Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


30. I Told Her, I Had to Tell Her

Louis’ Pov:

I have to tell her, and I will tell her. I don’t want to see my two best friend’s relationships get ruined. She is currently on her way inside to go into the bathroom. Being the pervert I am I follow her inside. No, not inside the bathroom, just inside the house.

“Rosie, I need to tell you something!” I say through the door.

“Lou! Did you follow me?” She asks.

“No! I need to tell you what their pranking.” I tell her, while looking over my shoulders to make sure the guys aren’t there.

“No, Lou! I don’t want to know! I want it to be a surprise so I can laugh!” She says.

“Well, tell me this. What is you definition of a bad prank, being like what is too far for you?” I ask her. She flushes the toilet, and then washes her hands. She opens the door, and we look at each other.

“A prank that is going to far would be, hitting the person in the head with a brick. Hitting the person in the head with a mallet, hatchet, hammer, grenade, cinderblock, flower vase, a burning candle, a lab top, a lab top power case, AND a wooden 1986 grandfather clock. Oh and the whole fake brake up with you thing. That happened to my friend, Alexa, and she ended up killing herself from it. It was terrible!” She tells me. I can feel my face go white at the last part. Her friend was my girlfriend. I have to be strong; I try my best to push it out of my mind, and try to bring the color back to my face.

“Ok, and let’s just ‘pretend’ that they did one of those things on that list… What would you do?” I ask her.

“Break up with him.” She says flatly.

“Don’t break up with him.” I say.

“Why? As long-“ She starts but I cut her off.

“He is going to pretend break up with you, and they think you will laugh, because you’re “cool like that”.” I tell her.

“Wh-why would he do that?” she asks me.

“He wanted payback for the whole snow down his pants thing.” I tell her.

“That’s a little extreme!” She practically yells.

“Yes, now shush!! I wasn’t supposed to tell you!” I tell her.

“I can’t believe he would do that!” She said in a hushed tone.

“I know, I told him and Harry not to, but... they didn’t listen.” I tell her.

“Well, if he wants to play the whole fake breakup game, I’ll go first.” She says with a smirk, and then she climbs back out the window, and walks towards Liam. This should be interesting.

Rosie’s Pov:

I can’t believe what Louis just told me. Well, fuck him. Fuck that! I’m getting him back, even though he hasn’t done it yet. I am a pretty good actor, if I do say so myself.

“Hey Liam, can uh, we need to talk...” I say walking up to him.

“Yea sure.” Liam says while giving Harry a smirk.

“Look, there is no easy way to say this, but I’m breaking up with you. And, there is one more thing, I was secretly dating Harry behind your back sorry.” I tell him. He has tears in his eyes, and he looks like he is about to punch someone too.

“What?” He asks.

“I said-“ I start but he cuts me off.

“I know what you said I just, I cant believe this! I thought you loved me!” He says, now crying while I sit there trying to hold the smirk from my face.

“Liam, there is one more thing.” I tell him.

“What Rosie?! What more could you have to tell me?!” He asks while his fists go white, from gripping them together as tight as he could. I stand up, and pull him up with me.

“I found out your plan, so... HA YOU FUCKING IDIOT I WAS KIDDING!!!” I yell in his face. His wet eyes, turn into a dry glare. “That’s what you get Liam. By the way, if you had done that prank, I would have broken up with you, like a for real break up.” I tell him, while looking his straight in the eye.

“I can’t believe you Rosie.” He says.

“Hey that’s what you get. Louis told me about your plan, and thank god he did, because if you had, we wouldn’t be together.” I tell him. He nods.

“I’m sorry Rosie, and I now relies that Lou was right, this prank was going to go a little too far…” He says.

“Yea, just a lot.” I tell him.

“I’m sorry.” He says. “Liam, you didn’t do anything.” I tell him. “I know, but still, that would have been a bad prank. I’ll find a way to get you back.” He says with a wink.

“And, I will be looking forward to it.” I tell him, and give him a peck on the lips.


Liam’s Pov:

I was shocked by what Rosie was saying. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. At first, I thought she was joking, but when she had a dead serious look on her face, I knew she wasn’t faking it. I was crying. My fists were in tight balls, I was biting the inside of my lip so hard, that I could taste the blood. That wasn’t what was making me cry though. The thought of losing the love of my life, was what made me cry even harder.

She told me it was all a joke. I was a little furious on the inside, but then she told me why she did it. I could feel my fists loosen, and my eyes dry. My eyes formed a glare, but then I thought about it. I was going to do the same thing to her. I actually thought about it. That would have been so mean of me to do to her. Man, I’m such an ass.

We made up though. I was ecstatic about that. I told her I was still going to prank her though. I did learn something though. I learned to never piss off your girlfriend, because she will find out what she needs, and then shove it back in your face…

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