Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


58. High School Blues


Rosie’s Pov:

My alarm awoke my at six o’ clock am. I groan, and sit up, while slamming my hand down onto the annoying noise maker beside me.

After five tries, I finally manage to find the correct button, shutting the square alarm off. I rub my eyes tiredly, and my free hand throws the warm covers off of me. A cold chill hits me, as I run across the room picking my outfit out for the day.

I chose a black sweater, with my dark blue skinny jeans. I grabbed my black boots that stop above my ankles. Lastly I get the white infinity scarf, and a bracelet that says ‘Sing Out’ in bold white letters.

I run down the hall and to the shower room. I set my clothes on the large counter, and I grab a towel and wash cloth from the top of the closet. I strip down, and then walk into the shower; letting the hot water in gulf my cold naked body with joy and warmth.


I hop out of the hot shower and am instantly chilled to the bone again. I grab my towel and dry off my body. I wrap the towel around me, and walk to grab another towel for my hair. I reach up and grab the warm; soft fabric, then I throw my head down and allow the towel to sit on top of my head. I wrap the towel around my hair and bring my head back up to its normal position.

I look into the slightly foggy mirror and see the mascara running down the left and right sides of my face. I grab my make up remover pad, and get to work.

After about five minutes of scrubbing the little make up I had on off my face, I reapply new makeup. I put on mascara, and then a light pink blush. I then grab my eyelash curler and curl the tips of my lashes up word. I put everything away and get started on my hair.

I grab the black blow drier out of the closet and plug the noisy; but helpful appliance into the wall. It takes my about four minutes for my hair to be fully dried. I push it over my shoulders and take a brush through it, while letting my natural bouncy curls form.  I finally get dressed in the warm outfit, and walk downstairs to get breakfast ready.

Two bowls of cereal along with two spoons, and milk. It’s 6:50 AM and we don’t have to leave till 7:15-7:20, at the latest 7:30.

Even though we still have around 25-30 minutes left I decide it’s better for Bryan to wake up now, so he has time to get ready.

“Bryan get up.” I say lighting shaking my brother awake. “Why?” He moans. “Because we have school, and you have to get ready and eat.” I tell him. He sits up and yawns. “Here I’ll carry you down stairs, but then you have to eat and get dressed.” I tell him. He nods and reaches his arms up to me. I bend down and grab the weary six year old.


“Ok now that you are done eating, go get dressed we have 15 minutes left.” I tell him. He nods, now fully awake and runs up the stair and to his room.

Ten minutes later he comes back down with a long sleeve, gray top and black jeans. I nod and finish making his lunch; a peanut butter sandwich with the crust cut off, and a bag of Sun chips on the side. I buy my lunch, because unlike the elementary school, the high school has decent food (thank god!).

-At School-

It was finally time to turn our senior class binders in. The line slowly moves up and I make my way to the front. Everyone was silent, nobody wanted this to end.

I look around the small auditorium, I glance at the other student, I look at the big stage, everything will be so different when I don’t have to come back here.

Tears form in my eyes as I shake the principal’s hand, while handing him the binder. “Good luck in life Rosie, I know you will make it big one day.” He tells me.

The principle and I have a weird relationship, he was Alexa’s dad. When Alexa died, I would go over there and we would talk about all the good times we had with her. We were both emotional wrecks. I would sing with Alexa, and we would sing for her dad, it was a fun time, back then. He always told me that I would go far one day, and I took it to heart. I was closer to him then to my real dad, or even to Kristin’s family.

“Thank you for everything, just thanks.” I tell him. He pulls me into a hug. We both let go and then I walk off the stage and back to my regular class. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes as I walked up the dead hallway. I took the long way to class. I passed blue locker after blue locker after blue locker. I looked up to see the blue and white ribbon hanging from the top of the hallway.  I smile sadly and keep walking to my next class.

I arrived in my physiology class. It’s not one of my favorites, but I enjoy the teacher so it makes it better. I take my seat next to Kristin who looks just as sad as I do. “Mr. Marble gave us the day off, because he knew none of us would be up for learning.” She tells me. I nod and set my head down on my desk. The class was silent, except for the occasional sniffles, or mummers of other sad students. “I can’t believe it’s almost over.” Kristin says sadly. “Yea me neither, but at least we can spend more time with our boyfriends.” I say trying to lighten the mood. “Yea, but still, I know this place has been hell for a while, but now that the time comes, I am quite sad to leave all the fond memories we have made here.” She says. “Come on.” I say getting up. “Where are we going?” She asks me. “Mr. Marble can we go for a walk to get some air and clear our troubled minds?” I ask him sadly. “Yes, but try to be back before the bell rings.” He says. I look at my watch; we have 34 minutes left. “Ok thank you.” I say walking out of the room.

“Let’s walk around the school, and see all the fond memories again.” I say to Kristin. She nods her head smiling a little.

We walk to the auditorium, where I play ‘Little Things’ on the piano while singing along to the familiar melody, while Kristin video tapes me from behind.

She hits end as soon as I finish my bow. She claps. “That was as amazing as ever.” She tells me. I thank her and walk onto the stage. I jump around and sing while Kristin laughs. I walk back stage and get the already set up microphone and return to the center while singing my very first solo, which I preformed on stage in 7th grade. ‘Solitary Snowflake’. It was my first solo, and the first time people heard my voice. My teacher; Mrs. Little, knew I could sing. We often spent times singing together after school when I was in 5th and 6th grade. She taught me everything I knew, and I love her so much for it.

Kristin claps with tears in her eyes. This song meant so much for her and I, it was the first time she found out I could sing, and she encouraged me my whole life. I love her."And for my final song, I shall be singing an original.

I have these high-school blues

Missin' the good times

I don't want to go, but I have to ya know." I sing like an old blues singer. Kristin laughs and I put the microphone backstage.

“Art room?” I ask pulling away from the hug we shared. She nods, and we walk up the small hallway and into the deserted class room. “Hello girls.” Our teacher; Mr. Meloncallie said coming out of the pottery section of the room. “Hello.” We said in unison. “Do you mind if we paint something quick?” I ask him. “No not at all! You two are my best students and always will be!!” He says, opening the wide cabinet for us. “Thank you, I am going to miss you and this class so much!” Kristin says while pulling him in for a hug. I set the paper, pencils, and paint down and hug the old man to. We all pull away, and I grab the papers. “Why don’t you paint a ceiling tile?”  He asks us. We looked at him shocked, he only allows the best painters to paint the ceiling tiles. “I want you to.” He states, getting up on the chair and removing a ceiling tile. “Thank you so much!” We both say at the same time. To you, it may be something stupid but to us it was a privilege and an honor.

We take the tile out of his hands, thanking him once more.  Kristin and I get the paint and a few brushes and then head to one of the tables. “What should we paint on it?” Kristin asks me. “How about we write ‘Friends are Forever’ in the middle in swirly letters, then we paint designs of the thinks we love around the rest of it.” I suggest to her. She nod excitedly, and we take our sides. I make the letters and she starts on her side. “How about we write our names down the edges of our sides.” Kristin suggests to me. “Yea sounds good!” I say to her.

I finish the last curly letter. I made them all red, and I have to say they look good. I begin on my side, I carefully pick up the blue (my favorite color) then I paint my name down the side. I look at Kristin’s and she is drawling an angry bird, and I laugh to myself while picking up the black paint. I draw a tremble and a base, and a whole bunch of other music notes all around my side. I draw anything and everything that has to deal with music on my side. I wrote the words ‘Music Inspires’ on my side. I paint purple around everything, and then I was done. Kristin looked over at me, and I looked over at her. We smiled and put our brushes and paints away. We went back and took a picture of our master piece. I have to admit it look good. Mr. Meloncallie came over and applauded. He put his arms around our shoulders and stared down at the masterpiece. “I knew you girls wouldn’t let me down.” He tells us.

We take several pictures of it, and us, and then Mr. Meloncallie took it and stuck it back on the ceiling. We looked up proudly, and then said our goodbyes.

“Back to class?” Kristin asked. “Yea.” I said. We were both happy again. I looked at her and she looked at me, and nodded. We looped our arms, and ran down the hallways of the small school.

I am going to miss these times.


A/N: Hey guys, well I tried to make this one long but I don't know what you guys call long, so yea! But anyway thanks for the comments they are AMAZAYN!!<3

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