Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


60. Is This Goodbye to MY Brother?

Rosie’s Pov:

-Lunch Time-

Liam, how I love that guy! With everything that has happened lately, well it’s really nice to know he cares.


There are only a 19 full days left of school. 19 hell, tear, drama filled days left. Then it’s summer! Summer means tour time! So luckily Bryan won’t need a tutor after all. Sadly Kristin is going to college so she won’t be coming on tour with us. I tried to get her to do online schooling but she won’t give in. I guess I’m stuck on a tour bus with 6 little kids. Yes I do genially mean 6 little kids.

“Rosie..Rosie?” Kristin says snapping her fingers in front of my face. “Huh, what?” I ask trying to regain full awareness. “I asked you what you are going to do about the tour.” She states for probably the millionth time. “Sorry I was out of it.. And what do you mean?” I ask her. “Well we already know I’m going to college, Bryan is coming with you, but what about the dog?” She asks. “Oh shoot! I forgot about her! I don’t think were allowed to bring her!” I say while resting my head in my hands. “I’ll take her.” She says after a few moments of silence. “What?” I ask taking my head out of my hands. “I’ll take her. My collage says pets are allowed as long as they are taken care of.” She tells me. “Kristi-“ “Rosie, I don’t mind! I was going to get a dog when I went there to make up for the lack of my best friend.” She says giving me a smile. “Thank you so much!” I tell her as I reach across the table, aquwardly hugging her. “Anything for you.” She says into my hair.

I am so lucky to have a friend who has a fucked up life like me. I am grateful.


-After School-

“So what did you learn in school Bryan?” I question Bryan who sits in his seat as we drive home. “Nothing.” He states looking out of the window. “Well did you talk about anything?” I question. “All the other kids talked about their mommies and daddies, but when it came my turn to share, I talked about you, and some of the kids made fun of me because I don’t have a mummy or daddy that loves me.” He says starting to cry. I pull into an empty parking lot and slam on the breaks. I turn around in my seat. I knew this would happen one day, but not this early.

“Bryan mummy and daddy love you a lot, they just, have stuff to do so they can’t see us that much.” I tell him. He looks up from his hands and he sniffles a little bit. “Can I move go live with mum and dad?” He sniffles. I can feel a tear come to my eye. “Wh-why?” I ask. “I want to see what it’s like to have a mummy and daddy like the other kids Rosie.” He says crying again. “O-Ok I’ll uh call them..” I say tears in my eyes.

-Start Call-

Mum- What Rose!? I’m busy!

Me- Mum this is important, very important.

Mum- Hold on.

-5 Minutes Later-

Mum- Ok, I’m back what’s so important?

Me- Bryan, he uh..

Mum- What happened to my little boy?!

Me- Mum he said that he was upset because other kids were taunting him because he doesn’t have a mum and dad that live with him and love him.

Mum- Oh no.

Me- Yea, and then he, he, well he wanted to come live with you both.

Mum- Oh. Let me talk to your father, and I will uh, call you back.

Me- Ok bye.

-End Call-

We had already arrived home and Bryan went up to his room while I was calling our mum. I knew this as coming. I knew it would come. I just prayed it wouldn’t be this soon.

I am going to miss that little goof ball. I really will.

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