Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


27. Bad Things are NOT to be said

Rosie's Pov:

We were having such a great time! We were all sleading, and having snowball wars, untill I got a call. I looked down at my phone, and saw it was from Kristin. I yelled to everyone that I had to take a call. Everyone nodded, but then, I felt a clod snowball, hit my bum. "I swear to god.." I said while turning around. I saw Liam, pulling an evil smirk. "When I come back your gonna get it.." I say with a glare.

-Start Call-

Rosie- Hello??

Kristin- Oh my sweet lord jesus!

Rosie- Ohh, you only say that when something realllllly good happened!! What happened!! Deats now!!

Kristin- I felt sparks.

Rosie- Oh my lord!!

Kristin- I know rig- I gotta go! Text me!

-End Call-

I cant believe this! I am so happy for her! I have to tell Liam!He will be so happy for them!

"Liam!!" I yelled squeeling with joy! "What?!" He asked using a higher voice to immatate my voice. "If your gonna do that I just wont tell you!" I say and turn around. "I-" I cut him off. "Oh, I cant keep it bottled up any longer!! Kristin felt sparks with Niall!" I say in an excited wisper, so the others wouldnt hear us. His face lights up. "Thats amazing!!" He yells. The guys look over."Whats amazing?" Louis asks. "I uh, didnt light the toster in fire today!" I yell back. Liam chuckles. "Its true, she is getting better." Liam adds. They just give me a funny look, and turn back to each other, finnishing their snowball fight.

"Wow, that was easy, we will have to use that lie more often!" I tell Liam, as we walk back up to them.

"What are you talking about that wasnt a lie! That was a real acomplishment!" He says with a smirk plastered across his face.

"Oh shut your face!" I say glaring at him playfully. "What are ya gonna do about it if I dont." He asks me with a smile.

"This." I say, while picking up a pile of snow and shoving it down his pants. "AHHH!!" He screams while jumping up and down, trying to get the icy snow out of his pants. The guys were sitting there laughing their heads off. Louis was recording it to! I cant wait to see this video!

Niall's Pov:

I kissed her, and she automatically felt better. Her tears dried up, and she was over whelmed with happyness. She told me she would be back, and she grabbed her phone, and called someone. I know I wasnt supposed to hear what I did.. and I wish I wouldnt have. I herd her tell who ever was on the other line that she 'finally felt sparks'. Does that mean she didnt before? I did. Maby me and her are on two different pages about this thing we call a relationship.

She hung up and I 'conviently' happened to be stroling by the hallway door, when she opened it. Her eyes widened, but I gave her a confused look on pourpous, so she didnt think I was listening. Her eyes went back to normal, but she still seamed, nervous.

This is going to bug me! I have to ask her if she felt sparks. No matter how aquward this will be, I will ask her. I mean I have a right to know.. right?

"Hey Niall" She said.

"Hey Kristin." I say. Wow it is already aquward.. Maby I should just avoide it. Yea, if she wants to tell me she will! Right?

"So, what do you want to do?" She asks me. "Hey! I have an idea why dont we go to Rosie's!" She says.

"Thats like a mile and a half away though, and there is a lot of snow." I say.

"Oh, yea.. Well, do you want to play truth?" She asks me.

"Sure." I say and we walk over to the couch. This is the time to ask here. It all comes out here.


Kristin- Ok, have you ever gotten so drunk, you took off your pants, and ran around naked?

Niall- Wellll...

Kristin- Oh My God! Niall!!

Niall- Yes, yes yes, I'm a bad boy and you love it

Kristin- Totally.

Niall- Ok, well I have a question for you and you have to be totally honest with me. Did you feal sparks, anytime before the kiss we had about an hour ago?

Kristin- I, I, uh, well yea see, *sighs* no.

Niall- But, I did.

Kristin- Well, I hadnt untill that last one, I'm sorry Niall.

Niall- WAIT! So that day, when you said you were going to break up with me, then I started to cry, and you claimed it was a joke, you, you were serious wernt you?!

Kristin- Well, yea, but I loved you so much, and I was as shocked as you were! I love you Niall, but up untill then, it was a brother and sister love, but now its more then that.

Niall- So basically you lied to me about this whole relationship.

Kristin- I wouldnt say the whole thing Niall.

Niall- Yea whatever


Maby it was a bad thing to bring this up..


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