Remember Me

What if the best month of your life was erased? What if you were in an unfamiliar place, getting tortured for information you didn't even know? What if you didn't recognize your own soul mate? Meet Tessa.
How far will Koda go to revive the mate bond? What if it's too late?


2. Flashback



I woke up to birds chirping. Closely! I bolted up and then it all came rushing back to me. I was in a forest, free! Yesterday afternoon I woke up in a white room with no windows in a bed that wasn't mine. I jumped to my feet and ran to the door, locked. Panic gripped me and I pounded on the door screaming at the top of my lungs “Let me out!!! Let me out!!!” I finally collapsed in an exhausted heap. I hadn't been sitting five minutes when the door opened and a person came in, he had a white bodysuit with black boots, black gloves and a white face-mask  There was no skin showing at all. I jumped in surprise when he spoke in a male monotone voice, “stand up.” I did. He gripped my arm tightly and started to pull me out of the room when I screamed bloody-murder and started smacking his gloved hand in effort to get away, but he didn't even flinch, which only fueled my rage as I did everything in my power to get away. I started screaming “Let me go! Get off!” when another person came up behind me and tried to grab my arm, my survival instincts kicked in and I punched him the face with inhuman strength, he flew into the wall beside me and I turned to my other captor. I could smell his fear, I kicked him in the side and he let go of me and doubled over. I then pushed him and he joined his buddy’s fate in the other wall. I then ran for the door I pulled it open and ran into a room with around fifteen more people! I knew I couldn't defeat them all! I couldn't believe I had even brought down two! I still fought though, punching and kicking until they grabbed me and one knocked me out with a strong blow to my head. 

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