Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


53. Back Together

Niall’s Pov:

Stupid Liam and Zayn they woke me up with their laughter! Wait, laughter?! I scramble off my bed and over to my mirror. Oh everything looks normal, except for the BEARD GLASSES AND TOUNG STICKING OUT OF MY MOUTH!! I already know who did it. Kristin! How do I know? You wonder. Well I know because she is no longer beside me, and I saw her out the window running across the street after I yelled her name.

“Guys will you help me get this off?” I ask Liam and Zayn who continue to laugh every time they see me. “Nope!” Liam says popping the ‘p’. “What?! Why not?!” I ask them. “Because it is hilarious! Duh!” Zayn says. “No! I need to get this off my face! I can’t go out in public with this on my face!” I shot back at them. “Aww it looks like our little Nialler is going to be inside for a while!” Zayn says in a baby voice. I scoff and walk over to the bathroom.

Water, water, water. Nothing!! Water, soap, more soap, TONS of soap. It only made it fade, so now parts of it are a different color then the rest! I don’t know what else to use! I can get it off! I’ll go online and look up ways to get it off!
I grab my labtop, and get on Google.

“Sharpie markers take up to 2 weeks or more to fade off your skin. This can be damaging to your skin as well, this is why it is important to not put it on your face. Especially not by your eyes mouth or nose!

If by some chance it does get on your face, you should wash it with soap and water. This however, will only fade the marker. If you are in need to get the marker off fast, you can use the soap and water method.

It’s best to let the marker fade on its own, because it can (if you press to hard) damage you skin when trying to clean it (With soap and water).

This product may cause rashes. It can also (if inhaled for long periods) give you head ache’s, dizziness, and in severe cases, ammonias.”

Wow.. So that was what the article said. I hope nothing bad happens! If so, I’ll blame it on Kristin!

Harry’s Pov:

I was minding my own business; ya know just lying on the couch while stalk- I mean looking at my fans’ pages when out of nowhere Bryan jumps on my stomach. “Oaf!” I yelp as all the air drains out of me. “HI Harry!” He says. “Ug, Bryan get off me!” I say. “Sorry Hazza.” He says while giving me puppy dog eyes. Aww how can I yell at that?! I would be an I don’t know; monster or something! “Aww, whats up Bryan?” I ask him. “Liam told me to hang out with you, while he faces the raf of Zayn!” He says. He is so happy, and bubbly, and carefree, just like his sister! I love it! I wish I were a kid again! “What happened?” I ask him. “I broke his mirror with a paintball gun!” He says with a frown. “Nice one!” I say and give him a high five. He smiles excitedly at me. I laugh. “What do yo-“ “I want ice cream!” He says. “You just had ice scream a little bit ago though.” I say. “Please Harry.” He says showing me the puppy dog face again. “No!” I say looking away. “Please Harry.” He says while hoping onto my lap. NO! I won’t fall for it! But his face is so cute how can you say not to that?! I was arguing with myself for a few seconds till I snap out of it. “How about you have some healthy carrots instead!” I say. He frowns, and pouts. “No.” He states. “Did I say there healthy? I meant they are bad for you!” I say, pretending to be tuff. “Really?” He asks me. “Uh, yea sure!” I say. He nods and runs into the kitchen. “Hey and the best part is it will make Uncle Louis mad.” I tell him. He smiles, and opens the fridge. Yes! See, I could make a good father! I’ll just tell my kid all good things are bad for you and all bad things are good for you! That will never fail!

“FOUND THE CARROTS!” He shouts. I hear running. “What is he doing with MY carrots?!” Louis shout walking into the kitchen. Bryan flashes Louis the puppy dog eyes, and he melts. “Aw, you can have as many carrots as you want!” He says. I could tell my eyes were wide open, and my mouth was down to the floor! Louis William Tomlinson NEVER EVER shares HIS carrots! This kid has some serious skill! I must learn from him! “Just don’t share them with anyone else!” Louis says while bopping Bryan on the nose, then walking away and back upstairs.

“I must learn from you!” I tell the six year old. “Rosie said this day would come.” He says. “Wait what?” I ask him. “Nothing!” He says, while backing out of the kitchen.

Hum, suspicious! I walk out of the kitchen and watch SpongeBob with Bryan.  Kristin comes running down the stairs, and out the door. I laugh at how fast she ran; hum she must be up to something…

“Let’s play the wii!” Bryan shouts. “OK!” I shout back. We walk up the stairs, and to the wii room. We walk by Zayn’s bedroom and I hear Liam yell “OH MY GOD!” I think fast and say; “Liam, look I know I am your god but you don’t have to yell it EVERY time I walk past!” I smirk while saying it. I hear him groan and I laugh and walk the rest of the way to the game room.

Bryan’s Pov:

Yea, puppy dog face works every time. It’s good that I am so good at it! Harry falls for it the most out of all of them though…

Perrie’s Pov:

After Kristin and I had our little ‘run in’ I continued walking over to the boy’s house. I take a deep breath, and knock on the door. I heard footsteps, and then the one person I didn’t want to face yet, but came to talk to anyway opened the door.

“We need to talk.” I tell Zayn. He nods.

 “Look P-“

 “No Zayn, this time I talk. You broke my heart, and you let the best thing you ever had slip away, for what? Some chick in a mini skirt?! Look, you may or may not feel the same way, but we will get to that later. I loved you, I do love you, and probably will love you, but you broke my heart. The worst part was, out of EVERYTHING was that you didn’t have the decency to call, text, hell even e-mail me and say you were sorry!! I may, however be able to forget it if you tell me why, tell me why you did everything you did behind my back.” I say while sighing a lot. It’s not what I meant to say exactly, but he looks ashamed so I think I did well. He should be ashamed, stupid bastard!

“Perrie I am so sorry! Very sorry! Trust me Liam and Rosie, and Kristin, and Niall go it through my thick skull about how big of a jerk I was, and well I am sorry, I don’t know why I did it! I never know why I do the things I do! I did this though. I am a stupid, arrogant, jerk who doesn’t deserve you, or deserve your kisses or hugs, even your smile! The point is I’m sorry! And as for why I did it, well I don’t know I guess I just was feeling like I didn’t get the ‘pleasure’ I needed… I am truly ashamed for what I did though, Perrie will you PLEASE forgive me?!?! Even if we are only aquatencies, not friends or even boyfriend/girlfriend any more, I just need to know you forgive me for the awful thing I did to you!!” He tells me. He starts to cry, I have NEVER seen Zayn cry, like ever!  I know; for once in a long while that he means every word he said.

“Zayn look at me.” I say. He looks up, still crying. “I forgive you.” I say. He smiles a bit, but tears still continue to pour out of his dark brown eyes. “And, I suppose we can get back together, IF you promise to NEVER EVER lie again, or cheat on me AGAIN!!” I say. He nods, and smiles, while trying to stop crying. He wraps me up in a hug, and I wrap my arms around him to. “I love you and I am so sorry!” He says into my hair. “It’s ok but if you ever do it again I’ll kill you.” I say. “What?” He asks. “Nothing.” I say smiling.

I have MY Zayn back. BITCHES BETTER BACK OFF!! Hehe I love him.


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