Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


70. Finally Friends Again!

Rosie’s Pov:

        “Let’s go inside.” I whispered into Liam’s ear. I could practically feel the shiver go down his spine as he stared dreamily into my eyes. I smiled and put my forehead on his, as he carried me into the house, shutting the door behind us.

         He set me on the couch, and then sat next to me. He pulled me onto his lab and we wrapped out cold arms around each other. We both leaned in and our lips met half way. The kisses were soft, yet full of passion. I put my arms around his neck and he grabbed my face, holding it ever so gently.

         After a few moments we pulled away. I unwrapped my arms from around his neck. I smiled and bit my lip. He always leaves me wanting more. He smirks a little and he wraps his arms around my waist, then he turns me around on his lap so we aren’t facing each other anymore. I lay my head back against his shoulder, and he kisses my neck slowly. He get’s near the bottom of my neck. He starts to put his hand up the back of my shirt. I turn around facing him. I nod approvingly, “Are you sure you want-“ “Yes, Liam. I’m ready if you are.” I say giving him a reassuring smile. He nods smiling back at me.

******** I’ll let you’re sick little imaginations take over from here…Sorry I don’t write that kind of stuff...Sorry. ********

          Liam and I made love for the first time together. He was my first, and hopefully will be my last till the day I die.

         “I love you Liam.” I say sweating a little. “I love you too Rosie.” He says smiling at me. I smile back, and we hug underneath the blanket. “Do you want to take a shower?” He asks me. “Sure.” I say. I flip the covers off our still naked bodies. He gets off the bed before I do and he picks me up, carrying me to the bathroom. I laugh as we run through the hall naked. When we get to the bathroom Liam sets me down and turns the water on for us. He pulls the shower curtain back a little and motions for me to get in first. I step into the shower and am instantly frozen.

          “Liam you idiot you put the water on cold not hot!” I say while turning the water on hot. “Woopsie.” He says looking down, but I can see that he is hiding the smile on his face. “You’re such a boob sometimes.” I say as he steps in. “And that’s why you love me.” He says while kissing my forehead. I laugh a little and kiss his lips.

           I love this guy!

-THE NEXT DAY (Or Later On In the Morning)-

           “Rosie..Rosie wake up.” Liam says lightly shaking me awake. “Huh? Oh heeeeyy Leeeuuummm!” I say while rubbing my eyes. “Rosie it’s eleven o’ clock.” He says sitting on the bed next to me. “Holy shit! We slept that long?!” I said instantly awake. “Ya we did! I just woke up five minutes ago!” He says while getting his clothes on. “Geeze I wonder why we slept that- Wait I remember never mind…” I say the last part smiling. He smiles back and finishes getting dressed. I get up and walk over to my closet. I grab my light blue skinny jeans with a light pink and white shirt. I throw the clothes on, and walk downstairs.

            “Wanna go back over to my place?” Liam asks me. “Yea sure lets role.” I say.        

            We walk over to the door. I put my hand on the knob and Liam does the same. I look up and smile at him. He returns the smile. “By the way that was the best morning I have ever had.” He whispers while turning the knob. I blush and laugh a little. “Same here.” I say.


            “Well some one’s happy this morning.” Louis says walking into the kitchen. “Yea..” I say while smiling. “What sis you and Liam do?” He asks getting tea. “Nothing…” I reply while trying to hide the blush and smile on my face. He walks over to me and whispers “You had sex didn’t you?” I blush even more. “Pshh no…” I say. “He’s big isn’t he?” Louis says while walking towards the kitchen door. “I wouldn’t-“ I begin “ROSIE AND LIAM HAD SEX!” Louis shouted loud enough for China to hear. “Louis shut up!” I shout at him. “Ha! I knew you did!” He says smirking. “Go drink your tea Tomlinson!” I say glaring at him. “Gladly.” He smirks and walks away.

            I hear the water upstairs shut off, and stomping come down the stairs. Liam must be out of the shower. “So Louis found out we had sex huh?” Liam asks, even though he knows the answer. “Yea…” I say blushing. “It’s ok I want them to know.” He whispers while kissing my forehead. I smile “Well, uh ok then.” I say wrapping my arms around his neck.


             Liam and I were watching a movie with the boys. I was a little out of it though. For one I can’t stop thinking about mine and Kristin’s fight, and the boys keep making kissy and perverted faces at me. Liam doesn’t seem to notice. Honestly I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing…

            “I’m going to go get some air.” I say standing up off the couch. “There’s air in here, and this is the best part!” Liam says pulling me back down and onto his lap. Wow, oblivious much?

            I give the boys a glare, mostly Harry and Louis who are pretending to give each other blowjobs. Wow, there SO mature… Niall and Zayn laugh quietly to themselves. I give them a glare as well. I think Liam is oblivious to all of this! His eyes haven’t even moved from the television once!

            “Liam I’m going to go and meet Kristin at Star Bucks” I say prying his hands off my waist. He frowns “Ok I’ll see you later.” He says while giving me a hug and a kiss. “Here I’ll walk you out.” He grabs my hand leading me to the door. “You’re not leaving because the guys were making sex jokes are you?” He asks with a frown. “Wait you saw them?” I say, ok I might have shouted it… “Yep.” He says smiling a little. “You boys-“ I say but I stop myself. “I’ll just see you later then.” I say while walking out the door.

            Rude Liam! Rude! He didn’t do anything to stop them either. I still love him, but some time’s those boys push my buttons! I decided to go over to Kristin’s house, and try to make up with her. I can’t take being mad at my best friend! It’s practically impossible; for me at least. Especially for something as stupid as what we fought over in the first place.


*Knock Knock Knock*

            Kristin opens the door in a towel, her hair dripping droplets of water onto the wooden floor. “I’m SO sorry.” We blurt out at the same time. I laugh. “I’m sorry Kriss; I didn’t mean any of it honest. I was just in a pissy mood that day.” I tell her. “Same here, well part of the day at least, but I’m sorry for accusing and pinning stuff on you.” She apologizes. “Ok, well now that were best friends forever again, we need to address an important matter,” I start while leading her into the house. “What if I was murder or some rapist and you just came and opened the door in the towel! God Kriss put some damn clothes on next time!” I finish while laughing. She laughs and tells me she is going to go change then we can go out and do something.

            “Want to go to Star Buck’s?” I ask her when we get in my car. “I don’t like coffee though.” She says. “Neither do I but it’s a good place to talk, and I want some hot chocolate.” I state. She nods; “OFF TO STAR BUCK’S THEN!” She shout’s while holding her hand up in the air. I laugh; “You’re such a moron.” I tell her. She laughs and we continue the short drive to the local Star Buck’s.


            “Two hot chocolates and two chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing on them please.” I tell the cashier, who looks old enough to be my grandmother. “That     will     be     6.57” She says. Ok either she is purposely talking slow or she has a speech problem, either way it’s kind of irritating. I hand her a ten, while looking at her face. She has brown eyes that have lost a lot of color, and her skin is wrinkly. She is pale, and appears to be around 60. Can you still work at that age? “Is    this     a     ten     or     a     one?” She asks squinting at the bill. “Um, it’s a ten.” I tell her. “Ah     yes     thank     you     love!” She says while her shaking hands put the bill in the cash register. She closes the drawer and goes to type in the buttons. She hit’s a one, and four zero’s. “Um, I think you typed that I wrong, I only need three zero’s at the end not four.” I tell her, while standing patiently. I can hear some of the other costumers complaining about the wait. I can’t help they have on old lady working the cash register. “Oh     you’re     right!     Thank     you     young     lady!” She says while taking long breaths in between each word. “No problem.” I say giving her a smile. “Let    me     just     get      my     reading     glasses     then     I     will     be     able     to     see     no     problem.” She tells me while holding up one of her wrinkly, shaking fingers. I nod, and turn around to the other costumer’s who are glaring at me. “What’s taking so long?!” I hear one out of about ten shout. “I’m sorry she just need’s to find her glasses!” I say back. “I was supposed to be at work ten minutes ago!” Another shouts. “Look it will only be a few moments, and then we can all get back on with our lives.” I say turning around. I don’t need another public seen. After a few agonizing, glare filled minutes she returns with her glasses on. “Ok     love     what     did     you     want     to     order    again?” She asks smiling. I mentally face palm myself. This is going to take a while.

-Twenty Agonizing Minutes Later-

            “Hey!” I say finally getting a chance to sit down at the table in the far back corner with Kristin. “Good god Rosie what took you so long?!” She asks me, while sipping on the warm, no longer scolding hot, hot chocolate. “Sorry the cashier up there took forever!” I tell her, while biting into my chocolaty cupcake. “Oh ok, well now that we are here, what did you have to tell me?” She asks. A giddy smile rises, and I sigh one big ol’ happy sigh. “Liam and I…did IT!” I say in a hushed whisper. Her bold blue eyes open wide, and she spits out her hot chocolate, and it goes all over my face. I blink, “Well someone took that well!” I say sarcastically. “You lost you’re, you’re, virginity!” She says in a harsh whisper. “Look I know it may be a tad soon, and I said I would save IT for marriage, but the time felt right and I regret nothing!” I say while dabbing the liquid off my face. “Did you use a condom at least?! Please tell me you gained the ounce of common sense you have been hiding from me all these years.” She says while giving me wide eyes. “Don’t worry, we did.” I tell her. She lets out a big breath. “Thank god. You’re not ready for a child.” She says in a relieved voice. “Hey! I’m mature enough to-“ I begin. “When is the last time you lit the toaster on fire, or anything on fire?” She asks me smugly. “Yesterday morning..” I grumble. “Exactly!” She says with a laugh. “Oh shut up, at least I’m a better- Ya know what I’ve got nothing, so…” I say a little ashamed. “You can draw better and sing better and dance better than I can.” She says. “Oh yea! Ha! I win.” I say smiling widely. “You’re such a dork sometimes Rosie.” Kristin tells me while finishing the last of her drink.


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New Question- Do you guys want Rosie to become pregnant or should she stay babyless?

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