Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


59. D.R.A.M.A

-After School-

Rosie's Pov:

“Rosie lets go see the boys!” Bryan shouts as soon as I shut my car off. “Really, we just got home?!” I say turning around. He gives me puppy dog eyes. “No, Bryan you know that doesn’t work on me, I know you too well.” I say laughing a little. He frowns. “Fine after home work.” I say giving in. He nods excitedly while hopping out of the car and running into the house. I shake my head and get out of the car while grabbing my backpack.

-After Home Work-

“Now?” Bryan asked for the 6th time. “FINE!” I yell slamming my book. He was a little taken back, but what can I tell him, he has been asking for a while now, and I just got a little frustrated! Plus I have been a little moody lately; not sure why though…

-At the Boy’s Door-

*Knock, Knock* “Hell- Woah, Rosie you look pissed off.” Liam says answering the door. “Bryan go inside.” I order. He nods and runs past Liam looking for Harry. “What’s up?” He asks me, while motioning for me to come in. “Nothing.” I grumble while sitting on the couch. He sits next to me, while putting his hand on my knee. “What happened?” He asks again. “Bryan was annoying me again, and I just got annoyed.” I say in a pissed off tune. “What-“ “He kept asking if we could go over here, and I said after homework. He finished and I was almost done, I was doing my trig homework, and he asked me again and again and again and I snapped!” I practically yelled. “Ok, but you seemed pissed off when I texted you at lunch to.” He tells me sincerely. “I don’t know… people have been making me mad lately.” I say remembering back to today. “What happened?” Liam asks me sighing. “It all started when we got back from gallivanting around the school…” I begin.


Kristin and I finished skipping around school, and we slowed down as we got close to the classroom.  “Well that was fun.” I say as we approach the classroom. “Yea it was, but before we go in, I have to use the lou.” Kristin tells me. “Ok.” I say as she pulls me into the bathroom, which is a few classroom’s down from the class we were supposed to be returning to.

I walk into the bathroom with her and stand by the sinks, looking at my hair. “Ew, look the skanks have returned once again.” Courtney (the popular girl) says coming into the bathroom with her ‘friend’ Ruby. Ruby laughs. I just scoff and continue to look at myself in the mirror. They walk up behind me, and glare at me. “So, we heard you were dating that gay guy in some stupid band; what’s their name?” She says sassily. I role my eyes and she and Ruby step forward. “Aw, don’t like me talking about you’re ‘boyfriend’ like that?” She says cockily. I role my eyes again, and clamp my teeth together so I won’t say anything. “What was his name? Liam, or Louis, or Niall, or Harry, or Zayn? Wait you’re just a tramp, and are dating them all. How many months pregnant are you? And with who’s baby?” She asks me, even though she knows the damn answers to every single one of those rude and obnoxious questions. I open my mouth but feel a hand on my shoulder.  “Don’t give in.” Kristin whispers in my ear.  She washes her hands, and then we open the door to leave, but Courtney and Ruby block it. “Let us out.” Kristin states firmly. “No.” Ruby says. Courtney glares at her, and she takes a step back. “What about you Kristin, how are you’re boyfriends?” She says with a smug face on. Kristin scoff’s and reply’s with “Oh well how did that handy go; yea know the one you gave to Brad for 1 Euro.” Courtney moves from one hip to another, while looking flustered.  I turn around and the extra mascara I keep in my boot. I uncap it and step closer to Courtney. “Yea know, I don’t mean to be rude, but you have a little bit of makeup right..here” I say while wiping black mascara all over her face. Courtney looks stunned, and runs over to the mirror. I look at Ruby, and she backs up out of the bathroom with fear across her face. Kristin high fives me and we walk out the door. I run back in and Kristin gives me a confused look, I motion for her to hold on, and she nods. “Oh Courtney how foolish it was of you to do that. Yea know ever since we started to date Liam and Niall we became more open then we were before! Oh and don’t forget you still have a litt- lot of makeup right here.” I say motioning to her whole face. She scoffs and glares at me. I flip her off and walk out of the bathroom with a satisfied look on my face. “I told her off and then flipped her off.” I say to Kristin. “Nice.” She says giving me a smug smile and a high five.

-Fast Forward to Lunch-

“Look who’s coming now.” I scoff to Kristin. “Great.” She says sarcastically while rolling her eyes in disgust. “I got the makeup off my face.” Courtney says walking past us to get her tray. Ruby smirks. They have something up their sleeves, I know it. By the look on Kristin’s face she knows it too. Were not scared or threatened at all by her and her slave.. sorry I mean ‘friend’. We just know that she will go extreme on us, because that’s how they ‘role’.

-10 Minutes Later-

“What do you think they are going to do?” I ask Kristin. She shrugs her shoulders while continuing to eat her pasta.

They haven’t attempted to do anything, YET. They are sitting at the table across from us, whispering and glaring at us. I’m not worried, but I’m getting paranoid now. I feel like all eyes are on us. Maby they are.

“Rosie, can you take this up for me, or would you rather eat the leftovers.” Courtney asks while approaching us. She is targeting me; great *note the HUGE amount of sarcasm*!

Courtney takes a step closer to me, and then ‘accidently’ trips on me, causing all of her pasta to dump on my shirt and face. I gasp. Kristin stands up and dumps her food in Courtney’s hair. She gasps and glares at Kristin. “Woopsie.” Kristin says smugly. All eyes were on us. I smirk at Ruby as she backs up and out of the lunch room. “You will pay for this, I am so much better then you, and now you will be doomed.” Courtney says in a pissed off tone. Kristin and I break out in laughter, “What are you going to do?! Were famous, we have amazing boyfriends, and school is over in 3 weeks.” I say to the pissed off priss. She glares at us and whispers ‘whores’ to us as she walks out of the lunchroom. Kristin and I look at each other, and everyone. We grab our trays and then take them up to the trash cans while quietly walking out of the room.

-End Flashback-

“Oh my god!” Liam yells as I finnish. “She said that to you?!!” I nod, and tuck my head into his neck. “I am so sorry.” Liam says holding me.

-The Next Long Day-

I am back at school, and am sitting in my fourth class; Honors Math. I tap my pencil on the deck lightly while trying to absorb Mrs. Fishers’ lesson. I hate math n general, but she makes it worse.

*Knock Knock*

Mrs. Fishers’ groans and opens the door, looking a little star struck. I look up and see Liam holding a bag. “Rosie you forgot you’re lunch, so I wanted to bring it to you.” He says while approaching me. “Thank you.” I say to him with a look of curiosity in my eyes. “Now, which one of you is Courtney?” He asks the class. I smirk and sit down. “I-I am.” She says blushing. Liam walks over to her and takes her hand looking her in the eyes. I could feel jealousy run through me, but I push the thoughts and possibilities out of my head, and continue to watch. “Courtney, from what I heard you were being mean to my beautiful girlfriend.” He says. “No, we are like total BFF’s!!” She says lying. I role my eyes. “Then how come you haven’t come over?” He asks suspiciously. “We hang ou-“ “No Courtney, listen and listen closely don’t talk or touch Rosie again ok, or we might have some issues. I don’t like it when people hurt the ones I love.” Liam say still looking her in the eyes. She gulps and nods.

Liam comes over to me, and I hear whispers from about the classroom. “Thank you!” I whisper in his ear as he hugs me. “No problem babe.” He whispers in my ear. His hot; minty breath sends chills throughout my body. We pull away and I hear kids asking for autographs, and pictures. I hear Mrs. Fishers’ whisper ‘is she going to kiss him?” To one of the other students. I grab Liam’s face and kiss him passionately. I ear aww’s and eww’s going through the classroom. I smile anyway and he turns to leave. “She ya after school.” He says backing out of the room. He throws a wink in at the end and I am mentally thanking him over and over again.

Today has been one of the best days ever.


Hey guys, well I decided to update, even though I am sick as.. I don't know something that's really sick.

Well I hope you like it I tried my best. (Sorry to dissapoint)

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