Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


4. Be with me?

Rosie's Pov:

"Hey Bryan, why don't you go play downstairs so I gan get a chance to actually talk to Liam." I tell Bryan.

"Ok sis." He says and walks down stairs.

"Come on!" I say to Liam, as I get up, and walk across the hall and into my room.

-In Rosie's Room-

"So Rosie it's a nice place you got here!" Liam says while sitting down on my blue, fluffy chair that is beside my bed.

"Yea, its nice.." I say. I hope this conversation dosent get aquward..

"So do your parrents live here with you?" He asks me.

"Oh, um they are actually away on buisness, I havnt seen them in 5 years. Bryan has only seen pictures of them." I tell him.

"So you have to do all the work in this house? And take care of yourself and Bryan?" He asks me.

"Yes, but I love him, so I suffer through it." I tell him. He looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Oh, well that must be hard!" He says.

"Yes, a little bit. Anyway, so tell me more about this band of yours." I tell him trying to get away from my parrents.

"Wait, you don't know us?" He asks me a little shocked.

"Well, I have herd of you music, and I see you guys on the news, and I saw you on the X-Factor last week, ut nope, I don't know anything about you guys, not even the names of your band members." I tell him.

"Oh ok! Well I am Liam, I'll tell you more about me later, then there is Niall, he has blond hair blue eyes, and he eats A LOT! But he is supprisingly very skinny. Then there is Harry, he has brown curly hair, and green eyes, he is a lady's man, but he is very nice, and sensitive. Then there is Louis, he has brown hair, and blue eyes. Then there's Zayn, he has black hair, and brown eyes. He is quiet around people he dosnt know, but he is loud around us. Lastly, me. Since you know what I look like, then I will tell you somethings I like. I like, saying 'Its on like Donkey Kong', I love the Toy Story movies! Lastly I think me and you will be very close one day." I could feal myself blushing a bit at the end.

"Wow thats a lot! And I hope we will be too! Any way, so where are the other guys at?" I ask him.

"Niall is in Ireland, and the rest of the guys are somewhere else in England. We all are from England, except Niall, he is from Ireland. The guys are visiting their family's but me, I was given the job of finding a house big enough for all of us." He explains.

"Oh ok.. So is there anything you wanna know about me?" I ask him.

"Hum, Ok.. Do you like Toy Story?" He asks me.

"Duh! Who dosent?"

"Your my new bea friend!!" He shouts at me.

"Yay!!" I shout and give him a hug. We both laugh and then Bryan runs upstairs.

"Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!!!" He yells with tears in his eyes. Liam has a worried look on his face, he looks as if he actually cares about him.

"Bug what happened??" I asked him.

"I steped on a lego!!" He wailed. I herd Liam let out a breath. I think he does care.

"Oh Bug.." I say then let out a small laugh. "You'll be fine buddy, I promis!" I say and give him a hug and kiss.


Wow, Liam and I have been hanging out together all the time. I have to say, I sort of like him, like, like like. I think he like likes me to. Everyday after school, I would go to work, and Bryan would go home, and Liam would watch him. I think I might quit my job. I dont need it. Well I do, but I am tired of working every day. I mite just ask my mom and dad for more money, they will probably say no though.

I am currently in art class. I love it,the teacher playes music all of class, and we can draw what ever we want, and he gives us an A no matter what. I love it. The best thing about this class is that it is the last class of the day! So after this I get to go home! Well, to work actually. I am going to quit. I will. I am.

-After School-

"Hey Deb.. I'm sorry, but I quit!" I yell to my bitchy manager. I then walk back out the door, and get in my car, ready to drive home. Man this has been a good day.

"Hey Bri, Lia, I'm home!" I yell throwing my back pack, and keys on the counter.

"Rosie, your home early." Liam says walking into the hallway.

"Yea, and you don't need to watch Bryan anymore after we get out of school. I just quit." I tell him.

"Aww, but Bryan and I are besties!!" He yells.

"Well, you can still come over, but you don't have to watch him anymore." I tell him.

"Okayy..wait why did you quit?" He asked me.

"I don't know I was getting annoyed working there everyday, and barley getting paid anything." I tell him. He just nodds his head, and takes my hand. I look at him, with a weird expression on my face. He leads me over to the couch in the livingroom. We sit down, and he looks me in the eyes. "You know I am here for you right." He says. "Yesss.." I say. "Ok good, because I am, and I would never hurt you or Bryan. And you can tell me anything you know that right?" He tells me. "I know Liam, now whats going on?" I ask him. He dosent answer though. He just wraps me into a hug. I am seriously confused right now, he hasn't done that, I mean I have only know him for about a week, but it's so weird.

"Liam! I need you'r help!" Bryan yells.

"Hey buddie I'm home to!" I yell, and then I hear him run into the room.

"What are you doing home?" He asks me.

"I quit, so now I can come home with you after school, and Liam wont need to come over!" I say with a smile. I notice Bryan frown. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "Can Liam still come over?" He asks looking at Liam. "If he wants to, I'm just saying he dosen't have to watch you, that's not his job." I tell Bryan. His frown grows to a smile, wow, he really likes Liam. Which is shocking, he has never taken a liking to someone so fast!

Liam's Pov:

I was helping Bryan get a snack, when I herd Rosie yell that she was home. Bryan was too busy eating to notice though. I walked into the other room, and saw she was here. I asked her why, and she had told me that, she quit. I was sad I didn't have to watch Bryan any more. I was actually starting to like that kid. He was funny, like his sister, and he was adorable, like his sister, and he is bubly like his sister. Oh god, I really like her. Rosie, I really like you will you go out with me? See how hard is it to say that? I am gonna do it. I grab her hand, and lead her over to the couch. The words that came out of my mouth wernt the ones that I ment to say. I will have to man up and ask her later, after Bryan goes to bed. I hope she like's me to, I don't want this to ruin our friendship.

-10 PM-

Rosie and I are watching a movie. She has her head on my sholder. I have my arm around her shoulder. I grab the remote, and pause the movie. She looks up at me. "Rosie, I really like you.. more than a friend" I tell her. "Will you be my girlfirend?" She looks me straight in the eyes and says, "Yes!"  I lean down and kiss her. She kisses me back. Yep, I really like this girl!

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