Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


40. Bad Mood

Rosie’s Pov:

What does he mean?! He doesn’t know what I have been through! He doesn’t know that she says no all the time!

I threw my phone across the room, and somehow it hit Kristin in the head. She groaned and got up, grabbed the phone, walked across the room; over to me. “Liam?” She asked still half asleep. “Yea…” I sigh. “Take your phone, and if you hit me in the head again or wake me up I will slice your throat!” She says while dropping the phone on my chest. “I love you to Kriss!” I tell her, as she walks back over to the couch. “Whatever.” She grumbles and lays back down on the couch, to go back to sleep.

That is my classic Kriss. If I wake her up she gets bitchy, but if I let her sleep, well she is still bitchy. Hey that’s why I love her though!


From Liam <3:

Babe?? Please answer me!!


 Ug, why can’t he tell I am pissed off at him? Why can’t he see that my mom’s a bitch? Why can’t he see that I finally let him talk me into singing for them, and he shot me down? Why, why, why??!!

I throw my phone to the other side of the room, and it hits the wall. I wince, that should leave a mark on the wall…

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz after buzz after buzz. One call after another, one text after another.

Liam Payne I swear to god if you text me again I will shove your phone down your throat!! *Buzz*

I quickly, but quietly get up and grab my phone. I have 14 nope 15 missed calls, and 43 text messages. God what will happen if I ever break up with him, I will have to get a new number!

I porously open the messages so he can see I am reading them, but not replying back. Yea, it’s mean but hey I am mad too!


From Liam <3:

Oh so you’re going to ignore me now?? I am sorry!! God, this is even worse than yelling at me!! I will come over there and make you talk to me!! I can see your reading them!! Oh my god answer me!!!


I laugh a little at that message; I wonder if he meant what he said though… Well I know one thing is true, he meant part of what he said. He is coming across the street right now. I will pretend like I’m asleep! I am not very good at this, but let’s see if I can master it. I duck under my blanket, and throw my phone towards the wall. Man I am either going to dent the wall, or break the phone. I lay my head under the pillow, so if I laugh I will be able to muffle it. *Knock knock* *knock knock* *knock knock*

I heard an “UGGG!” come from Kristin, and then a pillow being chucked at my face. I just lay there, as motionless as I can be, while trying to look like I am asleep. Kristin groans again, and then she shuffles to the door.

“Liam what do you want?!” Kristin asks him. I peek an eye out from my pillow, and see she has her eyes closed, and her pajamas on, and she looks as if she is about to punch Liam for waking her up.

“I need to talk to Rosie.” He says, while pointing to me. “She is asleep.” Kristin says, and shuts the door on Liam. “You’re welcome.” She says walking back to the couch. “How did you know I wasn’t asleep?” I ask her. “You’re a terrible fake sleeper.” She says, and plops her tired body on the couch. I just shrug, and crawl to get my phone. I feel bad for Liam, he was only trying to apologize, but too bad, and I am kind of tired now, so I think I will try to go back to bed.

I turn my phone off, and crawl over to my originally spot on the floor. I close my eyes, and sleep.


“Rosie, Rosie.” He whispers. “Uhh, what?” I ask.

“I’m hungry.” He complains. I nod slightly, and pull myself up. He stands up, and even though it is only 10 am, I can tell he can run circles around me.

“I want Frosted Flakes!” He shouts. “Bryan! Hush!” I whisper/ shout at him. “Sorry.” He says in a whisper.

I grab a bowl, spoon, the cereal, and milk. I get everything ready for him then I give him the bowl.

“Thanks Rosie.” He says happily. I smile, and nod. I am fully awake now, so I might as well get some cereal to. First, I need to check my phone. I run back into the living room, and grab it off the floor. I walk back into the kitchen, and make my cereal.

I grab the bowl, and my phone, and make my way over to the table. I decide to text Liam, since he seemed to have texted and called me enough.


To Liam <3:

I am awake now.


Not even a minute after I sent that, I get a response.


From Liam <3:

Thank god! Do you forgive me?? I am sorry!! I really am!! Oh god, will you come over and we can work this out?! No I will come over there!! Are the others awake?! No I won’t even wait; I will be there, now.


What did he mean by “be there now”? *Knock Knock* Oh, that’s what he meant…

I walk over to the front door, I slowly open it. “Hey Liam.”


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