Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION) ~Finished~

I'm tired of my mom wrecking everything for me and my brother. I only need a mirical! Or something.. But that will never happen! (Or will it)

What happens when Liam Payne moves across the street? Read to find out :)


21. 10 Feet, Were Trapped

A/N: Hey guys! This is going to be a Rosie and Liam ch! I have had this one archived for a while and so I think it needs to be publised! It has been requested ;) (you know who you are) :)! So..with out further-a-do, here is the newest ch of: Miracle or Fate? (ONE DIRECTION)


Rosie's Pov:

Welp, Liam and I are in his bedroom. Talking.

"What happened?" He asked me.

"Well, Niall, felt sparks and Kristin didnt she was gonna break it off, but then, he cried, and she got weak, and now they are still together." I tell him.

"Oh god, this should be an intresting relationship between them!" Liam says, while shaking his head side to side. I agree.

"Hey, why dont we get away from all this drama, and just go back to my house. Me you and Bryan, can hang out like we did before any of this drama happened." I ask him. He smiles.

"Ya that sounds like fun!" He says, and I smile.

"Lets go find the little guy." I say and get up. "Game room." Liam says, and I nodd, as we walk down a hallway. I see Bryan and Harry sitting in there, quietly.

"Hey Bryan, come on Buddy, we are going home. Liams comming along to." I tell him, while extending my hand for him.

"Yay!" He says, and I lower down to his height. "Piggy back ride?" I ask him. He jumps on my back, and wraps his arms around my neck. "I missed you Rosie!" He says in my ear, so only I can hear him. "I missed you to bug." I say, and we (Liam, Bryan and I) walk down the hallway.

We walk out the door, Bryan still on my back, as Liam walks beside us. I would see him look over and give me a huge smile. I would smile back, and continue walking up to my house.

"Can we have ice cream??" Bryan asks me, as soon as we step foot in the house.

"But its December, and freezing." I say, still shivering a little.

"So." He says.

"Good point.." I say. "Aw, your too cute to say no to! We can have ice cream!" I tell him, while tapping his nose. Yes, I do baby him, he is a kid, why not, that cuteness wont last forever!

"Yay!" He yells. I giggle, and open up the freezer. Lets see, there is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Ew, why do we have strawberry? Bryan and I both hate that flavor!

"Chocolate!!" Bryan yells. I pull the out, and set it on the counter. "How about you Liam, what would you like?" I ask him. "I'll have the same, chocolate." He says. I close the freezer, and grab three bowls out. I grab a large spoon, and I see Liams face go white, like he saw a ghost. "Uh, are you ok?" I ask him. He gulps, and says a nervous, "y-yes.". "Are you, sure?" I ask him. "Yep, never better.." He says. Ok, weird, oh well. I finnish putting the icecream back into the bowls, and hand each of them their bowls, and I set mine by Bryans. I get the sprinkles out, and put some on mine, and Bryans. "Liam, sprinkles?" I ask him. He nods, nods and I put some on his. I grab three spoons out. I hand Bryan his, and I extend my hand, with the spoon in it, to Liam. His face goes white again. "Can I have a fork?" He asks me. I give him a puzzled look. "Yea, uh, sure." I say and put the spoon back, and get a fork. I hand it to him, and he takes it. His face is his noramal color finally. Thats weird, maby he is afraide of spoons or something. Thats weird, but not as weird as my fear.

We finnish eating out ice cream, and put the dishes in the dishwasher. "What would you guys like to do now?" I ask them, while sitting on the couch next to both of them. "We should make another Youtube video!!" Bryan shouts, and I laugh. "Ok, Liam sound good with you?" I ask him, and he shakes his head.

We walk up stairs to my room. I grab my labtop, and guitar. "Bryan would you like to pick the song?" I ask him, and hand him my fone. It have over 1,000 songs on it. He scrolls through it and looks at the songs. He has several favorites, and I have a fealing I know what he is going to pick.

"Domino!!" He yells. Liam looks at me funny. I give him the 'I dont know..' look, he dosent usually pick that one, its usually Dynamite! I do like this song though! Its good!

My labtop is all ready, and the camera is on, and ready to record. Bryan comes over and sits on my bed right beside me. "Liam, you can be in this or not, what ever you want." I tell him. "I dont want you to get any hate though.." He says. "Its ok, I have it so all the comments have to be non-hatefull ones, your good." I tell him. He shakes his head, and sits on the other side of me. I start the camera, and prepare myself, mentally.

"Hey guys! So, I didnt post a video last week, I was a little busy! Any way, this is Bryan, which all of you know, and this is Liam." I say. "I'm her boyfriend." Liam says and kisses me. Bryan covers his eyes. "No PDA!" He shouts. Liam and I laugh. "So Bryan, has picked the song! What song have you picked bug?" I ask him. "Domino!" He shouts, while smiling a toothy smile. I laugh and so does Liam."Ok, so on that note, I will start!" I say, and Bryan gets off my bed, and motions for Liam to go to. I smile at them, and then once they are sitting down, I finnish tuning my guitar, and then I play the first cord. Ah music to my ears (litterly!).

-After the song-

Claps erupt from my two person aduience, and I laugh as they both come over, and sit beside me again. "So, before we conclude this video, I will allow Liam to answer some general questions." I say. Liam smiles, and we turn towards eachother. Bryan comes over and sits on my lap, and I ask Liam a few questions.

"Ok we will do a speed round first!" I tell him. He nodds, and I begin.

Rosie- "Favorite color!"

Liam- "Uh, uh.. Purple!!"

Rosie- "Birthday!"

Liam- "Agust 29th 1993!"

Rosie- "Where were you born?"

Liam- "Wolverhampton"

Rosie- "Fears!"

Liam- "Spoons"

Rosie- "Ohhhh, thats why you-"

Liam- "Yea!"

Rosie- Ok well, thats all for todays questions! And if Liam is up for it, you can tweet me questions, and we will do a video of questions."

Liam- "Yea sounds good!"

Rosie- "Well, I hope you guys like my new video!"

Bryan- "Bye!!"

Liam- "Bye!"

Rosie- "Catch ya later!"

-End Video-

"That was very fun!" I say. "That was the best! Good job Rosie!" Bryan yells, and gives me a huge hug. I was a little taken back at first, and then I hugged him back. I squeezed him, and he laugher, he likes it when I squeeze him tightly. "Good job Rosie!" Liam says and hugs me. "Thanks!" I say, and I get up to put my guitar away.

This has been a preaty darn good day if you ask me!

"Rosie look!!" Bryan yells, while dragging me over to the window, where he and Liam were already standing. "Snow!!" I say, and start to jump up and down like a little 5 year old. Liam looks at me, and shruggs his sholders, and starts jumping up and down with me. Soon Bryan joined in, and we were probably making the floor shake like crazy!

I look out the window again, and it is snowingfalling so fast and hard, you cant even see anywhere outside, man its like a blizard! They wernt calling for snow at all! Wow, they got that wrong!

I walk over and turn the tv on, to the news station.

"Well, Don, some parts of this country already have, 5 feet of snow, here we have 4 and a half feet! The snow is climbing, at an extactic feet! It is predicted we will get around 10 feet or more! We have never experienced this much snow before! In all of history! This is record setting snow people! Make sure, to STAY INDOORS! Because once you go out, there is probably no getting back in. Back to you Don."

"Holy cow!!" I shout, and Liam, and Bryan are speachless. "Well, it looks like you will either be staying here, or at your house for a while Liam. If you want to go, you might wanna go like now, because the snow is climbing." I tell him. He looks out the window, still unable to see anything but white flakes falling heavily from the sky. "I will stay here." He says, smiling. I smile back at him. "Yay!" Bryan shouts! We laugh, and Liam snaps his fingers and pulls his phone out. "I have to call the guys! None of them can be alone now." He says and sits on my bed, while he dialls the phone numbers.

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