Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


71. Hyperventilating/ Phone Call's

Rosie’s Pov:

          “Kristin, do you want to go back to the lad’s place? I told Liam I would come back later, and the lad’s are making sex jokes, Louis found out and spread the word.” I say to Kristin. “Sure, and I’ll give them a good slap across the face for you!” She tells me with a wink. “Even Nialler?” I ask as we walk out the small door. “I’ll slap him the lightest.” Kristin says laughing.            


            “Hey guy’s I’m here!” I shout walking into the lad’s huge house. Niall comes running in and he points and laughs at me. His laughter dies as soon as Kristin steps out from behind me. “Niall. What are you doing?” She asks while putting her hands on her hips and giving Niall a little glare. “Nothing.” He says quickly. “What are you laughing at Rosie for then?” She asks even though she knows and she is trying to hid the tiny smirk rising in her. “Oh uh, I don’t remember!” He says as he runs off into another room. “LIAM JAMES PAYNE COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” Kristin shouts. Liam comes running into the room. “Hey guys!” He says. “Why are they laughing at Rosie?!” Kristin shouts. “Because Louis found out we had sex and they are laughing because- uh I don’t remember the rest.” He says walking out of the room with his cheeks flushed. Kristin looks at me curiously. “I have no clue what he was talking about at the end…” I answer truthfully.


            After a couple of hours the boys stopped laughing at me. I was relieved, because trust me I have had people point and laugh at me before when I was in high school, and now that I’m out I don’t need to be laughed at anymore. Especially not by my friends!

            We all sat around the house. I was with Liam, Kristin was with Niall, and the rest of the boys were off doing who knows what. I was sort of bored. Liam was on his phone following fans, and I was just sitting there looking though all of my pictures. Me and Kristin on our last day of school. Keep. Me eating a cupcake. Delete. Me and my mom. DELETE. Me and my dad. Keep. After that I hit the pictures of Bryan and I. There were over 400 of them. And videos of us dancing and acting like nothing in life mattered. We were free. But the best part was we were free from everyone together. I could feel my eyes watering, and wouldn’t you know it a tear dropped on my phone, causing the screen to be blurry. Liam looked up from his phone, and saw I had tears in my eyes. He set his phone down and looked at mine. He came over and hugged my waist. He took my phone out of my hands, and flipped it over so the back was face up. He squeezed me tightly. I just let my arms dangle. He pulls away. “What’s up?” He asks me. “I just wish he was home. Or at least call! I told him not to call unless it was an emergency, so he wouldn’t wear the minutes out.” I tell Liam still crying my big eyes out. I swear if Liam and I weren’t as close as we are, I would be very embarrassed right now. Who likes to cry in front of other people? Unless you’re an attention seeking whore, then I don’t see anyone who would say they actually like to cry in front of other people. “I know I hope he realizes he made the wrong decision and would come back to us.” Liam says. I can tell I bummed him out too. Man this is turning out to be a bad night. “What if they found the phone Liam?!” I shout a little too loudly. “No, no, no, no this can’t be happening! What if they found the phone?! They could hurt him! They could even kill him if they were pissed off enough!!” I shout through tears. I run over to the corner of the living room, and start to hyperventilate. I’m a mess! My life is a mess!!

Liam’s Pov:

           She is in the corner, hyperventilating and crying. I honestly don’t know what to do! She looks out of it, but she looks in it at the same time!

           I stood there and looked at her, freaking out. What to do? Should I call someone?! What if she is having a mental break down?! “KRISTIN! KRISTIN! I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW! KRISTIN!!” I shout over and over again till she comes tumbling down the stairs. “Liam what’s the- Oh my god! Not again! Go get me water! NOW!” She begins to shout as soon as she see’s Rosie over in the corner.

           I ran into the kitchen, and got a glass from the cabinet. I rush over to the fridge and push the button on the side of the door. Water pours into the cup. I hear a whale come from Rosie, and I drop the glass, which shatter’s on the floor. It missed my foot by a few inches thank god! I rush back over to the cabinet and grab another glass. Then I run back over to the fridge, carefully avoiding the broken glass. I couldn’t be more impatient right now. I was practically moaning for the water to come out faster.

           Finally I run over to Kristin who is rubbing Rosie’s back which seems to soothe her a bit, but she is still hyperventilating. “Give me the water!” She shouts. “You don’t care about the wall right?” She asks. “Wait what is going to happen-“ “Good!” She says even without an answer. She pushes me back and next thing I know Rosie and the wall are soaking wet. Let’s just say it wasn’t the wall that tackles Kristin for running her makeup.


Rosie’s Pov:


          I am dried and calmed down. Kristin and Liam promised not to say anything about my break down, and I told them it wouldn’t happen again.

          Liam and Kristin were cleaning up glass in the kitchen while I just sat there, looking at the wall. I didn’t want to watch television. I just wanted to sit there and do nothing. *Buzz! Buzz!* My phone buzzed several times, indicating I had a call. I got it out of my back pocket, and looked at the screen. It was an unknown number. I answered it anyway. Honestly I did have the slightest hope that it would be Bryan, but I knew he probably was having the time of his life with mom and dad.

-Start Call-

Me- Hello?

?- Hello would you like to order any soup today? We are having a once in a life time offer.

Me- Oh I love soup! What kinds do you have?

?- Clam.

Me- I like Chili.

?- We don’t serve Chili miss.

Me- Well clam soup is gross. I want Chili!

?- We don’t have any Chili, but our clam soup is-


?- No but we have clam.


?- But it’-


-End Call-

            Well some people are just rude! They offered me to buy soup and what do I get?! An offer for clam soup! Rosie only eats chili! Rosie like chili. Rosie want chili now. Or Rosie smash! Haha no Rosie won’t smash, but Rosie does want some chili…

-A Few Moments Later-

*Buzz! Buzz!*

            It’s another unknown number! Even though I should have learned my lesson just then, I answer it anyway. Plus I am picking up a good vibe from this one.

-Start Call-

Rosie- Helllllooo!



Hey guys! Whelp here is another new chapter! Hope you liked it! Oh and by the way, some people think that when there is a serious or sad moment to keep it that way and build up for affect. Well I'm sorry but I like to add humor when there is a sad part--not always but sometimes--and that is an authors techinech so if you have a problem with it, don't read my story.

New Question- Who do YOU think is on the other line of the phone?

(It could be anyone, maybe it’s obvious for some but maybe it’s not. Who do you guys think it is?)

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