Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


13. 'I'm Sorry'

Rosie's Pov:

I was happy they liked it. Afterwords everyone had their own little conversations. By everyone I mean everyone but me.. fun. I sat there aquwardly. I felt my fone buzzz, from my bak pocket. I got it out, and it was a call, from my only best friend in school. She is the only one who dosent care about the fact I have my brother, and have to bring him every where, she loves him ,and excepts me and him. I answer it.

-Start Call-

Kristin- Hey girll!

Rosie- Hey!

Kristin- Why wont you text me back?!

Rosie- Sorry, I didn relize you texted me..

Kristin- Oh..

Rosie- Yea.. so whats up. Why did ya call?

Kristin- I wanted to know if you wanted to hang?

Rosie- Totaly!

Kristin- Ok, I'm comming over now.

Rosie- Kay see ya in 3 (minutes)

Kristin- Later chicka

Rosie- Haha, later!

-End Call-

"Bryan c 'mon, buddy Kristin is comming over!" I say, picking up my guitar.

"Can I stay here?" He asks me.

"No, buddy, Liam is gonna be busy tonight.. maby another time ok?" I tell him, now I feal bad..

"Aww bu-" He starts to wine.

"Bryan no.." I say.

"He can stay here if he wants to Rosie." Liam says.

"Liam, I dont want you to have to watch him, he is my responsiblity not yours" I tell him.

"Rosie Im serious I dont mind, at all." He says.

"No Liam."

"But Rosie he loves it here!"

"Fine! I have to go, I'll stop by later to check on him though!" I say walking out the door. I would have put up a bigger fuss, but I notice Kristin pull up to my house.

Kristin has golden hair (curly like Taylor Swift's) , she also has blue eyes, that shine like the sun. She is gorgous! And she is an awesome singer, like me. She is the same hight and weight as me. We are litterly twins. Well, sorta. We complete eachothers sentances, and stuff, its kinda creepy actually. Minus the facial differences, we are litterly like twins. I love it and her! Shes my sista' from anotha' mista!!

"KRISTIN!!" I yell from Liam's driveway.

"Hey!!" She yells, as I run up my drive way to meet her.

"Why were ya over there?" She asks me.

"Lets go inside and I'll explaine it.." I tell her, and she nods while dragging her bag along with her.

-Inside, Rosie's Room-

I take a deep breath and start to tell her the whole story. Starting from the begining.

"Ok.. So I had gotten a call from my mum and she cant come home for Christmas, again. So before I could start to cry infront of Bryan, I went to check the mail, even though it was a sunday. I saw a moving van next door, and I saw him. I offered him to come inside. He said yes, and he met Bryan and Melody. To shorten it up, after a week of him over every day, it was Friday night, and he and I were watching Toy Story after Bry went to bed, and he asked me out! I said yes. Then we watched Paranormal Activity, and I cried, but more on that later.. Ok so after a week of us dating, which would bring us to this Saturday. I lit the toaster on fire-"

"Again?!" Kristin said interupting me.

"Yes again, now hush I'm almost done."

"Ok, bla bla bla toaster on fire, ah, then he laft, and the guys came. He is in a band, One Direction. So anyway, Bryan and I went over there to meet them, and I was bored so I left, and then when I came back, he had discovered that I sing, and play!"

"Not uh!!" She shouts.

"Yea hu!" I shout back.

"Ok, so, I flipped out, which you know me! I NEVER ever flip out, but I litterly screamed, any way, I stormed out, and left Bryan there-"

"Where is Bryan?" She asked me.

"At his house now let me finnish!"

"Ok so-" I start.

"Sorry, I'll let you finnish." She says.

"Uh! Ok! Now, where was I? Oh yes, bla bla bla, after three hours of deangrifying mysef, I went over with my guitar, and sang for them. They loved it, then they all started talking in their little groups, and then I got a call from you, thank god! It was totes aquwardo!!" I say, finnishing the story.

"So wait you seriously lit the toaster in fire again?!"  She asked me. I picked up a pillow and hit her with it.

"Really, thats all you comprehended from that?!"

"No!!" She protests.

"Oh yea?! What is my boyfriends name?" I ask her with a smirk.

"..Axavier?" She says, raising her shoulders.

"Liam, you doof!" I say and hit her with another pillow.

"Can I meet him?!" She asks me.

"Yea, lets go over now." I say.

-At Liam's-

"Hey Liam! I brought my friend over.." I say whilts walking into his house.

"Hey Rosie!!" Liam says walking over to me, and huggs me. Just as he let go I see Niall walk out.

"Hey Rosie does you'r brother- KRISTIN!?!" He yells the last part.

"Niall?!" Kristin yells.

"Kristin?!!" He yells.

"I hate you get away from me!!" She screams at him.

"K-kristin.. I love you, I never stopped! Please take me back!" He says walking towards her.

"Aw, well in that case, NO!" She yells and slaps him across the face, then stomps on his foot. She turns to look at me and mouths 'I'm sorry' then she walks out the door. I run after her, after I glare at Niall.


"Uh Kriss, what happened back there?" I ask my crying best friend.

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