holds it with her teeth. She pries my arms off me, but I quickly wrap them back around her. “Let go!” She says. “Nope!” I tell her smiling. She tries to wiggle out of my grip, but ends up failing terribly. “Give up?” I ask. “NEVER!!” She screams. She flops back and forth casing both of us to get tangled up and fall on the floor. “Hey guys wh-“ Rosie starts, but her eyes go wide, and her lips form a smirk. “I’ll just let you to continue whatever you were doing…” She says backing out of the room while closing the door. I look at Kristin who has a red face. I untangle myself and I pin her arms to the ground and sit on her stomach. “Ug Nialler get off!” She says laughing. She pushes me off and pins me down. “When did you learn to do that?!” I ask her. She is sitting on my stomach her lags wrapped around both my sides, while she holds my arms down. “I have always known how to do that.” She whispers into my ear. A chill goes down my spine, and I smirk. “He guys Rosie said to come-“ Liam says looking up from his phone. “Woah, uh yea so I’ll just let you get back to..it.” He says backing out of the room. I look at Kristin and we both start laughing while blushing a little.

She gets up and off of me, and we both sit up. “That will be an aquward conversation later…” I say. “Haha yea no kidding.” She says laughing a little.

Harry’s Pov:

“How many times to I have to say I’m sorry for biting you?!” Louis asks me. “Kiss it.” I say smirking. “What?” He asks me. “Kiss where you bit me.” I repeat. “Ok.” He says like it is nothing. He leans in and touches his lips to my arm.

“Hey guys are you-“ Rosie asks coming into my room. Her eyes go wide and she backs out of the room slowly.

“Harry!!” Louis yells. “She will probably think I’m some gay freak!!” Louis shouts. “Aw don’t worry, she already thinks that.” I say. He glares at me and I smile back.

Rosie’s Pov:

“L-Liam…” I say backing out of Harry’s room. “Yea what is it?” He calls from the living room. “Uh, uh, uh, well, uh…” I start but continue backing up. “What is it?” He asks walking into the hallway. “I just say Louis kissing Harry’s arm…” I say still stunned. “Yea, that’s normal...it means nothing.” He tells me. My face looses up from its current ‘shocked’ position, and it turns into a confused look. “Yea, you will catch on the more you are around us.” He tells me. “Ok then…” I say. “Ok, so I had originally went in there to ask where my brother is, but I have a funny feeling he isn’t in there.” I tell him. “Well he has to be with Perrie and Zayn then.” He says. I nod and we both walk down the hall, past Harry’s door and then I knock on Zayn’s door. “Come in.” He yells through the closed door. I open the door, and see him and Perrie sitting on the bed. “Hey we wanted to talk to you!” Perrie says to us. “Ok, we can but first, have you seen Bryan?” I ask Perrie. “Uh no; why?” She asks. “Because he isn’t with me or Liam or Niall or Kristin or Louis, or Harry, or you, or Zayn!” I tell her while chewing on my nails. (I always do this when I am nervous!) I look at Liam with worry filling my eyes. “Uh, game room?” He sudgests. I run out of the room and up to the game room. I flip the light on and he was sitting on the bean bag chair, fast asleep.

‘Thank god!’ I say to myself. I walk over to the chair and pick him up. “Is he in here?!” Liam asks running up the stairs. “Yea.” I whisper trying not to wake him up. He slowly inhales and exhales on my shoulder. Liam runs into the room, but stops when he sees me with him in my arms.  He walks over slowly and takes him from me. “I’ll bring him into my room, and he can sleep there.” He whispers to me. I nod, and follow him down the hall.

Liam sets Bryan down on the bed, and wraps the duvet around him. Bryan stretches and his eyes open slightly, then they go back down, and he hibernate into a calm slumber again.

“Yea know you would make a good mum.” Liam says while wrapping me in a hug from behind. “Haha thanks and you would make a good father.” I tell him. He sets his head on my neck and we stand there watching Bryan sleep, while thinking of what’s to come into the future.


Hey guys, I am so sorry I havent updated, but I was supper busy! I will have anothere chaper up today after school to make up for yesterday.

I would like to thank @Niall's Princess for giving me the idea of Louis kissing Hazza! <3 Thanks a lot!!

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