Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


68. How?

Rosie’s Pov:

*The Next Day*

          I woke up and saw it was still dark outside. I squint at my clock. It’s two in the morning. Great. Well at least my head feels better!

          I walked down stairs, and got the hot chocolate mix out of the cabinet. I make the warm liquid and sit at the table, and stare out the window. I drink the warm beverage, and sit at my table quietly.

          How did my life get so messed up? How did everything go downhill? It was litterly perfect 3 weeks ago! Then Bryan left, I found out I can’t go on tour with the boys, then Kriss and I had a huge fight.

          I wonder if any of this would have happened if I hadn’t met the boys. Maby they are unlucky. I don’t know…

Liam’s Pov:

*The Day Before*

          After we got home Rosie went straight to her house. She didn’t look at me, she just left. Niall told me she heard us in the bathroom. I was trying NOT to break down at the table while we were eating. I should have just told her! Maby she wouldn’t be so pissed or upset or whatever she is feeling! I just wish I had my normal screwed up in the head Rosie! (And I say that with love!)

          Everything went downhill after Bryan left. I could tell she was trying to make the most out of her life, but I could see she wasn’t the same. She loved him like crazy. I wish he would come back, it’s not the same without him here, and Rosie isn’t the same either.

          Niall and I had just told Kristin, and she just walked out of the house. She left, she didn’t say anything. She showed no emotion, she just walked out without a goodbye. Same as Rosie.

          I patted Niall on the back before going upstairs to my room. I need to sulk. If she can’t come on tour with us, it means we won’t be able to hug and kiss. If we can’t hug and kiss I will miss her. If I miss her I won’t be able to perform well. If I can’t perform well One Direction will go down the lou!

          I fell asleep thinking to myself about Rosie. I miss her carefree ways. I miss her. When I awoke it was 2am. Great. I am not going back to bed anytime soon.

Nobody’s Pov:

          Rosie and Liam. They were going through a slight rough patch. Rosie was upset, because Kristin did have a point. They could lose their boyfriends because of tour. Sure they have Skype but they ALL know it won’t be the same.

          Bryan. Bryan was beginning to regret coming to live with his parents. They were beginning to ignore him. He stopped getting a good night hug, and kiss from them. He was feeling neglected. Nobody played with him. He wasn’t allowed to watch any T.V not even his favorite show; Jake and the Never-Land Pirates. Him mother had slapped him several times, but he thought it was because he was a “bad boy!” He never questioned it. What comes out of Mummy’s mouth has to be true! Right? If only Rosie knew what was going on.

          Niall and Kristin. They were still close, but getting separated by this tour will be hard on them. They finally got their relationship back on the correct path. But fate always has to take a left turn doesn’t it?

          Zayn. Nobody is mad at him for what he had done. Everyone still has it in their memories, but they don’t bring it up. Liam and Niall’s grips do tighten a little when they see their girlfriends with him, but that’s normal. Or are they just holding a grudge?

          Harry. Harry has been upset since Bryan left. He has been quieter, but nobody seems to notice. He feels Rosie’s pain. On the outside he doesn’t show it, but on the inside he is an emotional wreck. He thinks he might have a small crush. It’s not good though. The crush.

          Louis. Louis is still the same fun loving guy that he always has been. He is doing great, he still has a burning love for Ell, and they hope to be married one day. He is sad about the Bryan thing, but they weren’t as close so he doesn’t feel as much as Harry and the others.

          El. She is still at college, and she is very happy there!

         Perrie. Perrie visits often, but she is loosing interest in Zayn. Ever since the drama occurred she hasn’t felt the same. Close, but not the same. She feels for Rosie and Kristin though. She knows they are going through a hard time. Both of them are.

Rosie’s Pov:

*Present Time (2:30 am)*

          I walked over and sat on the soft, brown couch. I stared aimlessly out the cold window. I could see the frost on the grass, and the lights from the city shine brightly off in the distance.

          I reached over to the lamp which is on the small table to my right. With a small turn the lamp was on, and it instantly illuminated the room. I hate just sitting in the dark; I only do that when I’m sick. Without the light, it feels dark; (no pun intended) emotionally and physically. I feel like the light gives me joy and hope but the dark makes me feel sad, and lonely. I hate that feeling.


          I look back out the window. It had a slight glare on it from the light. I can still manage to see through it though. I notice the lad’s living room light is on. I don’t believe it was on before. Odd. I wonder who is up and why they are up at this hour. I continue to look out the window, and across the street. I see the curtains pull apart, and I quickly grab a book and pretend like I’m reading. I glance over at the street after a few minutes of fake reading a book that I don’t even know the title for…

          It’s Liam. He has his head against the window, looking depressed. He looks like he is looking over here, even though we are a good distance away, I can feel our eyes meet. They look into each other’s souls. I could feel the sadness start to over whelm me AGAIN. How could I be mad at that? How could I be upset with that face staring directly at mine?


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