Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


73. Done (End Chapter: Part One)

Rosie’s Pov:

*Two Month’s Into the Tour*

“I miss them.” Kristin mopes as we sit on the bar stools around the island in my kitchen. “Me to, but come on let’s just continue on with our regular lives.” I tell her. Sure I am sad, don’t get me wrong! Honestly though, and I say it with love, they put A TON of stress on us! We have to look good ALL the time, and we have to act ‘lady like’ especially around fans! But now that they are away, we can walk around the house in booty shorts, a tang top, and basically act anyway we want to! Sure we get dressed and go out some days, but for the most part we sit around and do nothing. Well Kristin does her online college tests and I sit around and think of what to do - other than become famous - with my life.

 “Do you want to go to the mall?” I ask her. “..And get mobbed by fans, uh no thank you!” She says. I sigh. It’s boring here. I guess that’s one thing that sucks about the guys leaving is that there is nobody here to make life a party. “Oh let’s call the guys!” She says while grabbing her phone from her back pocket with an excited smile. “Liam told me they have rehearsals today, and we can’t talk to them till three o’ clock our time. There in America, there’s the whole time difference thing.” I tell her. She sighs and puts the phone away. “I’m sorry. I know we both really miss them and there so far away.” I sigh. She nods her head. “Rosie I’m bored and I already did my classes for the day, let’s just go to the mall even if it means getting mobbed by fans!” She says. “Ok!” I say cheerfully. “BRYAN COME ON WE ARE GOING TO THE MALL!!” I shout from the bottom of the stairs. He screams something I can’t understand, then comes running down the stairs. “Are you serious? We are going to the mall? I love the mall!! The mall is AWESOME!!” He shouts while jumping up and down. “I think we need to get him out more…” I whisper to Kristin. “No shit Sherlock!” She whispers back to me. “Well then!” I scoff. She just gives me a puzzled look. I always say random things, sometimes they pertain to the conversation, other times they don’t. You would think she would just get used to it already.

“Can we go to the arcade, Rosie? Please!!” Bryan whines from behind the passenger’s seat. “Yea Rosie, please!” Kristin imitates, just to annoy me. “I don’t care.” I say, which of course is taken as a yes. Just to clear things up, I love the arcade, I do, honest! Ever since that one time I went and this kid pushed me in the one game, which fell over and I had to pay for it even though it was his fault I just hate going there. The worst part was the kid was eight, and I was sixteen. As long as that doesn’t happen AGAIN I am perfectly fine with going.


“Rosie lets go to the arcade!!” Bryan whines while trying to drag me, by my hand, to the arcade. I just laugh, and pry his hand off of mine. “ROSIE OVER HERE!” I hear someone shout. C’ mon really, now?! That’s not the worst part either, now we are surrounded by hundreds of people wanting autographs! I don’t even know where Kristin is. I pick Bryan up, and try to push pass all of the people. I know it makes them sad, and I do feel bad, but I just wanted one day out, with no one bugging us!

Most of the mall is deserted now (they are all at the other end trying to figure out where Kristin and I are), but with all the tweeting, calling, and IM’s the mall will probably be packed after people find out were here.

“Ok Bryan hurry up and play your games before we get surrounded by people again.” I tell Bryan after we get hundreds of tokens. Surprisingly enough the tokens always go by fast. “Come on Rosie you are playing to!” He says pulling me along to the rest of the games. “Ok, ok, ok!” I say trying to release his grip. I take a handful of coins and walk over to this one game. It’s easy! All you have to do if put the coin in, press a button, and it gives you tickets! I feel special I win every time! I show a token into the machine, and press the huge red button once the small wheel inside turns around to one hundred. *SLAM* my hand makes a loud noise as it hits the button. The ball drops from up high, and lands right in the one hundred slot.


“Ready to go Bryan?” I ask. “Yep!” He says. We both take our massive piles up to the counter. “Can we cash these in please?” I ask the skinny boy, who looks around seventeen. “Yep.” He says. “Hey just out of curiosity is that mob waiting outside for you?” He asks mid way through the tickets. I turn around and they all scream. “Oh C’ mon!” I say trying not to yell. “Wait why haven’t they bombarded us yet?” I ask. “While you were playing I saw a few people out there, but they were stormed by this huge mob of girls! So I locked the doors.” He says proud of himself. “Well thank you.” I tell him. “Man this is crazy they are only fans of my boyfriend not me!” I say to no one in particular. “Rosie…there’s Kristin.” Bryan tells me while tugging on my shirt a little. “What are you- oh crud, now she is bombarded with people!” I say. “Shit, ok do you have a back exit?” I ask the man. “Yea, it brings you out side.” He tells me. “Perfect!” I say.


To Kristin!:

Make it to the arcade doors, and I can get us out!


Perfect, I can see her looking at her phone now while trying to sign sloppy autographs. I see her head begin to slowly turn, and she see’s us. I can tell by the expression on her face that she is overjoyed that we can get out of here. Kristin slowly starts to shuffle through the crowd to get to the doors. She manages to get closer, but it’s still not enough to get the door’s open and her to come in. Maby I should just go out there and ask the crowd to move and that we have to leave.

“Open the doors.” I tell the boy. He nods and unlocks the door. I slowly walk out, and manage to get through to the middle of the crowd. “GUYS WE NEED TO LEAVE!!” I yell out over the screams. I hear a lot of them yell ‘why?’ or ‘please stay!’ I almost feel bad that they are sad to see me, a nobody, go!

Surprisingly they stated to move away. I wasn’t expecting it, but they did.

-Later That Same Evening-

“Rosie Harris and Kristin Showers were seen at the local complex down town. Kristin got surrounded by fans wanting autographs, but she was looking at her phone instead. Then she Rosie, and Bryan, Rosie’s six year old brother, were seen exiting the mall shortly after. Rosie claimed that they needed to go home, but when they got home they sat on the couch. Are they good girlfriend material? They completely ignored their fans.

On another note, Liam Payne, Rosie’s current boyfriend, was seen with another girl, Danielle Peazer. We got some shots of them holding hands and walking down the long sidewalks in New York. Were they just catching up, or is Liam Payne cheating on Rosie Harris?

That’s all for tonight on E! News. Tune back in tomorrow to find out more gossip on your favorite celebrities!”


“Rosie I know it looks bad but-“ Kristin started but I glared at her. She knows me, I take this stuff serious! “Maby it was an old picture.” Kristin tries. I glare at her more. “Look just call him, and have him explain it to you I’m sure it’s nothing.” She tells me. “No.” I state. “What do you mean ‘no’?” She asks. “Please tell me you aren’t going to through your ENTIRE relationship AWAY over this?!” She questions again. “No I won’t…I simply am going to ignore him till he tells me the truth.” I state. “But if you ignore him he can’t tell you what happened.” She retorts. “Shut up.” I scowl and walk upstairs to my room.

-Two Weeks Later-

“I’m done!” I yell into the camera. “Rosie don’t do this!” Liam yells back. “NO! If you want to date her then go ahead!” I yell. “No I want you!” He yells back into the camera. “No Liam you had your chance! You shouldn’t have kissed her!” I yell again. “She kissed-“ “NO Liam don’t give me that shit! Seriously! Were done! Don’t text me, or call me or anything again!” I yell to the crying man on the other side of the world. I’m just done I can’t take it anymore. Seriously its just out of control now.

-Two Days EARILER-

*Flash Back*

“Liam Payne was seen with Danielle Peazer for the third time this week. We even caught them at a nearby Starbucks. They were holding hands, while sipping on some coffee, and talking to some fans, who were enthusiast to see them together again.

Danielle Peazer has confirmed their relationship, but Liam has yet to confirm it as well. There is still no word on whether Rosie Harris and Liam have broken up yet.

Liam and Danielle  were also caught kissing after they parted from their dinner date yesterday. We did have the chance to see what some of the fan’s have to say about their relationship.

*Random Fan*- I loved Danielle and Liam together they were perfect. Then Rosie came in and took him away from her little *****.

*Random Fan*- I think Rosie and Liam were a cute fling, but they could never be serious. She probably used him for the money or something.

*Random Fan*- I hate Rosie! Liam and Dani live on forever!

Well the fans sure have stated their opinions! Rosie does seem like a sweet girl though, but clearly our online poll says otherwise. A whole 98% of fans say that they would prefer Dani and Liam! The other 2% said they liked Rosie and Liam together.

Well this has been all; please take part in our next online poll. We count all the votes! Thanks for watching E! News. Come back tomorrow for more drama!”


That was the last straw for me, I couldn’t even bare to hear about it anymore. It had to end. If Liam wanted to date her, then he can go right ahead. It’s his fault that he wanted to mess around with her. I’m just done.


Hey guys! I am SUPER sorry I havn't updated in a while! Any way this is only PART ONE of the END OF THIS MOVELLA! So I hope you liked it!

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