Remember Me

What if the best month of your life was erased? What if you were in an unfamiliar place, getting tortured for information you didn't even know? What if you didn't recognize your own soul mate? Meet Tessa.
How far will Koda go to revive the mate bond? What if it's too late?


7. Get up, get tortured, faint, eat, get tortured.


I came to in the room again. Was it a dream?! I thought suddenly happy but I said the answer out loud as I looked at my arm, “no.” My moment of happiness quickly deflated. I examined my arm still caked in blood. I spit on my arm and whimpered as I tried to clean it with the blankets on my bed. I spit some more trying to focus on my arm instead of the massive headache pounding at my skull. The excess blood finally off, I had my first glimpse at the wound. I gasped at how gory it looked. My knees felt weak as I looked at a wound that would take quite a while to heal! I looked at my other arm, I cleaned the excess blood to reveal the gash was looking a little better.

I heard footsteps outside the door and involuntarily froze up. I didn’t dare breathe when they stopped in front of my door, my heart thudded in my chest as the door was unlocked and the doorknob turned. A whitecoat stepped in with a silver tray, a glass of water and a very fancy-looking sandwich was on the tray. There giving me expensive food after they tortured me! I burst out laughing, I must have scared the whitecoat because he jumped and spilled my water a little which only made me laugh harder. My throat hurt so bad so my laugh sounded wheezy, raspy and actually quite scary! The, at this point, thoroughly shaken whitecoat shakily put down the tray on the floor and fled the room. I finally recovered from my laughing fit and inspected my food debating whether or not they were poisoned. I decided they wouldn’t kill me until they got the so-called information they were deluded I had. So I satisfied my stomach and ate and drank. The drink felt so good against my hoarse throat. When I finished inhaling the sandwich, I sat on my bed.

After a few minutes whitecoats walked in and roughly pulled me up. We didn’t have to walk far when they put me in a room with nothing in it but a, go figure, white chair. I got up and checked the door, locked!!!” Fustration poured over me, tears leaked down my face.

“Why is this happening to me!? Why!?!” I sobbed in desperation. I was in the middle of another break-down when Ms. Movay rudely interrupted.

“Get up you sniveling brat!” I glared at her and continued to sit on the floor. “GET UP!!!” Whoa! Maybe I shouldn’t push her right now! Someone’s got some anger issues! I was about to comply when a guard grabbed my knife wound. I made a loud squeak because my throat was still not better but not-as-bad. I whipped around and glared at the guard, he slowly shrank back. I looked at his number, 22.

“When I have the upper hand, you will be very sorry.” I whispered to him. He wimpered softly and I smugly smiled at him.

“Sit. Down. NOW!” Ms. Movay screamed.

“Oh! Sorry, I forgot you were there!” She was trying to not show how much I affected her… and failing miserably. Suddenly her mood changed so fast I almost forgot she was angry! She gave me a sickly sweet smile, 

“take it in for questioning.” I gasped. “Bye!”

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