Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


34. Be Your Self Niall

**Three Days Later**

Niall’s Pov:

Kristin and I have been spending every second of everyday together! The snow is ALMOST all cleared up, there is only half a foot left, thank god it has been mostly sunny every day, and so it helped melt the snow. Soon enough I would be going back to the boys. I miss them, a lot! I hate to be away from them, there like my family.

Kristin’s Pov:

Niall is so clingy! He has been with me all the time! I love him, but give me some space ya know!

“Hey babe!” Niall says while walking out from the kitchen. I put my fake smile on and he sat back down next to me… again.

“Hey!” I say. “So, I was thinking, since the snow is almost gone, do you want to take a walk to Rosie’s house?” I ask him.

“Yea sure, but I don’t have anything to wear.” He says.

“Oh, well, we can drive there. I see some cars were starting to drive yesterday, we will just have to be careful.” I tell him, and we both pull up from the couch.

“Ok, but I’m driving.” He says. “Fair enough!” I say while handing him the keys. I grab my jacket, and he grabbed his, and we both head out the door. Don’t fall don’t fall, I swear to god Kristin if you fa- WOAH!!!
I fell. Niall turn back and ran over to me, “Are you ok??” He asks me frantically. “Yea.” I say while laughing a little. “Why are you laughing you just fell on your bum and back very hard!” He says in a worried voice. “So, it was funny! Loosen up!” I say and playfully punch him in the arm. He shrugs, and grabs my arm and we walk to the car. “Loosen up” I whisper under my breath as we make our way to the car. “What did you say?” He asks me. “I uh, want a new cup” I say putting on a big grin. “Ok then…” He says and he lets go of my arm, and continues the walk to the car. Man when did he become such a fuddy duddy? “Niall?” I ask him, while I stop and stand on my sidewalk. “Yea babe?” He asks turning around and walking up to me. “Why are you acting so, so mature?” I ask him, while I struggle to find the word to come out of my mouth. “Because, I don’t want to lose you to a mistake, like last time.” He says looking down at his feet. “Niall, I know your feet are very interesting, but can you look at me?” I ask him, while moving closer to him. “I love you Niall, but be yourself. I don’t like the mature you, your no fun!” I say to him, while wrapping him up in a hug. “Thank god! I hate being so proper!” He says, while pulling me even tighter into the hug. I pull away, and bend down. He looks down at me, and I come back up with snow in my hand.

“What are you doing Ms. Clarington?” He asks me with a smirk while I round the snow into a medium sized ball.

“Oh, nothing.” I say with a smirk. “You better no-“ He starts but I shove the snow in his face.

“You little...” He says, but I grab his collar, and smirk, my famous smirk. He crashes his lips on mine, while I run my fingers through his hair. He slips his hands into my back pockets, and he licks my lower lip. I pull away with a smirk, “No, no, no, you will have to wait till later.” I say and wink at him. I walk away, strutting a little more than usual. I get in the car, and Niall gets in shortly after. “You’re a tease you know that…” He says. “You love it.” I say playfully. He smirks and starts the car up. We can only drive like 5 miles an hour, so this should be a long trip, even though it is a short distance!

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