Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


52. Fun With Markers!

Liam’s Pov:

We stood up to Zayn, and I think he forgot about his mirror! “I feel good about what we did, together.” I say to Rosie, who is sitting on my bed next to me. “What do you mean?” She asks. “Standing up to Zayn, and standing up for the one I love.” I tell her. “Oh yea!” She says. “How can you forget that?! It litterly happened 4 minutes ago…” I tell her. “Uh, clearly it’s me, so it is very possible!” She states. I laugh and put my hand flat against hers. She wraps her fingers in my hand, and looks up at me. “Ok, so I have a secret..” She says. I look at her with a questioning look. “Ok, so the first day we met..” She begins. I smile remembering the first time. “So, I went to get the mail. Well, the truth was I didn’t realize it was Sunday until I saw there was no mail, or rather flyers. So anyway, I was praying you hadn’t seen, and when you did..well I pretended that I knew.” She tells me. I just laugh. “Babe, I knew you were lying that was no secret!” I tell her laughing. “Oh, well I’m glad you knew?” She says more like a question. “It’s ok, I don’t judge you based on your lack of common sense, I only care about your personality. And you being the beautiful girl I have ever seen is a bonus!” I say while pecking her on the lips. She pulls away and laughs. “Yea you are turning into Harry’s twin here…” She says laughing. “Hey, I am not a ladies’ man!” I say defensively. “Good because I don’t want to have to share my Liam.” She says with a serious face. “Yea know your hot when your jealous.” I say winking at her. “And you’re hot when you are only mine.” She says. “Then I must be hot all the time.” I say. “Well, not compared to me..” She jokes. I laugh. She gets up, and goes over to my dresser and picks up a sharpie. She returns to the bed while uncapping the black; fine point sharpie. “What are you-“ “Just give me your hand!” She says. I do as I am told.


She writes in capital letters, and in her beautiful handwriting. “You know, I get to write that on your hand now.” I say. She put the cap on and hands it to me while flashing me her award winning smile.


I write the same way she did. “I have to say, your beautiful handwriting complements my hand very nicely.” I tell her. She laughs. “Same here! I love the way it makes my already pale skin look even paler.” She states. “I love your pale skin.” I say cheekily. (Stupid Harry!) She laughs and playfully slaps my stomach. I poke her in the side. “Did you just poke me?!” She yells. I open my mouth but Kristin comes running into the room. “Liam, don’t start you will never win!!” She slams the door shut, while running back to Niall’s room. “It. Is. On.” She says smirking evilly. I poke her, and she pokes me.

-5 Long Minutes Later-

I poke her. She pokes me. It’s a vicious cycle. However, I am not ready to give up that easily!

-10 Longer Minutes Later-

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

-15 Terribly Agonizing Minutes Later-


-So Long the Narrator Got Tired and Went Home-

Poke…….Poke……..”Ok you win!!!” I shout. “YES!!” She shouts back.

 Kristin runs into the room again. “Rosie won?” She asks, but I can tell she already knows the answer. “Yep.” I say. “Knew it.” She says while slamming the door shut again and running off to Niall’s room.

“FUCK!!” She shouts. “Rosie! Language!” I shout at her. “FIRETRUCK!” She shouts. “Better, now what’s wrong?!” I ask her. She gets up, and runs out the door without another word. “Nice talk.” I mumble to know one.

“Liam! Liam! Hide!” Bryan shouts running into the room. “What why?!” I ask him as he tries to shove me into the closet. “Zayn found out about the mirror, and when I tried to take responsibility he blamed it on you and he is on his way up as mad as a goose!” Bryan shouts nervously at me. “Bryan relax its ok! I know how to handle Zayn! And as mad as a what?” I say which calms him a little. “Good, I don’t want you to be hurt!” He shouts and hugs me. “Aww, well I can see why Zayn didn’t want to blame it on you! Your way to sweet for anyone to blame anything on you!” I say. We pull away from the hug, and Zayn bursts into the room his face red with anger. “WHY DID YOU BREAK MY MIRROR LIAM?!!!” She shouts at me. “I did it Zayn.” Bryan say stepping forward, showing no fear. “Aw, Bryan you are so cute taking the blame for Liam!” Zayn says in a sweet voice. I laugh a little. “Bryan go play with Harry and let me talk to Zayn please.” I tell him. He looks up at me with heartbroken eyes. “It’s ok; I’m a big boy like you! I can handle big ol’ Zayney poo!” I say. Bryan nods, laughing. He walks out the door; carefree.

“Ok, so here’s what happened; I was gearing up Bryan, because all the extra gear is in your room, so anyway I was gearing him up, and I handed him the gun. For some reason, some dumb bum left the gun’s safety OFF, and Bryan pulled the trigger back, and the paint ball hit the mirror, in turn causing it to shatter into a billion pieces.” I explain to Zayn. He nods. “Oh, well in that case, you are still buying me a new mirror.” He states flatly. “Don’t worry; I have a spare mirror in the upper part of your closet.” I tell him. “Why do you-“ “There are 5 teenage guys in this house; you wonder why I bought an extra mirror?” I tell him. He has that ‘Ah-ha’ moment which causes me to laugh.

“Ok, come on we can get that down, and then hang it up for you.” I tell him while pulling myself up off the bed. He gets up too, but stops when he sees’s my hand. He puts a hand on my shoulder; causing me to turn around. “I am sorry about what I did, you know that right.” He says while looking me in the eye. “I believe you.” I say. An aquward moment passed over us. I broke it by clapping my hands together. “Ok, let’s go get that mirror shall we?” I ask him rhetorically. He nods, and we walk down the hall to his room.

We go in his closet and I shake my head at all the clothes he has. It’s a sickly amount!! I reach up to the top shelf; grabbing one side of the mirror. Zayn grabs the other side as well. We walk out of the closet very carefully. I turn and see Louis on the bed. “Hey Lou!” I say. “Wow, that’s a huge Mirror! Can I touch it?” He asks in a ‘fascinated five year olds’ voice. “Uh no!” Zayn states. “Please.” Lou says getting up off the bed. “No! Louis Tomlinson get away from this mirror.” Zayn yells. “No, I just want to touch it!” Louis shouts. “Why do you wanna touch a mirror?!” I ask him. “It’s so shiny I’m gonna die!” He shouts while staring at the huge mirror in awe. “What, that doesn’t even make any sense!” I say. He steps forward, and reaches his hand out to touch it. “Louis no!” I say. He extends his hand out even further. “Ooooo!”  He says. He touches it. “Well that wasn’t what I was expecting to happen!” I say relieved. “Hey guys what’s-“ Kristin begins walking in the room. Louis turns around and screams, causing me and Zayn to drop the mirror. “Oh, whew it is only you Kristin!” He says. She gives him the ‘Are you stupid, or are you just pretending look’ Meanwhile I see Zayn in…tears. “I was growing fond to this mirror.” He sniffles.                                 
“OH MY GOD!” I yell. “Liam, look I know I am your god but you don’t have to yell it EVERY time I walk past!” Harry shouts while walking past the room with Bryan. “Ug, you are all driving me mental!” I shout. “Am I?” Kristin asks me. “Yes, just as much as the rest.” I say. “Well then!” she scoffs playfully and walks away to Niall’s room.


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Rosie’s Pov:

Perrie! Shit, shit, shit I forgot all about her! I run out the door and over to my house. I check the time on my phone. 30 minutes. I have only been gone 30 minutes. “Hey Perrie!” I yell while running into my house. “Hey Rosie.” She says. “Are you ok?! Sorry, we were all talking and time got away! You can come back over there if you want to.” I say. “No thank you I would prefer not to see Zayn.” She says. “Ok, well he has something to tell you.” I say. “I don’t care.” She says flatly. I nod. “Ok, fair enough.” I say, while I plot down on my couch right beside her. “So! You didn’t hear the news! Kristin and Niall broke up because Zayn lied and said she poured chocolate on him for no reason! That’s why she was crying, not because they had a fight, well technically they did… Any way that’s why I dragged Kristin out of here and over to their house! She and Niall are back together, and they have been for about 20 minutes now!” I say happily. “Wow..” She says. “Yea I know right!” I say. She nods. “OK what’s up?!” I say; breaking the silence we shared. “I still love Zayn, I can’t get over him, and I can’t get over the fact he cheated on me!” She says. “I know it’s hard but trust me it will get better over time! If you still love him though, and I can’t believe I am about to say this, but you could always give him another chance, you have to make sure he knows that you were heartbroken, and he can never ever do that again!” I say with a sigh. “You’re right Rosie.” She says while getting up. “What are-“ “I am going to fix things, because I still love him.”

Kristin’s Pov:

I walk back into Niall’s room. It’s so boring! He fell asleep so I have nothing to do! I walk over to his dresser, and look in the mirror. I sigh, and look at the things on top of his dresser. Pen, paper, sharpie, One Direction book (cheesy), and a small clock. I sigh again and look back at myself in the mirror. I stood there for 3 minutes doing nothing but thinking of something to do.  Look down, and see the sharpie. I smirk, and grab the permeate ink filled marker. I try my best to hold in my laughs, but occasionally one or two slip out.

I draw two circles around his eyes, to symbol glasses. I then make a tong sticking out of his closed mouth. I add a few random dots to be zits, or freckles. Lastly I draw a beard going all the way down from his sideburns his chin.

I cap the marker and put it back in the same place I found it. I pull my iPhone 5 out and take a few photos’. I walk out of the room, and just lose it. I burst into tears from laughing so hard. I walk over to Zayn’s room, and they see me with tears coming out of my eyes. I’m laughing so hard that there is no sound coming out though. They run over to me, asking me what is wrong and stuff. I just laugh harder, and try to tell them I am laughing, but they don’t get the hint. They assume it had to do with Niall, so they run over to his room, and open the door. Seconds later I hear them laughing so hard. That makes me laugh even harder. “What are you- KRISTIN I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!” He shouts. Whelp, Niall is up, and it’s about time for me to be, hittin’ the road. I run out the door, and over to Rosie’s I run and smack my head off of Perrie’s. We both fall backwards. “Ouch!” I groan getting up. “Are you ok?” I ask Perrie. She nods and gets up. “I am so sorry about that, but I must be off!” I say, while running over to Rosie’s house. I open the door and run inside. I collapse on the floor; one because I am out of breath, and two because thinking of Niall’s face is making me laugh even harder then before!

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