Remember Me

What if the best month of your life was erased? What if you were in an unfamiliar place, getting tortured for information you didn't even know? What if you didn't recognize your own soul mate? Meet Tessa.
How far will Koda go to revive the mate bond? What if it's too late?


3. Questions, Questions


When I awoke, I was back in the room. I played through the earlier events in my mind. How could I be that strong!? I could SMELL his fear!? Why am I here? Questions raced through my mind. I wanted to cry!  I mentally slapped myself, “What the heck!” I said aloud “I am NOT weak! I am Tessa Wills, my mom’s name is Adrianna and my dad’s name is Brian. I live on 413 Mornington Street in Stratford, Ontario. My best friend is Lil-…” Lily! OMG the last thing I remember is shopping with Lily on Friday. Oh No! What if these idiots have Lily! I would never live with myself if something happened to her! My thoughts were interrupted when the people I decided to call “white coats” walked in. This time there were five, I swallowed my fear and smirked, “Five? I’m honored!” A white coat retorted “Don’t flatter yourself.” I gave him a menacing glare and stepped towards him, once again I could smell the fear emanating from him. I gave him an insolent smile, after which the other four whitecoats grabbed my arms. I had no desire to be knocked out again so this time I co-operated…well, for now anyway. We walked down corridor after corridor, when we walked down one corridor, however, the door, instead of the usual white, was steel! As we were nearing it I heard a bloodcurdling scream come from behind it, I froze. “Wh-What was that?” I squeaked, the guards chuckled and pulled me past but not before I heard another scream as perfectly chilling as the first. 

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