I got tickets to a One Direction concert I have been dying to go to for a really long time. Not only that, I got VIP tickets too!! I get up-close and personal with the boys, but there's one that really stands out. I found out news that I wouldn't imagine happen a million years. As my journey continues with the boys, they start to find out things as much as I do. Read to find out which boy I fall for and what drama goes down. (Created on 11/23/12) {Comment if you want updates}


1. A Day Full of Surprises

     "Kasandra! You got a package in the mail?” my mom screamed while throwing a small package to me. My heart stops when I see that all too familiar logo in the top corner. Could this be? I turned red as red as the logo. Without hesitating, I took the scissors and cut the tape from all the sides and slide the top of the box off. A letter lies at the top of the small package wrapped in red foil. It reads:

     Dear Kasandra,

          Me and the lads are more than glad to tell you that you have won the tickets and a VIP Pass that includes pictures with us and you get to hang out with us after the concert.

                                           -Harry Styles

     My heart was racing and I had the biggest smile on my face. I scream and jump up and down, and start dancing around in my room. "Kassie!? Is there something wrong!?" my mom screams from downstairs. "No! Everything is just perfect!" I say back, letting out a squeal after.

     Remembering the package, I run back to my bed and sit down. I grab the package and open it. Inside there's a ticket for the first row, A VIP pass and a "winner's" badge. The concert is in six days at a venue near my house. I can't believe it. Just yesterday, I was sad, that I would most likely never get to meet them. Now, I get to hang out with them!

---------------------------------------------------6 days later-------------------------------------------------------------

     Those six days seemed to take forever to go by, I was sort of thinking that time had all together stopped. Until I woke up that day; Saturday. Today was the day I was going to get to meet and hang out with my idols. I had another restless night, so I just got up at six a.m. and decided to start my day early. I got up and took a very long shower, while I was singing every single line to One Direction that I knew.

     I got out and went to my room where my mom was sitting on my bed. "MOM!", I screamed. "Shh! You'll wake up the neighbors!" she said in a hushed voice. "Sorry, what are you still doing here? I thought you had work today?" "I do, but I'm going on a business trip to a few towns over, so I don't have to leave for another hour or two", she responds. "Oh, long will you be gone?", I ask. I hated it when my mom goes on business trips, that means I would be here alone until she got back. "Just a few days, four at the most". "That's good!" I said with a little bit of joy in my voice. "Yeah, I was meaning to talk to you before I left. About you hanging out with those boys today". She blushed, something every girl in my family are queens at. "Mom, listen. They are a famous British-Irish boy band, nothing is going to happen. Most likely I'll get there and they will think I'm a weirdo, and it will be the awkward thing to ever happen to me!" I walked over to my closet and started sifting through my clothes. "But they are teenage boys, right?", my mother asks, "And you know what every teenage boy wan-" "MOM!", I yell interrupting her, "that will never happen". I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans on my bed. "You never know sweetie... All I'm saying is be safe". I blushed, "Mom, it won't happen. But thanks for the advice". I grabbed a white shirt with black stars and a black tank top. "Now please leave. I have to get dressed". She nodded and left.

     I put my clothes on and looked in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of black leather boots and a white beanie. Happy with my outfit, I set down at my vanity then dried and curled my hair. I put on light make-up, then got up and put my beanie on. My clock read nine o'clock. I can tell this day will be long. I grabbed my purse and shuffled through it to find the tickets. "One Direction...Row 1...Concert start five p.m." Great, only eight more hours. I walk over to the full-body mirror hanging on my wall and look over myself. My mousy black hair is curled slightly and the longest point reaches about my mid-back. My acne-prone skin is surprisingly clear and my eyes are shiny brown. The skinny jeans seem to hug me in all the right places showing off my curves.

     Satisfied with how I look, I walk downstairs to get breakfast. Cereal, the breakfast of champions! I pour my cereal and milk, then walk over to the couch and watch some T.V. Halfway through the program, the doorbell rings. "I'm not expecting anyone and the mail doesn't run today" I mumble to myself. When I open the door, someone's there that I never expected to see standing at my door again.

     "Dad?" I say shocked. "Hey Kass!" That's what he called me when I was little. "Don't call me that. What do you want?" I say raising one eyebrow and crossing my arms. "Is your mom here?" "No. And if she was why would I let her see you?" He frowned to, "What do you want Jeff? What!?" He looked taken back that I called him by his first name. "I need to talk to you. Will you come out here with me?" I rolled my eyes and walked outside and sat in the patio chair. "Ok, what?" "You know that I was married when I met your mom and she got pregnant, right?" "Yeah, that's why you left us when I was two?" "Yeah well, I had three kids with her before I came over to America on that trip." "So, I have three half-siblings?" There must have been a look of shock on my face because he laughed a little. "Yes, and your brother is in town for about a week and he wants to meet you." "When?" "Tuesday. I'll come and pick you up and we all will go out somewhere nice." "Alright, I'll see you Tuesday." "Yeah. you too."

     Then he got up and left. I thought it over, I have three British siblings I never knew about. That sounded like my dad. My dad left when I was two and never talked to us again. It was sort of like he fell off the face of the earth. He left my twenty-year-old mother to support me by herself and I will forever hate him for that.

     I go back inside and return to my now soggy cereal and television. I get lost in a few Disney movies, after my fifth one I notice the time; six-thirty. I jump up and run to my car. I hurry to the venue, and have to spend twenty minutes to find a parking space. Once I get inside, I show the security guard my VIP Pass and he says, “Oh no little miss. You have a very special one. You are to wait here after the concert and you will be taken backstage.” “Oh, ok.” Then I go to the area where they will be singing and get in the first row, right in front of the stage. About thirty minutes later, the guys run out on stage. Girls all around me go crazy. I don’t scream, but I have to push a few girls off me and they start shooting me dirty looks. The boys are lined up; Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis who is right in front of me. They start singing and when they come to the front of the stage, Louis catches my stare. His eyes lock with mine and I blush. He smiles and they run back to the stage. Louis takes his mic from his mouth and says something to Harry and points at me. Harry looks at me, smiles, then says something back. Louis blushes and continues to sing, occasionally locking eyes with me.

Louis’ POV (backstage):

     “Ok guys! Are you ready!?” I scream running around to everyone’s dressing room. “Calm down Lou!” Harry screams at me from the edge of the stage entrance. I run up to him and jump on his back. “You know I can never be calm before a show!” “Yeah, I know…” Niall says while walking up to us. Zayn comes, soon followed by Liam with a grim expression on his face. “What’s wrong?” Harry asks Liam. “My dad just told me that I have a sister that I didn’t know about, and he wants me to meet her on Tuesday” Liam said half-hearted. “Oh, wow…” Niall said shocked. “It’s ok Liam! We’ll all go with you and show you support!” I say. “Thanks Lou, but I think I need to meet her by myself.” “What if she’s an over-obsessed fan!?” “Take a bodyguard with you” Zayn said. “Not to meet my sis-““Ok guys! Get on stage! Go, go, go!” management says. We all do a group hug and then run to the stage.

     All the girls start screaming and chanting our names. We start singing and they go crazy. During our third song, when we walk up to the crowd, there’s one girl that catches my eye. Our eyes lock and I forget what I’m doing. Only to be reminded that I’m doing a concert when a girl grabs my leg, I turn around and run back to the stage.When its Liam’s solo, I whisper to Harry, “There’s something special about her” and point to the girl in the crowd, who then blushes. “Yeah, she won the contest to hang out with us after. They didn’t tell you?” Harry whispers back. “No…?” We get back to singing.

Kasandra’s POV (after the concert):

     I do as I was told and go to the guard again. “Yes?” he asks. “I won the contest to hang out with the boys?” and I show him my VIP Pass and the winner’s badge. “Of course. Right this way miss.” He takes me to a medium size room backstage that has white walls and a hardwood floor with two red couches and a coffee table. “Wait in here and the boys will be in here I about thirty minutes. They have to change and rest.” “Ok, I’ll wait.” I sit in the room by myself and I start playing games on my phone.

Louis’ POV:

     “ME AND KEVIN LOVE YOU GUYS!” I scream out as we walk off the stage. When we get backstage, I’m covered in sweat as are the lads. I give them all my usual hug and fall to the couch. Harry comes over and hits me. “What!?” I moan. “We have to change, then take a twenty minute rest” he says breathless. “Why!?” I ask while getting up. “’Cause of that contest, we have to go hang out with her.” Immediately my heart skips a beat and I get a rush of energy. “Oh, yeah! I forgot!!” Harry laughs and says, “Well, come on then.” We go change and get our hair fixed back. Then Niall, Liam and Harry conk out on the sofas. I try, but I can’t. I keep thinking about her, the girl that is waiting for me somewhere right now. I shake Harry awake. “Huh? W-what?” “Sorry to wake you, but what’s her name?” “Who’s?” he said scratching his head. “The contest winner” “Oh, uhh…Kasandra…”then he falls asleep. Kasandra. That’s a pretty and unusual name. I walk back to my dressing room and sit there thinking about her. I must have dosed off ‘cause the lads come bursting in my door screaming, “WAKE UP LOUIS!” I jump up screaming like a school girl. “You guys scared me!” I fake cry into my hands. “Are you ready to hang out with Kassie?” “Kassie? Who’s Kassie?” I ask confused. “Oh, Kasandra, the contest winner. She told a guard she’d like to be called Kassie” “Oh…” Then we walk to the room where they told us she was waiting. “Ok, so we have to run in screaming ‘We are One Direction!’” I said. “Alright” they agreed. “One, two, THREE!” then we run in screaming ‘We are One Direction!’ She puts her hands in front of her face and screams. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!” she screamed smiling. She’s even more beautiful now that I see her up close. Our eyes lock and she blushes.

Kasandra’s POV:

     It’s been more than thirty minutes. What’s taking them so long? I go back to my games, when someone comes running through the door screaming. Not expecting it, I jump up, drop my phone on the floor and scream. Then I look up and see them standing there. “You guys nearly gave me a heart attack!” I say. They start laughing except for Louis who just stares at me, I blush. Then I remember my phone, I grab it. Nothing seems to be wrong with it. “Did you break it?” Niall asks. “I don’t think so. It doesn’t look broken.” “Good, so sorry we scared you!” Harry says. Liam looks at me and I look back. We shockingly look similar. Brown eyes, the same face shape, but our hair is different colors; mine’s black while his is brown. “So what’s your name again?” he asks. “Kasandra, but I like to be called Kassie. Some people have trouble remembering my name.” “Would you like a hug and a picture?” Zayn asks. “Uhh, sure I guess.”

     I go up to hug and get a picture with them all. Then it’s Louis’ turn. He doesn’t move, just looks at me. I blush and look down. “LOUIS!” Harry screams, making us both jump. “Oh, yeah” he says and gives me a shaky hug. I turn bright red and in my picture I look like a tomato. “Our little Boo Bear has a crush!” Zayn says then fake cries on Liam’s shoulder. “It’s ok Zayn, it will be ok!” Liam says giving him a hug. Louis looks at Zayn and starts to chase him around, and then out of the room. Harry walks up to me and says, “It’s ok, Lou thinks girls who blush are to die for!” I blush again, curse you genetics. Zayn comes running back in, touches Harry and says, “YOUR IT!” Then runs out of the room. “Oh really now!?” He touches my arm and says, “YOUR IT!” My eyes widen, Harry laughs and runs out of the room as do the rest of the boys. I run after them. Liam is the first one I catch. I tag him, “YOUR IT!” He turns around and says, “NO! YOUR IT!” Then he touches me. “DARN YOU!” I scream and run after them all. We run down the hallway and start to go out on the stage. We all run on the stage and I hear Louis scream. He dead stops and we all run into him causing us to fall. I look around and there’s a talk show going on. Everyone is looking at us. Harry jumps up first then the rest of us do the same. I jump up and they all run off stage, Louis grabbing my arm and pulling me off stage.

     We all run back to the room and Niall falls to the floor laughing. I can’t help but laugh and neither can the other boys. “What the hell was that?” Louis asks. “A talk show Lou, a talk show!” Harry says. “Will you guys get in trouble for running around out there?” I ask concerned. “Ahh, most likely, but we’re always in trouble!” Zayn says.

     We continue to hang out; playing truth or dare, talking and listening to Niall complain about being hungry. Security walks in and says it’s time for them to go home. “Already!?” Louis screams. “Hey, would you like to come back to my flat and hang out with us some more?” Harry asks. I smile, “Of course, I mean if it’s ok with the other boys…” “YES!” They all scream. I blush. “Let’s roll!” Zayn says walking out of the room.

Harry’s POV:

     “Truth or dare, Kassie!?” I scream “Dare!” She says. “I dare yo-“ Security comes in cutting me off. “Boys, it’s time to leave.” Immediately I look over to Lou. His face says it all; shocked and sad. “Already!?” He screams. He looks over at Kassie with a sad expression. If I don’t do something now, Lou will be sad for a very long time. And he’s not any fun when he’s sad. “Hey, would you like to come back to my flat and hang out with us some more?” someone says. I look around to see who said it and they are all looking at me. Did I say it!? “Of course, I mean if it’s ok with the other boys…” “YES!” They all scream, Louis being the loudest. Kassie blushes. “Let’s roll!” Zayn says walking out of the room.

Kasandra’s POV:

     The guard doesn’t look happy about what Harry asked me. But the boys do, so does it really matter what the guards think? He opens the door and we are escorted out of the room. He takes us down a long hallway and to a door. “Hang on!” Louis screams. He looks at me, “Ok, when we walk out, there’s going to be a bunch of fan girl out there. They can’t hurt you, security has them under control.” He shoots a look to the guard, “The paparazzi will be out there too. Don’t answer any questions and just keep walking.” He takes my hand, I blush. Then Harry takes his, Liam takes my other, Zayn takes Liam’s and Niall takes Zayn’s. “Do. Not. Let. Go.” Liam says to me. I nod my head. The guard looks at us and says, “Ready?” “Ready as we’ll ever be…” Niall says. He opens the door. Everything seems to slow down. There’s tons of flashes. Screaming. Questions being asked in my ear. Girls calling me names. Someone starts pushing against my back. It’s Liam. “Go!” he says. I obey and start running. A van door opens and someone picks me up and outs me inside, it’s Liam again. I sit down beside Louis. Everyone climbs in and the door shuts. The flashing stops and everything is silent. “Are you ok?” Louis asks me. “Umm, yeah. I think. Shocked, but I’m fine.” I let out a breath, “Does this happen all the time?” “Pretty much. It was worse this time since we had you with us” Harry said.

Louis’ POV:

     “Hang on!” I scream. I turn and look at Kassie, “Ok, when we walk out, there’s going to be a bunch of fan girl out there. They can’t hurt you, security has them under control.” I shoot a threatening look to the guard, “The paparazzi will be out there too. Don’t answer any questions and just keep walking.” I reach down and take her hand, her eyes widen and she blushes. Then the rest of the boys hold hands also. “Ready?” the guard asks us, while looking us over. I squeeze Kassie’s hand. “Ready as we’ll ever be…” Niall says. He opens the door and the mayhem begins. I hear Kassie gasp. Then we run out the door. I feel a tug at my arm, it’s Kasandra. She stops her tracks. Liam looks at me and pushes her forward. She looks around; I can tell she’s scared. Is it greedy of me to bring her into this crazy thing I call my life? I almost run into the van. So I jump in. She gets in, her eyes are huge, she’s shaking slightly and breathing quick breaths. Maybe this is too much for her.

Kasandra’s POV (outside the flats):

     “There’s even fan girls outside your houses!?” I ask shocked. “Yeah, they are everywhere we go…” Harry says shyly. The security guard jumps out and holds the door open. Without thinking, I grab Louis’ hand. The boys jump out and I’m the last one out. The girls start screaming names at me. “Come on!” Louis screams. I run after them. Then we reach a small flat and run in. “That wasn’t as bad as the first one…” I say with a smile. “Yeah, they get easier as time goes on…” Zayn says while falling on a couch. “What t-“ he yawns. “Time is it?” Harry looks at the clock, “Twelve…” “Let’s watch some movies” Liam says tiredly. So we all squeeze on the two couches in the room; Harry, Liam and Zayn on one and me, Lou and Niall on the other. “ATTENTION EVERYONE! WE ARE WATCHING MULAN!” Liam says to everyone loudly, while streaming the movie from Netflix. About halfway through the movie, me, Liam and Niall are asleep.

Louis’ POV:

     “ATTENTION EVERYONE! WE ARE WATCHING MULAN!” Liam says to everyone loudly, while streaming the movie from Netflix. About halfway through the movie, Kassie, Liam and Niall are asleep. Kassie has her legs tucked up to her chest and her head resting on them. I can’t stop looking at her. She looks even more beautiful when she’s asleep. Her face looks relaxed and she’s smiling. Her make-up has slightly worn off revealing freckles across her cheeks and nose. “I’m gonna lay on the floor” Harry says sleepily. His voice wakes Kasandra up. “Huh!?” She asks confused. “Everyone is gonna lay on the floor, it’s more comfy” I say. “Mhh-kay” she says and gets on the floor. I wake the lads up and get on the floor behind her.

Kasandra’s POV:

     When I wake up, I’m on the floor. So are the boys. How did I get on the floor? When did I decide I was going to spend the night with One Direction? Why didn’t they kick me out!? My mind races a thousand questions. Then I realize someone has their arm laid across my body, I blush. Slightly turning to see its Louis. I smile and blush again. “I’m sorry…” He starts to move his arm away. “It’s ok…” I say grabbing his arm. My whole body turns red. He smiles and pulls me closer, snuggling his head into the back of my neck. I’ve never had a boy show interest in me before, now Louis Tomlinson is snuggling up to me. I smile and doze off.

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