Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


46. Crying...

Perrie’s Pov:

Kristin had to pee, and Rosie got quiet. If I didn’t know any better I would think there up to something. Probably not, they are my new best friends, they would never- “Zayn is cheating on you” Rosie blurts out. “Haha, very funny. Not nessalary my sense of hum-“ I start but Rosie cuts me off by turning my head in Zayn’s direction. He is with a brunette. I get up, ready to go yell him out, but then I see Kristin walking his way with a chocolate milkshake. Rosie grabs her phone out and records. I sit back down and put a smug smile on my face. She dumps it on him, then he yells at her, but then when he takes a closer look her realized it was Kristin. I can’t help it but a tear escapes my eye, knowing that it really is him. Rosie stops recording as soon as Kristin puts the cherry on his head and walks away. “It, it is him.” I say. Everyone is silent. I get up, letting tears flow freely. I run out of the food court and to the bathroom. Nobody moved, or talked.

Rosie’s Pov:

She ran out.”Kristin go help her. I got him.” I say. She nods, and runs to find Perrie.

“Ladies and gentlemen. You are probably wondering why my friend dumped chocolaty goodness on the Zayn Malik.” I start. Everyone nods, yet everyone is quiet and for the most part still. “Zayn Malik, you are despicable! You cheated on your girlfriend Perrie! Why would you even do anything like that?!” I yell over to him. “This is my cousin.” He says. “Are you?” I ask her. She shakes her head no. “And now you lie, what next are you going to do?!” I yell at him. I grab my bags, and walk away, leaving the food on the table and leaving all the eyes that were playing ping pong between me and Zayn.

Kristin texts me she is in the bathroom. I walk there, thinking about what I had just done. Where did all that courage come from? Kristin, well I’m used to her doing stuff like that, but me that is unheard of! Oh well, I did kind of like it. It made me feel strong; powerful.


Zayn’s Pov:

I stood there, drenched in chocolate. My perfect hair, ruined!

I look back at the table, which is now empty. Masie left! Its ok I never liked her anyway. I’ll just go back to Perrie, she suited me.

Most of the public had returned to their own business, but some (20) teen age girls were looking at me, and surrounding me.

I walk out of the food court while looking behind me a couple of times. I see a few of the girls still following me. I give them autographs; because that is the only way they will go away. Surprisingly they still wanted hugs even though I am covered in sticky chocolate. When they all left, I made my way to the doors, only to be greeted by paparazzi. “Great.” I groan under my breath.

“Zayn over here!” “Zayn why are you covered in chocolate?!” “We herd Perrie was here to!” “What happened to you?!” “Where is your girlfriend at?!” “Zayn look at me!” “Do you have time for a few questions?!”

Those were only some of the many annoying questions that I herd. Not to mention; the lights were so bright it was hard not to scream at them to ‘shut up, and stop taking pictures of me you no good dirt rats!!’ I know if I were to say that, management would have my ass, because it would be considered ‘bad publicity’ or ‘bad role modeling to the younger directioners Zayn!’

After ten minutes of torture, I finally get to my car, and speed away; leaving the stupid paparazzi dead in their tracks.

I still can’t believe Kristin would even attempt something like that! Little bitch, Rosie is to! Maby I can call Liam and Niall, leaving out the parts I want to of course, but I will call them and tell them what happened! In my own words of course.

--Start Call--

Niall- Oi, Zayn where have you been??

Zayn- Not important! I want to tell you and Liam something!

Niall- Ok hold on, he is finishing getting cleaned up.

Zayn- Tell him to hurry up!

Niall- So this is important…

Zayn- Very.


Rosie’s Pov:

“Perrie, Perrie? Are you ok, where are you?” I ask coming into the bathroom. “I’m in here.” She says, while sniffling a little.

I have to say I feel bad for the girl! I honestly do! The man she loved cheated on her, and then she watched it go down to! At least Kristin got pay back! But anyway; I know I would be devastated if Liam cheated on me! I would be absolutely torn.

I walk into the last stall and see her and Kristin crying, they are both hugging each other, while sitting on the dirty floor. I go and sit next to them. “Hey it’s going to be ok!” I tell Perrie while giving her an aquward hug. “Kristin why are you crying?” I ask her, while pulling away from Perrie. “N-Niall andd Li- Liamm y-yelled a-at m-me for d-d-dumping stuff on Z-Zaynnnnnnnnn!” She wails. I give her a hug too. “It’s ok, I’m sure they didn’t mean it!” I tell her. I wrap an arm around Perrie, and both of the girls cry into my shirt.

We sit on the bathroom floor for a while, until the girls were done, and my shirt was ruined with makeup.


Hey! I hope you all liked this chapter!! I decided to update because, well I was bored.

I just got back from the hospital; yes I went to the hospital on Christmas! I went because I got so sick, I was throwing up and had head ake and all that bad stuff... anyway there is nothing wrong (thank god)!

So, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!

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