Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


62. Abbusive.

--A/N- Hey guys well I tried to post this last night but Movellas wasn't working on my lab top. :( So here it is (It's more of a filter, because I actually have a plan to go with this story)! :)

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Rosie’s Pov:

“Rosie. Rosie?” Bryan asks poking my face. I wipe my eyes and sit up. “Ugh, what’s up?” I ask him while glancing at my clock. 7:00Am. “Let’s go.” He says trying to pull me up. “Why?” I ask. He looks at me and frowns. “I want to see Liam and Harry and Louis and Niall and Zayn before I have to go.” He says sadly. I just sigh, while remembering those awful events. “Ok, but let me call them first.” I say getting my phone off the charger beside my bed.

-Start Call-

Liam- Rosie, it’s about time! What happened?! How come you won’t answer ANY of us?! Do yo-

Rosie- Liam! Shut up and I will explain!

Liam- Ok fine, but shouldn’t you be at school?

Rosie- That is in the explanation. Is everyone up?

Liam- Well yea but-

Rosie- Ok is Kristin there?

Liam- Yea she always comes over right before school to talk to Niall.

Rosie- Ok, tell her that she isn’t going to school today.

Liam- What’s going on?

Rosie- Look, it’s nothing bad, it’s just sad, ok? Now I’ll be over in 10 minutes, I have to tell all of you something.

-End Call-

“Ok Bug let me get dressed and we can head over.” I say. “Ok.” He says running off into his almost empty room.

I sigh and walk to my closet. I pick a white Aeropostale shirt that has a gold heart in the middle. I grab my black skinny jeans, and slip them on easily. I put my black and white Air Walk high tops. I brush my hair and let is descend upon my shoulders and back. Lastly I put mascara and I dab some blush on for color. Done.

 “Done, let’s go.” I yell walking past Bryan’s room. He comes barreling down the stairs, making me ALMOST trip but I catch myself on the railing. I run down after him and swoop him up causing him to scream. “You almost made me fall that’s what you get.” I say while setting him on the couch. He laughs and wraps his arms around my neck. I pick him up and we both grab our coats and put them on before walking out into the slightly cold weather.

I knock on Liam’s door while holding Bryan in my arms still. He opens it and pulls us into a hug. His eyes look watery; glossy, and his cheeks are a tad puffy. I look in and everyone is staring at us. I smile sadly and pull away from Liam. “Now will you tell us what this is all about before Liam starts to go into another-“ Harry starts but Kristin cuts him off “Liam was worried now tell us what happening.” Kristin says. “Bryan do you want to tell them?” I ask him sitting down on the chair; across from everyone. He nods his head. “I’m moving in with my mummy and daddy.” He says to them. He smiles sadly, but you can tell he wants to go; to see all the things he has missed out on living with me.

I hear a few gasps and they look up at me. I nod sadly. “His flight is tonight at 8.” I tell them. “Bryan you are leaving me all alone?!” Harry shouts while taking Bryan from my arms and into his. “I’m sorry Harry.” Bryan says genially. “I love all of you, but the other kids said that they have awesome mummies and daddies and I have a great Rosie, but they laughed at me.” He says looking at the ground. They all look at me and I slowly nod with sad eyes. “So you’re leaving, for good?” Kristin asks him sadly. “Yep, but I get to see mummy and daddy so it’s ok!” He says smiling a little. She looks at me with worry in her eyes and I return the same look. There’s a reason I don’t want him to go, there is a big huge reason. This reason can be explained through one simple, horrible word. That word is; ABBUSIVE.


The boys (Bryan and the lads) talked for an hour. I sat and talked to Kristin.

“What if they try anything again?” She asked me, with worry in her eyes. “I gave him a phone to use in emergencies and told him not to show it to mum or dad.” I tell her. She still doesn’t look satisfied though. “Look I don’t know what else to do.” I say. “Well he can’t go there and abuse him like they did to you Rosie!” She says almost yelling the last part. None of the guys turned around so I’m assuming they didn’t hear it thank god. “Look, he asked and what am I supposed to do? Deprive him of seeing his parents?!” I ask her. “Yea those types of parents shouldn’t get to see their kids! I’m sorry Rosie, but we don’t need what they did to you happening AGAIN!” She says this time shouting the last sentence which causes the guys to turn around. “What was that?” Louis asks. “Who did what to you Rosie?” Liam asks. I open my mouth but no words come out. Liam whispers something to Louis and it makes the rest of them (including Bryan) leave to go upstairs. He comes over to me. “What are you talking about Rosie?” He restates. “Do you want me to tell him?” She asks me. I nod. She whispers something into his ear, and his face goes white then it turns red, and he tightens his fists into balls. “How could they do that to you?!” He says in a harsh whisper. “If I knew do you think I would have told you by now!!” I yell. He was taken back, probably because I screamed that in his face... (That’s just a hunch though...).  “I’m sorry, but I didn’t even want you to know ok, so let’s drop it.” I say with guilt spreading across my face. “Ok.” He says in a whisper.

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