Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


12. A-Team

Rosie's Pov:

I cant believe he herd me!!!

I don't know if I am mad, or sad, or confused, or annoyed, or embarrased, ya know what, lets just say all of the above!!

I am mad because Bryan showed them it, and I'm confued because, I dont even know how that topic came up (who asked or told who about my singning hobby), and annoyed because well I don't know I am just annoyed he herd it. And embarased, I sound terrible, in my opinion!! I guess he had another one..

"Rosie! How come you didnt tell me?!" Liam asked walking over to me.

"Look, I dont want you to know ok! I am not a good singer and I dont need you to tell me that I'm bad!" I say (ok, yell..)

"Rosie you are good though! You should have told me! If I call Paul, I'm sue they will let you go on to-" Liam starts..

"No Liam! This why I didnt tell you! I don't want attention from it! I want to be famous because of my doing, I don't want any help! Ok this is why I didnt tell you, I am sick and tired of being everyones charity case! I want to be me, the girl with a brother, and parrents that dont love us! It's a crappy life, and I hate it, but I dont want you to help me ok!!"

I shout at him, and walk out the door, leaving Bryan there, I suppose I will have to go get him later, but I need to calm down first. Now that I think about it, I probably contradicted my self a whole bunch of times during that big scream.. I didnt wanna say it, but I had to.. I didnt want him to know!!

I want to be famous from my tallent, not because Liam Payne gave me a little help! I also dont want to be know as Liam Payne's girlfriend..that can sing, but because Liam helped me.

I love Liam with all my heart! I truly do! But I had one secreat I wanted to keep from him, and this was it! Why couldnt he respect that, and not put his nose into it?! I asked that guy one thing, and he dissobayed that!


Liam's Pov:

Uh, wow..

"Does she um do that often?" Niall asked me.

"No, I have never ever seen her do that!" I say.

"She dosent, and its all my fault!" Bryan says with a tear going down his face.

"Bryan its not your fault its mine!" I say getting down to his level, and wiping a tear off his face.

"No, she told me not to tell you, and I did, she must hate me!" He yells.

"No, Bryan she dosent hate you, she hates me, I pushed you into telling me that, its all my fault! Just wondering though, does she alwaise do that?" I ask him, while trying to reassure him that his sister dosent hate him.

"Nope, thats the first time, well second, she blew up after Mom told her she couldnt come home for Christmas this year." Bryan tells me. Poor Rosie! She litterly on has Bryan! I want her to fogive me, but it will be hard..

"Wait, your mum cant come home for Christmas? Why?" I ask him.

"Work, she alwaise works.. I hate her." He says the last part quietly, and I as a little baffeld, I knew he was a smart kid, but I didnt know he knew any of that! Wow..

Rosie's Pov: -3Hours Later-

Ok, I am calm now. I took a walk, and played my guitar, and piano. Breathed in and out. I am calm, and I have to go appoligize, like now.. and I have decided that, he will not help me, but I will show him what I can do..

I grab my guitar, and walk across the street.

"Rosie thank god! Your ok! I am SO sorry, Bryan explained every thing to me! I pushed you too far! I am SUPPPPPERRR sorry!" Liam say to me.

"Its ok Liam, I could have been calmer, but I blew up, I never do that, and I'm sorry and I forgive you." I say, with a slight smile.

"Thank god! I couldnt bare to live with out yo- wait wait wait why do you have your guitar??" He asks.

"Well, I decided that, you arnt going to help me, but I will show you what I can do. Oh and do your friends hate me?" I tell him, while laughing a little at the last part.

"No, they dont, Bryan explained it to us, and they like you dont worry. And you dont have to do this.." He explainse to me, while giving me carring eyes at the last part.

"Good, and *deep breath* I wanna."  I say and walk through the door.

He is my boyfriend, and he has the right to know, well I think.. I dont know, but I am more open to the idea of playing for him (and the rest of the guys) now.

I take a deep breath, ok here we go!

"White lips, Pale face, Breathin' in snow flakes, Burnt lungs, Sour taste" 

-After the Song-

"Rosie, that was amazing!" Liam shouts at me.

"That was awesome Rosie!" Niall and Harry say at the same time.

"That was amazayn!!" Zayn shouts.

"Wow!" Louis says, while staring at me.

"Thanks guys.." I say while I set my guitar down. "Thanks."

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